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where is everyone???

By Shellbot ·
Am i just lost ..maybe i'm on the wrong website?

Am i not seeing all the threads? Maybe I'm reading the wrong posts?

Where is everyone?? There's not a lot going on..

Come on..feed my adiction..i'm having withdrawals..

JD...reassure me..we are not in the Twilight Zone are we??

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by onbliss In reply to We will see soon enough

If I just wanted to read about the latest tech, I would be spending my time at a linux site that I won't list here or cisco.

In my case it would be Microsoft related sites.

But TR is a fun place to hang out with other techies, and to catch some tech news and gain knowledge. I have learnt (and am learning) so many non-technical aspects of work here.

I am not ashamed to say, I have learnt several things about convincing others in discussions and in general about life.

Last but not the least, JD you are a fun guy to be around; and it is nice to discuss thing s with you and other folks.

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Like you said in a previous post. . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to I agree makes it easy to stop spending so much time around here.

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I would love to

by maecuff In reply to where is everyone??? :(

have some time to navigate this new site. As soon as I can get back to my old life, I will. In the meantime, I'm still working in manufacturing. I can feel brain atrophy setting in. It's shriveling up. On the other hand, I AM drinking more beer, feeling less yucky in dirty sweaty clothes and my vocabulary is much more colorful..

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Ah, memories.......

by jdclyde In reply to I would love to

I remember all to well my years of being a shop rat, where you told someone good morning by flipping them off and saying "your number one!"

At least it isn't August. Shop life is miserable when it is between 90 and 110F in the shop.

Of course I never had the joy of having a cheerful welcoming committy waiting for me when I drove up in the morning. You get all the fun.....

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by Oz_Media In reply to Ah, memories.......

I remember all to well my years of being a shop rat, where you told someone good morning by flipping them off and saying "your number one!"

I still do's one of my favs.

"What the f are you looking at!" is another norm for a morning greet.

But I also smile and bring donuts and buy lunch so it's all in jest.

I refuse to lose my rebellious youth, deal with it.

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The cool thing about it

by jdclyde In reply to LOL

when you know your co-workers and they know you, you can say things like that and they know EXACTLY how to take it.

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Hey I found it

by Oz_Media In reply to where is everyone??? :(

Waddayaknow, I found people on TR again.

I'll close my eyes and count to 100 again, run...hide! :)

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by Shellbot In reply to Hey I found it

if everyone gets fed up and stops posting, what i gonna do??

we will have to find another spot to gather in??

I like the scarf on the av, Oz..but snowy cold BC..its not cold there!!!!!! Move to Sask..then you be cold :)

ok..running off to hide now..find me if you can

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what i gonna do??

by wschindewolf In reply to ok..

If you all decide on another spot to gather, be sure to let the rest of us know. I'd be lost without you guys ( & gals ). I might actually have to earn my keep here at my place of empolyment.

PS: I never was any good at hide & seek.

Edit: Empolyment: Place where I pretend to work.

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by Oz_Media In reply to what i gonna do??

Bets place for a game of hide and seek.

If you boss wonders where you were all day, tell him you were hiding and waitign for him to find you.

"You did hear me say we were playing, right?"
"NO?! Well, I'll go hide again and you try to find me this time."

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