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Where do you see IT in 100 years

By Majestic12forlife ·
I'm new here to this discussion board. However, I wanted to choose an IT board where visionaries and people knowledgeable in IT are in abdundance, so I want to know your opinion as to how you see the Information Technology world in 100 years.

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Small-time operator.

by jardinier In reply to match IT skills or garden ...

As I only work for myself, both in the areas of computing and gardening, I don't require certification.
My computer business is a small-time backyard business, mostly upgrading and reselling older computers. However I have a registered business name because it adds credibility.
As far as identifying myself, it depends on the context which "hat" I choose to declare.
The declaration: "I am a former Sydney Morning Herald Journalist" still carries the status it always did, because the SMH is a highly respected newspaper.
If I want to find out any information, either for a letter to the local newspaper or for an article on my website, I just say: "I am a freelance journalist" and I invariably get what I want.

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Sorry but I only deal with people

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to match IT skills or garden ...

Who know me if not personally then by reputation and I think that those bits of paper {and in fact thats all they are} only impress those who don't count anyway. As an example a GP friend of mine always puts his initials after his name and he becameupset when one of the so called Specalists commented on the fact that he could not get into medicine on his first attempt but had to do a Batcholers of Science before he could get into medical school. I may be wrong but to me that only goes to show that he really wanted to do medicine and did everything that he could to get into the medical profession. By the way here I'm not talking about Certifics issued from various companies like MS or the like I'm talking about undergrad and post grad workabove.

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Scenario where I will use it,

by LordInfidel In reply to Sorry but I only deal wit ...

Your right, between friends or people you know it's not necessary.

But Let's say I have to speak to an outside vendor who has never dealt with me before.

If I get the feeling with them that they are either trying to snowball me, or that they are unsure as to what they are talking about.

A quick e-mail with my signature block will quickly dissuade them from talking down to me or **** spoke up my ***. 9 times out of 10 my support call will be passed up to a supervisor or someone who is competent.

The other times is when I am brought in by my company to troubleshoot a problem with one of their clients. After the initial conference call, my point of contact at the company will get a friendly e-mail that includes my signature block. This tells them that the company that they are dealing with values their relationship enough to involve their top people. It breaks the ice between my counterpart and gives them some re-assurance that I will be able to solve their problem.

But generally after the initial contacts, the rest of the correspondence is just with my first name at the bottom. With the exception of official updates and the resolution.

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I can see your point

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Scenario where I will use ...

But I really object to putting Dr before my name as to most people they believe I'm involved in medicine which I know next to nothing about. And all the rest that is susposed to follow well its just a bunck of goobdly gook to most people, but don't get me wrong I do list things like MS's certification and I have been in this industry for a very long time so most of the more important people already know of me if they haven't already had dealings with me and to these they get E-Mails or what ever that end Regards Col. I'm fairly informal in most cases until I come across somewhere where they are trying to cut corners at the expence of security and then I do dig my heels in and cause some problems. Thats probably why I have a reputation of being a bastard to work with and being a even bigger bastard when I'm not there as I've already set a standard that some find hard to keep up with. I suspose its all in your reputation and how long you've been in the industry. Personally I started a very long time ago and after some time I went and worked with Big Blue in AU on the 9300 a very bulky mainframe setup but it was cutting edge at the time. Its from there that most of the more important people came to know of me and that where some fool actually had business cards printed up for me giving my position as "Resident Genius" which I haven't ever lived down even though I threw out all those cards. ! I thought was funny but 10,000 well that was just over the top. My best advice is to continue along with your present actions but always only accept best pratices and eventually you won't need to refer to all the rubbish as it only gives the impression that you actually know what your doing and then they expect an instant cure for all their problems which simply can't happen. Unless you know a lot more than me and thats always possible.

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Paper makes good cage liners

by MallardtooXX In reply to Bits of paper.

I am of the opinion that Diplomas and certs make great cage liners. I have people that have Masters degrees and can't tie their shoes. I have techs who are self taught and run the show. I myself rarely if ever disclose my true qualifications to people, I like to let them get all of thier BS out up front. To lend creedence to this I offer this up. If you are sitting in a nice cozy office and see someone's Diploma framed and set apart you think hmmm thats nice. But if you walk into a nice cozy office with everything but a diploma on the wall you think hmm thats nice. See to me it is more the man behind the desk than the paper behind the man. I have a degree or two but my true ability lies in the ability of my people that is what keeps people coming back to us, not my certifications or degrees.
besides do you know how hard it is to frame a Rice crispies box? I just taped the box tops I used for my mail correspondence class to the wall they look nice. Sally struthers was rightTV VCR repair is where it is at!!!


