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Which certification for an Ethical Hacker

By Aldanatech ·
Which certification do you think would be most appropriate for an Ethical Hacker (someone hired to legally test a system's security). Would it be a Security+, a CISSP, or a CEH? Would it be a combination of each, and if so, in what sequence?

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Memorization and shortcuts

by KaceyR In reply to Abso-friggin-lutely

It's been my experience with "certified professionals" (roughly 30 to 40 of them in my local area) that they are very adept at memorizing study guides and keyword recognition. This enables them to fork over the cash and pass a test on whatever given subject.

I have worked with a couple of "certified professionals" that demonstrate that their certification actually means something more to them than a higher billing rate, but they are far outnumbered by the individuals that just want the piece of paper so they can justify higher costs.

My biggest issue with the certs is that the individual gets in the door long enough to be both expensive and useless. It leaves management wondering how the **** they got into this mess and trying to find a way to save face, which often leads to coming down on the people that work for them.

Hmmmm. I guess my real problem is with the managers conducting interviews who only know the buzzwords and none of the content, and who are unwilling to bring in their own folks who understand at least some of the content because they're worried about how it may look.

At any rate, I'm still left at the end of the day with the decision as to whether or not to get certified. I regularly come to the conclusion that I'd rather buy my family a nice dinner than to pay the price to test and receive what has become little more than a pendant for the "I love me wall".


BTW: For those who don't know, the "I love me wall" is a military term used to describe the wall in one's home for the display of medals and certificates that one has earned.

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by rbanks In reply to umm. MBA=no...

College degrees will always be worth more then certs. Having a B.S. degree is like having a High School diploma, and most companies won?t even look at you unless you have one. Basically unless your inventing next generation technology, you don?t work in ?I.T.? you most likely hold some form of customer service position. I work in the hottest thing going right now from a business prospective IT managed services at HP. My job title is Network Engineer; I spend my day staring at HP open view maps for major corporations that use to have so called IT departments. When something turns red I page the last two guys that work in the so-called IT department, and they fix it. The rest of the time I work with customers to write processes in regards to outages, once we get them stable we ship it off to Asia to be monitored. My advice get a college degree and get into management that?s what I?m doing, like information security James Madison U. The Information Security MBA

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I hack

by cafin8d In reply to Which certification for a ...

In discussion to all of this....
I hack for a security firm in Ontario, Canada...We perform ethical hacks and vulnerability assessments for all range of customers and although the majority of clients base their decisions on references, some of the big guns now require that a CISSP is mandatory (especially for security clearances). Anyone who has hacked and taken a CISSP Exam will know that the two are very different but it does solidify that you might and I repeat might have ethics...For those of you starting???Work in an environment that will give you the opportunity to get experience and look into either the CISSP or SANS...and remember: if you are not prepared to "social" a company through lies, deception and stealing....(outlined in a contract of course), forget it....

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