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Where were you on 9/11?

By Oz_Media ·
I looked at my watch last night at 2:30AM and noticed the date. I instantly thought of 9/11 and where I was that morning as it all came back to me and I remembered the sheer terror of it all and the confusion as to WHAT was actually Happening in New York. First I heard America had been bombed and was at war, then more reports came in that it was a bomb in the WTC, then the seminar was stopped and a live feed brought into the conference room.

I felt for the men who were conducting the Macromedia seminar, most were from the USA and simply didn't know what to do, being away from home. Shortly after, the room dissipated and everyone ended up in one of the many local pubs.

I went and watched with friends at the Jolly Taxpayer (great name for a Canadian pub)it was some time before anyone really knew what had happened and I think that was the hardest part, how do you react to something you just don't have a clear grasp of in the first place, what do you do when you don't know what's going on?

I don't have a memory of where I was when JFK was shot but I know how it is said everyone remembers where they were, I never understood the true significance on this until last night when I had a mental flasback of that morning after realizing the date.

My deepest sympathies go out to all those who lost on that sickening day in world history, the way the American people came together was an example to all of how underneath all of our outward differences, we can all find a common heart.

With all my arguments and complaints aside, I think that today of all days is certainly a day for Americans to be proud and show their pride and strength.

Hold you heads high, God bless America

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Thanks James, knew you could

by Oz_Media In reply to Well actually I do

I figured yuo'd at least ae beter knowledge than myself. In my nuclear free world, No NUKES means not eating dinner.

When this came up before, I thought there HAD to be some form of security surroundig nuclear plants but ad never given it any thought before.

Thanks for chiming in,

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What I can tell you

by JamesRL In reply to Thanks James, knew you co ...

At the research facility where our company designed reactors, we were very close to one of the major military bases. The site got its start during the Manhattan project. Jimmy Carter actually trained there before his active service on nuclear subs.

There are heavily armed guards, who practise on a regular basis with even heavier armed soldiers. Those heavily armed soldiers can arrive by helicopter in a few minutes. The distance between the front gate and the facilities probably takes longer to drive than it would take the helicopters to arrive - its miles. The helicopters do routine sweeps, at both scheduled and random intervals.

The site is divided into inner (active) areas and outer areas with bomb sniffers, metal detectors, and radioactivity sniffing checkpoints at many waypoints.

Its pretty secure. That site, you would have a hard time figuring out from the air which building was the reactor - no cooling towers in a CANDU.


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Terrorist captains

by Oz_Media In reply to What I can tell you

I would hope some measure such as you hae explained are in place everywhere. I assuned SOMETHING must be in place but have never heard about it.

I would suppose that a poorly trained terrorist pilot would have a pretty hard time trying to land on a reactor, when compared to the size of target they were able to take out in New York.

Thanks for the info!

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Speaking of Security

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to What I can tell you

Over here at Lucas Heights the U235 Reactor in AU we had an incident last year where there was a massive security breach that should never have been allowed.

Seems that Greenpeace where protesting at the front gate and 45 people just walked through the bloody gate unchallenged. It should never have been allowed to happen particularly since the reactor in question is so old that it should have been decommissioned 30 years ago. But we need it for Radio Isotopes for medical use and doping Silicone so we can have all our silicone based technology apparently we dope about 10% of the Worlds industrial silicon here.

25 Years ago I was on a panel to replace that reactor and it is only going ahead now with the primary earthworks starting last year no body said Government Departments move fast but this is just ridiculous in the time involved to accept the replacement design. At about the same time they where talking about building a Cyclotron at the same facility again for medical isotopes and I tore up their safety guide so they proceeded to a committee to rewrite the safety handbook which still hasn't as yet happened.

Some may wonder just why I hate Government but it is mostly the indecision by the "Public Service" that drives me crazy as they will never consider making a decision that can be fostered onto someone else higher up the food chain. I sometime wonder just how anything actually gets done at all.


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At work

by EMJ65 In reply to Where were you on 9/11?

I remember the local news/weather geek coming into my office to tell me about a plane hitting the WTC. He set up a small tv in the conference room so we could all watch, and at that time, I think the second plane had hit, and we starting hearing about the other planes in DC and PA.

I was shocked, horrified, sickened, angered, and terrified. My two brothers work in the wall street area, one is a trader on the floor of the stock exchange, and the other is a broker (but I didn't know where he worked). I called home to get some information, but my father had none to give me (he has no idea what his children do, or where they do it!). Thankfully, my other brother worked down the street from the WTC, and got out fine (as did my brother the trader).

I was in a state of shock for the rest of the day, remembering how I used to work across from the WTC when I lived in NY. I had been to the WTC a few times to get discount theatre tickets and to see the observatory. I still have not gone to see Ground Zero, as I want to remember it the way it was, those tall buildings standing proudly on the NY harbor.

So many people from my Long Island home town were affected, as it is the norm for Long Islanders to work in NYC. I have gotten over the initial shock, and have moved on, but I will never forget that awful day, and how it changed my view of the world.

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by mrafrohead In reply to Where were you on 9/11?

I was driving to work. I took a different route because I had to be in early to do my first branch opening for the bank I was working at.

I was really excited. I had just pulled into the left hand lane and was now with the flow of traffic on the freeway. I turned on my radio to listen to my favorite morning DJ's. They pull pretty funny pranks in the morning.

This morning though, they were not so upbeat and were talking about planes flying into buildings. I hadn't put together what it was that they were actually talking about, all I knew was that it was crossing the line of tasteless humor and just plain bad joke. It was beginning to make me quite upset and I couldn't understand how they were joking about what they were joking about.

I picked up my cell phone to call them and give them a piece of my mind.

