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Where does mgmt get tech direction/ideas

By sdunn ·
I would like input from others on where/how does their mgmt. makes its tachnology decisions (how do they know what's out there, is any one person responsible to stay abreast of tech at their company, etc.).

I am writing an article, and could use quotes from others (its OK if you want it off the record) about how its done where you are.

I have seen numerous situations where a company does not know what tools exist that may help make their business smarter, faster and more profitable. A company may understandably think that their IT staff owns that opportunistic thinking. Many times, though, the IT department has an operations mentality - do what your told and keep things running. To quote Peter Drucker, "If you put new ideas into operating units...the solving of the daily crisis will always take precedence over introducing tomorrow." Even when approaching development of new systems, the IT development managers often simply build what they are told, not necessarily looking for opportunities to improve business as a whole.

I would love to hear from others on how this is handled/ignored at their company. Do you have a single position to do this (a Technologist)? Does the CIO provide ALL guidance? Are ideas expected to bubble up from the developers? Are there external or internal consultants that steer the tech direction?

Thanks In Advance,
Scott Dunn

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Just be OPEN

by e-Fellow In reply to So Everyone Participates?

No not everyone knows the business aspects but that is why management should be there. Imagine an upsidedown funnel; lots of people with lots of ideas and attitudes and as those ideas travel up the funnel its management who has to help lasso the best, but not without bringing it all into the funnel. Think further about a funnel, why do we use one? Not to get more in, because the outlet spout is only so big, however, the more you can put in the more the pressure builds and therefore it can forcemore through. But the main reason is not to spill any,,, do not spill any ideas, funnel them through and be open and remember that every drop is needed and a good manager can handle it.

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