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Thats exactly what I was trying

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Paper makes good cage lin ...

To get across just because some one has a bit of paper means nothing to me, its how they can peform that counts however saying that those silly bits of paper do make an impression on a potential customer. Personally I hold trade certs in higher regard that something from a Univerisity or the like as from bitter personal experience these types think they know it all and on almost every occasion insist on talking down to me as if I know nothing and they know it all. After all they have a degre sothey at least in their own minds think that they know everything about everything.

Unfortantly for them I have at least the same bits of paper or in most cases something better {well in their eyes} but what I can't get over is the difference from when I was at Univerisity doing my Post Grad work when I finished it was drilled into me that this PHD only gave me the right to go out and start to learn what I had been studing for the last few years nothing more thats probably why I don't place too much infidence in them in the first place and a person who has worked their way up from where ever has greater respect from me as more often than not they do know more than me after all they have the pratical experience. However I do get a good laugh when some little upstart who insists that they should be running the section where I work instead of me gets told what my qualifactions actually are but only after they have made a complete fool of themselves and always by one of my staff. Sure I have 3 PHD's but that doesn't mean that I'm anything special and it certianly doesn't mean that I should be treated as some sought of know it all expert because I'm not and I'm still learning every day.

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My lesson this week

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Thats exactly what I was ...

Never trust any new bit particuarly something as cheep as an IDE lead as I had a computer that was running XP Pro but would not load SP1 without trashing the OS beyond any capacity to repair/recover. It only took 3 days over 30 reloads and numeriousphone calls to the MS support line till they eventually gave up, I was of the opinion that there was a hardware conflict somewhere but nothing that I changed mad any difference and what did I eventually find a brand new IDE lead was faulty. And it wasn't even one that came with a M'Board but one of the round ones that costs so much more and are susposed to be more reliable. Now just wait till I get my hands on the one who fitted it.

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Can't really predict but...

by TomSal In reply to Where do you see IT in 10 ...

Who's to say what tomorrow brings in anything?

If I was endowed with such a gift, I wouldn't care about where the IT industry is headed because I wouldn't need a job -- I'd reap millions winning lotteries and gambling in AC and Vegas.

I like the comments stated thus far...For the most part I agree that over time, as systems evolve with technology less and less skill will be required to manage networks, IT infrastructures, etc. and thus slowly positions will be phased out - made to be obsolete by technology. (Talk about a cruel irony -- we geeks who thrive on technology, feed ourselves and our families because of it -- will eventually not be needed because of it!).

100's big...considering Moore's Law and how far we came in just 30 years, that's only a 3rd of the time.

For one the desktop won't exist, at least not how we know it -- in fact I think the PC itself will phase out over the next decade actually. Like someone else posted it will be come a diehard techies only kind of "toy" to play with, the rest of the world will move on to smaller appliance like devices that are way more efficient on energy and physical space and will be generations ahead of todays computers in raw processing power.

Molecular storage I believe will be a reality. 100 gig drives? How about storing data on the molecular structure of an atom? How about fitting terabytes worth of data on a platter no larger than the size of penny.

Silicon will become extinct, having well outgrown its usefulness. Newer materials will have to be used, lighter, more durable, more flexible, more conductive. Fiber optics will be big time - eventually internal system buses, etc. will likely communicate via fiber optics.

Self healing EVERYTHING will be the norm in 100 years... "smart" computers that can fix their own errors, debug their own code, etc.

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I'm reminded

by madroxxx In reply to Where do you see IT in 10 ...

I'm reminded of a story or movie I saw, can't remember which where a guy asks a boy what the chip on his arm was. The boy says "oh that's my math" the man says "in my day math was this big".

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by TheChas In reply to Where do you see IT in 10 ...

It likely won't take 100 years, but the IT department will disappear. Just as the steam engine stoker has vanished.

The wiring or wireless setup for network connections will become a part of standard building design, and be handled by facilitiesmaintenance.

PCs, or what replaces them will be true throw away devices. Much as calculators are now.
They will be small and solar powered.

You will be fitted at birth with a data port so that you can directly connect to your digital interface. Eliminating keyboards and mice.

If a company has it's own local server, the support will be either out-sourced, or part of facilities maintenance.

Data storage, application programming and related tasks will be taken over by 2 or 3 firms world-wide. The 'servers' will be in secure under-ground bunkers.

A global wireless grid will allow you to connect to your files from anywhere on the planet.

Far flung, yes. But, who envisioned where the PC would be now, 20 years ago when it was introduced.


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