Instead of calling them, for some reason I called my mom just to check with her. As something started to make me think that they weren't joking at all. But one thing to keep in mind, is that the group I listen to in the morning, they don't report news. So this was seriously out of character.

I got on the phone with my mom and she verified that they were telling the truth. That what they were saying was really happening.

Needless to say, I stopped and grabbed my first pack of smokes that morning in about a year and a half.

That night, I stopped by a bar and had a few beverages while watching the news. I didn't want to watch it at home beause I was afraid of having to talk to my wife and kids about what was going on, when I didn't have any answers. I just wanted to grab a tent and pull everyone out into the mountains where people don't go.

I got to watch drunk men fight over who was the biggest "American" while they tried to duke it out. Little did they know, they both showed that they were shitty about it, as if they were really "good American's" they would have found a common ground to stand on and stood together as that was a time, when we needed strength and not fighting amongst ourselves.

I still remember the weather and the breeze, the smells of the morning as I was driving in that morning. I doubt I will ever forget it.

And the fact that you bring up Kennedy, is quite interesting, because I remember my mom telling me about when that happened. She remembers exactly too...

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Just been laid off

by wordworker In reply to Where were you on 9/11?

I had been laid off a week or so and was working from home. My wife yelled downstairs, "Hey come up here - the WTC is on fire." "Huh?" I was miffed she was interrupting me. Got upstairs in time to see the second plane hit. Sat on the bed in shock, watching TV the rest of the day, wishing it was just a dream.

FWIW, I was in grade school when JFK was shot. I remember all the adults being very upset and they sent us home from school early.

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I was in a meeting...

by TomSal In reply to Where were you on 9/11?

The morning of 9/11/01 I was, along with everyone in my company of supervisor "rank" or higher, in a big company meeting. The company was undergoing some changes on a very large account we had just gotten so the CEO called us all in.

So we are all brainstorming around this very long conference table in our old (it has since been rebuilt/remodeled) crappy lunch room that looked atrocious. About 45 minutes into the meeting, the CEO steps out of the room to run to the bathroom -- the Exec VP takes over the meeting.

A few minutes later the boss runs into the meeting with the look on his face I'll never forget -- if nothing else but because you need to understand this man is not a person you'd call a "caring individual" he is very blunt, he is very dictator like, very arrogant, etc....anyway it looks as if his own wife had been murdered....he utters only one sentence that silences the room instantly..."The World Trade Towers Were Attacked!".

In the span of what seemed forever, but in real time was probably just about 10 could of heard a pin drop, no one even moved...

We all looked dumb-founded.

We are a NJ based company, we are located only 1hr 45 minutes from ground zero.

Our employees have family in NYC, we have customers in fact one of our accounts had a location across the street from the towers; another a block or two away.

My brother in law, a highrise welder, had a job in Northern Jersey right across the river from NYC when the attacks came. He saw, live, with his own two eyes the whole thing happen. He is one of those "macho" guys (welder, Harley owner, huge ford pickup, beer drinker, tattoo wearing 300-plus pounds, etc.) and he said he has never felt so helpless when he saw that happen. He actually told my sister...which surprised even her...."I almost lost it" (meaning he almost shed a tear).

One of our customers were killed. An employee's family member was badly wounded.

Yes I think I'll never forget that day as long as I live and breathe.

On 9/11/01 --- I think its safe to say we were all Americans.

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On my way into work...

by K.H. In reply to I was in a meeting...

The morning of 9/11, I was walking briskly across the company parking lot and as usual, I was walking alongside other employees, some were walking quietly, but I remember noticing one woman talking frantically on her cell phone, and you know how you can't help but hear when someone is upset, she said "What? what do you mean? oh my gosh..."

but at the moment I just thought it was a personal call, and I kept walking toward the building entrance. It was about 8:10am...
When I came into the office, everyone was asking me "I need to get on the internet, we want to see the live news feed"...I said what's going on?...they could barely blurt out what happened, all at once they were saying stuff, so I was running around trying to get them onto CNN or fox news...we could not access any news sites, they were down and I thought thats I was running around getting people to their website news pages, they turned up the radio louder, and I listened for the first time, I could not believe what I heart sank and I felt like I was just kicked in the stomach...I couldn't move...surreal...deafening almost...the first thing I did was call my husband to tell him I love him...everyone called their loved ones.

Then we huddled around in our main lunch room, turned on the live TV coverage and to our horror watched the 2nd tower being hit by the 2nd plane...

I remember our nation coming together in prayer, support and raising the American flag and hanging yellow ribbons everywhere...I hope the neighborhood you live in will continue to do this every remember those who lost loved ones on 9/11...

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sitting in front of a computer.....

by ITgirli In reply to Where were you on 9/11?

I worked at the time as an engineering designer at a shipyard in Virginia. We worked in a tightly secured area on goverment projects. No TVs. No radios. We had the Internet, but weren't allowed to use it for non company stuff. Our secretary got a phone call from her daughter. At first we heard about the first plane and thought it was an accident or malfunction. Then while she was on the phone, the second plane it. My supervisor at the time popped out of his cube and told me to get on the net (I had a bad habit of going on the Internet even though I knew it was wrong, and I didn't even act shamed about it). I got right on CNN. Others had trouble getting it to come up. I had about 40 people gathered around my computer. CNN mentioned the one at the Pentagon. I grew up in DC and my aunt worked not far from there. About 15 minutes later we were told to go back to work. Several of us headed to the parking lot to gather around the cars with their radios on. I went home and called my cousin. She was pregnant and crying about bringing a baby into a world as harsh and troubled as this. I calmed her down and started calling other family members, friends, anyone whose number I had. Had to make sure things were okay. My own son was just learning to crawl. How could we bring innocents into a world like this? We always have and we always will. I hope they can make it better. God Bless America.

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