Which Antivrus for Small Business?

By chris ·
I would like some opinions on what would be the best antivirus solution for a business with 25 users and SBS. Their current product is being discontinued and is not very good. It does have av and antispyware protection.

I would normally go Symantec Corp Edition but with all the negative reviews for Endpoint, I am hesitant to go that direction. Typically that is all I normally use at client sites. Symantec is no longer selling anything but Endpoint.

Can anyone suggest a good AV client that doesn't eat up to much system resources as well as a good antispyware product. It does not have to be a managed client. The current AV is unmanaged so having another unmanaged client would be fine.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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I personally use

by cmiller5400 In reply to Which Antivrus for Small ...

I personally use AVG Internet Security at home. Never had an infection yet. They do make a managed product I believe; but their standalone works great.

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Which Antivirus

by Nimmo In reply to Which Antivrus for Small ...

We are a Trend Mirco partner and have been using their product for a long time now, and find that its the perfect solution for our SBS clients.

You have a centeralized web administration interface that you configure on your server which allows you to deploy AV to client, Report filtering, schedule/roll back or manually update PC's and Servers in your organization.

It comes with a range or tools that allow you to create login scripts so when a machine is joined to the domain it will install and update the antivirus, you can also have reports/out break warnings sent to you by email.

I recommend that you at least take a look at this product and even download a trial to install on a VM or a spare test box.

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Consider the Professional version of AVG

by Tig2 In reply to Which Antivrus for Small ...

It has a small comfortable footprint, can be set up to auto scan and update, is available in a suite, and is inexpensive. With 25 seats, AVG will be your best value for the money. You can learn more at

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You beet me too it. Agreed, look at AVG Professional (nt)

by Neon Samurai In reply to Consider the Professional ...
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Several recommendations

by techienate In reply to Which Antivrus for Small ...

1. I would avoid "Internet Security" suites that include software firewalls and sometimes crummy anti-spam filtering. Instead, make sure your network is protected from hackers with a good hardware firewall, probably one built into your router. SonicWall has great hardware solutions for small businesses.

2. While I do not have personal experience with their managed network versions of their software, I have heard good things about eset's business antivirus. I was impressed with the home version of their anti-virus. It seems to have very low resource usage, and would expect the same from their business versions. It also has excellent detection rates and outstanding heuristics, according to the tests I've seen. I would recommend you try out their products as an alternative to the recent disappointing symantec endpoint.

In response to the some of the things mentioned in the comments:

1. Cost is a minor factor when choosing security software for a network--get something that works the way you need it to.

2. My experience with AVG Internet Security is that it is a resource hog. I do not have experience with the network (managed) version of AVG Internet Security, but I don't believe that would be any better with performance.

3. AVG Anti-malware gives you better protection than their anti-virus alone. It is a combination of AVG anti-virus and AVG anti-spyware without all the extra stuff that unnecessarily hogs resources. (AVG is one of the few companies that still makes a distinction between anti-virus and anti-spyware.)

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My experience

by terry In reply to Several recommendations

Here are my thoughts around what I have had experience with

Symantec Endpoint - Good price point, early versions were very resource hungry, MR4 doesn't seem as bad but it still takes a fair whack of RAM when it first loads. Management console is very slow and its rubbish for setting up multiple management servers over WAN links. There is a new Small Business product line I have heard of but haven't tried it.

Trend Worry Free - The current one we use for clients (after moving from Endpoint). Installation is straight forward and the web based management console is ok. It seems to be not as hard on resources as Symantec and we seem to be getting a good run out of it. We have had a couple of funnies with SBS2008 servers (resolved with an update) locking up and the network filter driver blocks ActiveSync via cable on one site; moving them to over the air so doesn't matter.

Vipre - have put in enterprise in a couple of sites, very cheap, very fast. No idea how much protection it really provides but it seems to do the job. Read the manual when you put it in, default installation doesnt do anything with viruses.

McAfee - We use Viruscan Enterprise and HIPS on our internal networks. I recommend avoiding it if you are a small business; its fairly complex to setup and manage compared to the others here, its a good product but I think its too much for small businesses.

One other post mentioned just using a hardware firewall. That is possibly not the best solution; while you definitely need a hardware based firewall on your perimiter you also should have software firewalls on your workstations to minimise the spread of infections internal to your network such as Conficker.

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