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When will Vista be fixed so that it is fit for purpose?

By bj999w7 ·
When will all existing installations of Windows Vista be fixed so that they really are fit for purpose?

Should there be a Class Action Law Suit or mass use of consumer legislation against Microsoft for deliberately and knowingly marketing a crippled product (Windows Vista 6.0 OS) and deliberately keeping it crippled in service so that loyal customers are forced to buy Microsoft's latest offering (Windows 7 aka Win 6.1)?

There is an ongoing Poll: Should Microsoft fire Steve Ballmer?

Obviously, Steve Ballmer believes that he has one obligation and ONLY one obligation and that is to maximize profits for the shareholders.

To do that, he believes that Microsoft must continue their policy of developing hyped up, "feature-rich" products which customers must feel forced to adopt irrespective of their technical merits.

His philosophy and guiding principle is, "It's sales, sales, sales, stupid! Never mind the quality, usability, security, bloat or compatibility of the product, force your customers to upgrade and make a lot of money for Microsoft."

I believe that the real question should be:

When will all existing installations of Windows Vista be fixed so that they really are fit for purpose?

Vista (Win 6.0) is a classic example. Hype it up, don't bother about compatibility (in fact, make sure that loads of programs and hardware - especially music production stuff - are INCOMPATIBLE), release it quickly without many of the promised features and make sure that Vista stays crippled even after the release of your upgraded version Windows 7 (Win 6.1 updated version of Vista Win 6.0).

Oh and make sure, as usual, that most computer resellers install it complete with trial versions of Office Software.

Of course Microsoft have to make a profit, some of which is re-invested, but Microsoft is still the de facto standard for most individuals and organisations.

Microsoft Operating Systems are the heart of the world's general user infrastructure.

Microsoft should continue to provide support and a stable platform for those who cannot afford to have their computer equivalent of a car's Engine Management Control Unit's firmware "chipped" (updated) at disproportionate cost only to find the equivalent consequences of having to replace their horn, braking system and steering each time the OS is updated.

Or, Microsoft may say, "What the ****, just go out and buy a new car, you cheapskate! And while you are at it, don't even think about trying to put that expensive, high-end treasured car audio system in there, because it won't work!"

Microsoft, you have grudgingly admitted that Vista was and is still not fit for purpose. What are you going to do about that for all existing users of Vista?

Bill Harris


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It's already happened in Europe

by bj999w7 In reply to "...deliberately and frau ...


I will repeat it.

Microsoft have been deliberately and fraudulently criminal in their actions when marketing Windows Vista.

Microsoft has already been fined in Europe for some offences.

I hope that someone from Microsoft reads this and sues me.

That would give me and others a very wide arena to pursue this issue.


Bill Harris

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MS fined in Europe

by CharlieSpencer In reply to "...deliberately and frau ...

for uncompetitive business practices, not for product quality.

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Thankfully we have luck

by Tink! In reply to we never buy

when it comes to computers. I've bought all of the family computers pre-packaged complete with pre-installed OS at a "big box store."

So far, they've lasted us many years at a time (except for mine - those of you who answered my motherboard and hard drive questions know about this) without any awful problems (knock on wood).

Come to think of it, I was actually griping when I found out we were stuck with Windows 7 when I bought the newest computer [Edit: 2nd newest computer. Forgot daughter just bought a laptop]. (At the time the rest of us were Vista)

Now we have two with Win7 and 2 with Vista. So far so good. (knock on wood again for good measure)

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Forced? I don't think so

by TheChas In reply to The Deliberate Vista Con ...

Just to preface this, we have 2 Vista laptops and have not had a single problem or issue that relates to the Vista OS in any way.

The only significant issue I have with Vista, is that most of the OS tools that I use are in different menu locations with different names.

The only reason I did not upgrade my desktops to Vista, and why I have not loaded up one with Windows 7 is that my preferred sound card is not supported under Windows Vista or Windows 7. I refuse to use CODEC based sound adapters. So, until I find a new card I like, I won't be upgrading from XP.

Back to my base point: No one was ever forced to by Vista. Up until just before Windows 7 came out, there were many options to get a new computer with Windows XP installed. Yes, you had to pay extra to get XP, and there was a limited choice of models with XP from the factory. But, you could still buy a new computer with XP installed if you wanted to.

If you are a corporate customer, you still have the option to use your XP licenses on new computers.

Even as a consumer, you even now have the option to downgrade from Vista or Windows 7 to XP.

Or, if you build up systems from parts, you could install the OEM version of XP.

So no, I don't accept your contention that Vista was forced on anyone.

On a related note, don't hold your breath, or lawyers leash waiting for any significant changes to Vista. Last I read, there was no assurance that there was even going to be another service pack for Vista. Despite all of the perceived and rumored flaws of Vista, it still works well enough for most users.

Even though Windows is a defacto standard OS, you could still switch to Apple or Linux and be able to run most if not all the applications you need.


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Just trying a few out for size

by The 'G-Man.' In reply to Nice work, Poirot. By th ...

Will settle on a new one soon.

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I vote never.

by NexS In reply to When will Vista be fixed ...

Or at least, with the mess that Vista has made, there won't be enough people using it for it to be worthwhile fixing.

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