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Which company has had the best impact on IT?

By jasonhiner Moderator ·
The TechRepublic poll question for the week of 9/26/2005 is "Which company do think has had the best impact on the use of information technology over the past two decades?
Cisco Systems

Let us know which company you chose and why. Or, if there's a different company that you would choose, name that company and explain why you think they had the best impact.

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it was the

by Jaqui In reply to Do I look stoopid or some ...


then followed by they all brought something new.

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A bit of advice. . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to No Question...Microsoft, ...

Don't forget to DUCK!

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by apotheon In reply to A bit of advice. . . .

That was hilarious.

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IBM For Numerous Reasons

by marXtevens In reply to Which company has had the ...

You have to build on something, "standing on the shoulders of giants," as it were. Microsoft has done this and one of the giants, still in existence, is IBM. Give IBM points for longevity.

Documentation. For the programmer creating code for the end user, there was an error number, like IEF001, for EVERY error. You could look it up. In a book. With an index. In the begining, answers were sometimes not very helpful, I remember many JCL and OS Utilities errors having "Correct and resubmit" as the fix, but they got better over time. EVERY OTHER operating system and language struggles to hit this target, to this day.

Marketing, IBM was number one for a long time, with salemen making promises that the hardware and the software couldn't meet, but that didn't stop the sales or wiping out the competition: Sperry/Rand/Univac/Unisys, General Electric, Control Data Corp, etc. Microsoft learned from IBM and learned well. Maybe better, since they beat the government rap for all intents and purposes and IBM didn't.

Hardware, say what you will, but IBM hardware was over-engineered and lasted a lot longer than it should have, including their PCs, XTs, and ATs. I knew of one site that at least through 1999 was running a 360/67 system for production, because it worked. We were running 4341's and then 4381's through 2000.

Software, first multi-tasking Operating System, (MFT) I believe. First Virtual Operating System CP/CMS aka VM aka CP-67, where you could run another OS on top of the base one, including a copy of the base. Compilers, and assemblers, and macros made use of libraries of commonly used routines touting reusability before it was fashionable. First language documented before it was written, REXX.

Yes, there are instances of all of the above today, from other companies, but unless one of the other now defunct companies did it first, IBM is still here.

Internet, first run on IBM hardware, I believe, or maybe this one belongs to DEC with UNIX and C on PDP-8's and -11's. The first educational network was on IBM hardware and VM in New York and eventually merged with DARPA-net. I'm having a problem remembering the name of that network. Anyone from Marist, or CUNY, remember?

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Microsoft is a Target

by fefrench In reply to Which company has had the ...

I selected Cisco because they seem to be on top of the software crisis (security, etc), while Microsoft is a target both domestically and from foreign countries. I would also like to add that my experience with Microsoft has left a rather bitter taste in my mouth. Their patches only open the door for more spyware and viruses. While Microsoft has been a leader in the organization of the computer industry as a whole, they are falling from favor because of their attitude especially towards small fry like myself who are trying to eak out a living assisting small business become literate in the computer era.

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Okay, my ONE answer

by maxwell edison In reply to Which company has had the ...
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by apotheon In reply to Okay, my ONE answer

For offering wireless inside the coffee shops? They weren't first, and they charge (at least in most places) for the service.

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Not even close

by maxwell edison In reply to Why?

And it was a joke.

IT people ..... all hours of the day ..... drinking coffee to stay alert and productive ..... Starbucks .....

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ahh . . . got it

by apotheon In reply to Not even close

I'll be more impressed when someone opens a halfway decent coffee shop with free wireless that's open 24/7.

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That sounds like. . . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to ahh . . . got it

. opportunity knocking on your door! Go for it.

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