When will you upgrade to Vista?

By intj-astral ·
I am postponing upgrading to Vista for as long as I can. I am still not convinced that the OS is ready for me to take it seriously. Why? Every version of Windows I have used since 3.1 has required tons of patches. There is no guarantee everything I want to run will work. My Tech Republic/ZDNet/Newslinx all drip with constant bad news. My Windows XP is up-to-date, patched, scanned defragged, and backed up to an image file. I have no issues with it, believe it or not. My dual-booted Linux works fine and has at least five or six desktop alternatives, it's patched, got games, web development software, and
it runs great. So why should I bother to sink my hard-earned money into Vista when there is little reason to trust Microsoft knowing their reputation? When will
you upgrade?

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When is **** scheduled to freeze over?

by Absolutely In reply to When will you upgrade to ...

Like you, I'm relatively satisfied with XP, and don't need any of the new features of Vista. I have appreciated some of them, when they were tested as add-ons to XP, such as the indexed desktop search, and tabbed browsing, now native in IE7. Nothing about Vista is that big a deal, though, and like you, I prefer to continue using the production-tested version at least a bit longer. I suppose I might install Vista as soon as this summer, depending what I read & hear about it, but I'm not in a hurry.

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by Tig2 In reply to When will you upgrade to ...

I am teaching my end users some new tricks. Like killing Office and installing Open Office.

I am not a fan of WGA and don't want my end users- none corporate- to have to deal with it. And I am going into my unavailable season- I am in training for an endurance event and when I am not at work, I am training for it.

All my end users are on XP on machines purchased within the last 6 months. I am testing *nices to find the right fit for all the competency levels.

Answer to question? Never. I am done with MS.

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Not for a very long time to come

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to When will you upgrade to ...

I'm due to replace several companies systems this year before July and I'll be using XP Pro on them for the time being.

As for Vista I have had a volume License Copy since it was available along with Office 12 and currently I'm not even interested in switching anyone over to either of these products.

As for Vista there are still many programs that will not as yet run on it. Many Hardware Vendors who are still offering Beta Drivers for it so I see it as still at the Early Beta stage at the moment. But there are some things that I defiantly do not like about it, WGA and the Bomb that M$ has inserted into the system is a Defiant No No. Then M$ idea of at the first Major Service Pack that is due to be released about 2 years after Vista Release you will be unable to use any hardware that is not Digitally Signed to M$ and at the next Release of Vista in about 4 years time you'll have the same apply to software as well.

Sorry but I don't like either of those possibilities and if they come to pass they will be the end of M$ as far as I'm concerned.

I'm already offering Open Office to the few Domestic Users that I support as this is the Life Line that M$ needs extended to it for the different Formats that they insist on using between different versions of Office.

My current answer would most likely be baring any further incidents sometime in about 4 years time just as the next version of Vista is being released I'll maybe consider looking at the current version for mass deployment but then again I may be offering something different I don't know what will happen to the market but I do know that not many people are happy with Vista and I currently Can Not Give Away a copy of Vista Ultimate.


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[Can Not Give Away a copy of Vista Ultimate].

by intj-astral In reply to Not for a very long time ...

Wow! that's worse than an a Battlefield
Earth figure action figure languishing
in a bargain bin for $2.00 but it seems
that Vista is Microsoft's equivalent to
that. They should have stopped at XP and
continued to at least two more service
packs. In fact, they might as well have
just switched to Linux and ported their
software over to it. If they could create
a distro as stable and secure (and still
open source!) as my distro, I'd give that
a try.

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Windows VIsta SP1

by cworsley In reply to When will you upgrade to ...

i have install vista on my associates computer and he likes it but has so compatibility issues. i had to go to the web sites of some of the company and get the vista patch so i would what on tell the first service pack they sould have everything in line by then.

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