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Where do you see IT in 100 years

By Majestic12forlife ·
I'm new here to this discussion board. However, I wanted to choose an IT board where visionaries and people knowledgeable in IT are in abdundance, so I want to know your opinion as to how you see the Information Technology world in 100 years.

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IT won't change, just the data

by MallardtooXX In reply to Where do you see IT in 10 ...

I think IT as a whole will not change that much. I think the Hardware will be beyond anything we can imagine at present. Who among teh edison era would be able to conceive a CD or a DVD? We are still in the relitive computing stoneage where computers are used as work tools and gaming devices. Computers are almost to the stage where they can become integrated into everything. I think nano tech will be taking off soon and we will see the same amout of function we see today in a ultra powerfulsuper computer shrunk into the size of a micro chip. The world will be changing always and we have yet to discover everything there is in this field. I am anxious to see where this will head but I am also of the opinion that IT itself will always be fundementally the same, only the tools will change, as it is now it is almost impossible to keep up. One thing I think you will see is portable, wearable computers that will have AI (for automation not like the hal 9000)and respond to voice commands that I believe is not even 100 years out.


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Actually I like the reference to

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to IT won't change, just the ...

The HAL 9000 of the movie Space Odesey 2001 with the advances in Ai well we simply arn't there yet but we are getting closer than most think. I read somewhere where some Uni Students had sucessfully transported {a light beem I think}, well with the rate of advancment it wont be long before we will all be being transported anywhere we want to go if the present rate of increase in tecknology continues to accelerate even at its present pace it could be within the next 50 years and it was only about 40 years ago that Star Treck made this idea seem possible. Currently Microprocessors are being used in almost everything from the refridgerator to I don't even know where to begin as I can't think of any new device that doesn't employ a microprocessor of some kind maybe a cheep kettle but almost everything else currently does. Bill Gates talk coming up soom about computer technology and its future should be interesting as from the promo stuff he is talking about everything from sewing machinesto space ships and everything in between.

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Come on Stemcell

by jkaras In reply to Where do you see IT in 10 ...

I dont know because I'll be worm food by then unless that stemcell research kicks into overdrive and I can update my body to a newer improved past version of myself. I can dream cant I? Or it could give me a couple of more years of life so I could meet you all in a retirement home for old school techrepublic posters. Imagine the arguments, Max will still know everything fighting with Colin displaying his master degrees, Chas will still be reminding all to use the technical forum vs the discussion, Guru will always have two cents to put in, Mallard will be just finishing his 12 step program for windex dependancy, and of course I will state over and over "we all know" to anyone who will listen. Ya know this might be a great idea for a Mtv reality show hmmm....

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Techasuaros Syndrome

by Oldefar In reply to Come on Stemcell

At least the dinosaurs got one **** of a light show at the end! Maybe we can get TechRepublic to throw a laser show and rock concert at the geezer center. :) If they get the stem cell down, the Stones will probably still be touring.

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The stones

by madroxxx In reply to Techasuaros Syndrome

Will be touring without stemcell research. Face it Kieth Richards should ALREADY be dead but he isn't.

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They stopped rolling decades ago...

by TomSal In reply to The stones

I was never a 'Stones fan, but any of their decent sounding tunes were made before I was born (or around that time) -- I'm 29.

They survive touring this long because I believe they have a cult following.

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I won't be there

by road-dog In reply to Come on Stemcell

I plan on being shot multiple times by a jealous husband who's outraged by my illicit activities with his 19 year old wife. I figure this will happen aroung 2025 or so. Social Security won't be there for us anyway....

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Sorry but I don't even know

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Come on Stemcell

Where the bits of paper are and I never really cared about them anyway. I certinaly don't know exactly what letters to put after my name either as I consider people who do this as upstarts who rely on paper qualifactions rather than real experience.But then I'm just an old fool and if I'm really pressed I personally like RB {Rat Bag} or RL {Raving Lunatic} at one place where I worked once some fool had business cards printed up for me that gave the companies name/adress my name as well as my direct phone lines and my description was "Resident Genisus" at first I thought it funny untill I realised that there where 10.000 of these cards printed up all of which ended up in the rubbish bin. Until the day I left there I never had a business card to hand out. I personally find it embarasing when people refer to me by my paper qualifications rather than my technical experience as the paper only gives you the right to go out and begin to learn your job and you never stop learning.

But back to the topic I am reminded of a movie Appolo 13 where Tom Hanks said to a bunck of visitors to NASA one day he believed that there would be a computer that would fit in a room with millions of bytes of data stored on it. Well if that statment was real in the late 60's we have come a long way past that now and I'm certain that nobody who worked with computers then could ever invisage just how far they have come and we are still in the early stages of the PC revolution as we are still using Silicon. I can't help but wonder just how far the next development will take us a almost every day there is something new to read about in new developments. Air Conditioners connected to phone lines so you can turn them off and on, fridges that reorder your food when levels get down below a certain point or their use by date is neared.

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Bits of paper.

by jardinier In reply to Sorry but I don't even kn ...

I think we have something in common. The only formal qualification I have is as a Sydney Morning Herald trained journalist, and I never got a piece of paper to prove it.
I have never done any kind of course in computers, and yet my mentor, Patrick Li (who actually taught me most of what I know) once said that I knew more about computers than most technicians, because I was always experimenting.
When, more than 30 years ago, I discovered that I could compose music, I had to teach myself musical notation so that I could write it down correctly.
My second trade, as a gardener (horticulturist sounds more impressive) was also self-taught, but I would happily match my skills against anyone who has a piece of paper in this field.

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match IT skills or gardening skills?

by LordInfidel In reply to Bits of paper.

I do have several of those pieces of paper.

It really boils down to how you got them.

If you got them by going to school and never held an IT job in your life, then you probably have no clue as to what is going on.

But if you started off inIT from the bottom, taught yourself what you know, never stepped foot in a classroom, and then passed the exams. Then that carries weight.

But I also don't define myself by my certs. I call myself a Network Security professional. Even though Ihold several different certs across the big 3 vendors.

And while I don't advocate the use of cert's when posting to newsgroups or discussion groups.

When acting as an official agent for the company, I do put my certs after my name. Since partof my job is to solve problems at the higher IT level with my counterparts at various client networks. They should know that they are getting a qualified person to solve their issue and not just some joe **** tier 1 help desk slob.

It solves theinitial barrier level for me when I make first contact with them. And it makes my company look good for higher compenent senior IT staff.

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