Where active directory USers and password records save

By imransalamat ·
I need to know where actually all users and there passwords are saved in domain controller

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by scott_heath In reply to Where active directory US ...

They would be stored in the Active Directory data files. But they would be encrypted and would do you no good.

If you have an objective please share it and we'll see if we can help you achieve it.

Unless your objective is to hack into user accounts. Then we'll tell you to $@* @$^! and then $#@^ &#)@^#%##. Twice.

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The key

by retro77 In reply to Well...

The key is Twice. You gotta do it twice or it wont work. Also a metal pole duct taped to your hand while you touch the end of it to some bare wires in the DC. The passwords will flow down the metal pole, in the form of high current electricity and directly to your brain. Might cause brain damage, but if it works....

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Where else? In the Active Password Database named....

by ManiacMan In reply to Where active directory US ...


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shame on you ManiacMan

by imransalamat In reply to Where else? In the Activ ...

i think it is a knowledge sharing forum but i dont know that ManaiacMan type narrow minded people also joined it. shame on you and your thoughts.

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