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where is everyone???

By Shellbot ·
Am i just lost ..maybe i'm on the wrong website?

Am i not seeing all the threads? Maybe I'm reading the wrong posts?

Where is everyone?? There's not a lot going on..

Come on..feed my adiction..i'm having withdrawals..

JD...reassure me..we are not in the Twilight Zone are we??

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Busy with...

by Tink! In reply to On the bright side

the usual boring order processing (data entry, printing labels - a whole ton of em)

But I did address the issue that I have several IT tasks on the back burner including installing the Firewall hardware we bought (using Microsoft's and Netopia's in the interim), creating a full Office introduction presentation for display using our new projector, and making sure there are no security loopholes anywhere in our network setup. Note the new hardware and projector were bought with the new computer systems, oh almost a year ago now!

Course this brings me to a question I had...I think I'll post it.


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by Shellbot In reply to where is everyone??? :(

its abusy just me or does it just seem longer to get into the discussions?

I myself pop in and out and am not posting a lot. Ah well..i'll guess we'll get used to it sooner or later.

JD.."How many Candian/Irish women does it take to ______________ (fill in the blank)"

There's a lot of options for that..
I'm trying to think of a reply that includes the word "shower" ]:)

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oh, suuuuure

by jdclyde In reply to ya..

and now I am suppose to be able to concentrate and get some work done? :0 ]:)

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Thansk to the redesign

by onbliss In reply to where is everyone??? :(

I have been able to control my addiction to TR. My visits have been greatly reduced. Even on busy days at work, I managed to find time to visit the discussions and keep refreshing to see if anybody posted something new. Things have changed.

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by Jaqui In reply to where is everyone??? :(

in the vast unchartable wilderness of the forums without easy access to the water cooler ]:)

actually, I've been checking out a site, and working on a few contracts.

so I've actually been .. ~gasp~ working!!


that 'orrible word!!!!

you had to make me say it didn't you?

you do realise that this means war don't you? ]:)

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We all have fallen prey to that -

by Mickster269 In reply to lost

Ever since the re-design, I've been doing a lot more work instead of surfing here.

My productivity has increased, and my boss is estatic.


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Just read a shift in trends on the net

by jdclyde In reply to We all have fallen prey ...

It seems that porn surfing took a huge up-swing about a week ago..... :0


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by TechExec2 In reply to Just read a shift in tren ...

Back to ~that project~ I see...


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by Shellbot In reply to Just read a shift in tren ...

i can actually believe that JD
*casts eyes over to you*

guess i'll go do a bit of work..

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by jdclyde In reply to somehow

I have no idea what your talking about, or why my keyboard needs to be cleaned off...... :0

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