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Where do I fit in?

By scmgithd ·
I started with the company in an Administrative position, although they hired me knowing my background in computers. At the time they had a DP Supervisor that handled the AS/400 and outsourced everything else. I started doing the network/PC side of things and inherited the AS/400 when the DP Supervisor left. My title is IT Coordinator because they didn't want to give me a manager/director title.

My boss has come to call me the IT person. She has said that she knows 'Coordinator' is inappropriate for what I've become in the last couple years but isn't sure what it should be.

I don't manage anyone directly but am writing all the policies and procedures regarding the network/security/HIPAA security. I train employees; take apart PC's to replace hard drives, cd-roms, etc.; load any new software; handle the phone system (mainly coordination with the company who handles maintenance. I can make some simple changes); handle the repair/replacement/addition of PC's, dumb terminals, printers, network devices in four facilities.

Since I've started I've completely upgraded our lab system; added interfaces between lab and our AS/400 to store lab results in transcription; added a firewall w/VPN and set up transcriptionists to work from home; set up whole departments (coding, business office) on PC's rather than dumb terminals; added print servers, printers and PC's to nurses stations to access our data, data from the hospital and imaging clinic and trained the entire nursing staff on these new systems; upgraded AS/400 OS and software (with contracted help); help desk function for 200+ employees; you get the idea.

I have an AAS but not a 'real' degree...and no certs. I've been working with computers since 1990 but not 'officially' until this job about 2-1/2 years ago (doing the IT thing).

What should my title be? Salary? I'm in Minnesota...not in the Twin Cities but not a small town either. Any opinions? Thanks!

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Living in Austin

by BFilmFan In reply to Location, Location, Locat ...

As I recall, there were distinct advantages to living in Austin as compared to dealing with the traffic issues in Dallas/Ft Worth or Houston.

Smaller cities usually don't always offer the largest salaries, but there are trade-off's to anything in life.

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Well, that's a wee bit bigger...

by scmgithd In reply to Location, Location, Locat ...

I think we're at about 200,000 people :)

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You a LOT bigger than where I am

by jdclyde In reply to Well, that's a wee bit bi ...

Lets put it this way, there is one "main strip" and it is two blocks long. (don't live here)

They don't even have a 7/11 here for gods sake! How am I to make it through the summer without my slurpies?

Durand Michigan, known for the railroad. It is a central hub in Michigan but the trains aren't what they used to be thanks to the "safety commissions" doing everything they can to make sure that our trains can't compete.

Look at the difference between EU standards and US standards. We can't put in a bullet train because of all the restrictions make it too heavy. So the same trains in EU that run just fine are not allowed to run here.

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Where and how you fit

by jdclyde In reply to Where do I fit in?

Like you, I have grown in my position. Started as a programmer, added System Administration and, software/hardware support. From there I added Network Administration and Security.

Rather than have multiple titles, we bastardized them into "Computer Systems Administrator".

If you look in programs like "descriptions now" for identifying jobs, you will find there IS NOT a title that has kept up with us.

Pay, you should get a wage that makes you happy. Don't worry about what others are making unless you are willing to go where others are. Too many people get petty with pay scales and see it as a status thing based on how much they make. Only a complete loser would feel cheated at their present pay scale based on finding out someone else makes more.

If you like where you are at, that is worth more than the big paycheck at the end of every other week. I could double my income if I would move to a bigger city about 3 hours away, but my friends and family are what I live for, not that paycheck and I won't trade them for money. This is purely a personal choice, not a judgement against people who move to get jobs. It is just a different way of living my life that I have chosen.

Good luck and go where you will be HAPPY, not where you make the most money. Losts of unhappy rich people out there, and a lot of people that jump jobs only to get laid off.

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Totally agree...

by scmgithd In reply to Where and how you fit

I'm fairly happy with what I make, especially considering that this company gave me a chance to prove myself. I was just curious where others were. Looking at the locations of the people who responded, I'm probably about where I should be.

Title shouldn't matter, but it does if solely for the fact that Network Administrator looks a heck of a lot better on a resume than IT Coordinator.

I'd never want to move to a big city. This was a big enough jump from the farm for me! :)

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Oh yeah

by jdclyde In reply to Totally agree...

just under the 50K, but they invest about 10k a year in training and putting me through college.

Get treated well, and have respect from the (most of) the users. I am also doing something I enjoy.

When people ask me what I do for work, my answer it nothing. I just get paid to play with all the cool toys.

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Screw it

by johnnywatt In reply to Where do I fit in?

I'm about to bag this entire IT shenanigan. I'm so bitter from my last employer's depeciation and I can't stand where I've been heading since. When I young I worked with this kid that wanted to be a bum when he grew. He said, "John, I'm going to be a bum at the beach. And be a painter". He was serious as all ****. How is the job market for painters at the beach? Anyone?

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Outsourcing companies need paintings...

by Hockeyist In reply to Screw it impress their clients.

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Business knowledge is key

by Hockeyist In reply to Where do I fit in?

What I would do if I started my IT career over again is to better understand the business that I am working for. By understanding the business IT connection you will be able to deliver an actionable set of strategic intentions. This IT plan will help the business achieve its strategy and you a pay rise (if the company recognises such achievments that is). Most companies suffer from a lack of good leaders (leaders being different to managers). Sometimes you need to "manage up" (or "lead up" if that makes sense) to meet your goals.

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