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Which computer hardware vendor provides the best service?

By jasonhiner Moderator ·
A new TechRepublic poll asks, "Which big hardware vendor has provided your organization with the best customer service?

Please tell us which vendor you've had the best luck with and share some of your experiences, including success stories and/or horror stories.

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Dell is a great personal machine NOT a 24/7

by david_conway In reply to Dell? NOT!

Dell is great when you use it once twice a day email surf etc. but as a business machine we have fried system boards(Many) we have a few Power Edges, they I found not to be any trouble.
The Dell laptops, I can not comment on.

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Best Service? Here you go!

by James Speed In reply to Which computer hardware v ...

If you buy Dell and need service you could be talking to Apu in New Deli... if you buy HP and have an issue you could be talking to Rami in Bangladesh. These days all but IBM (tell me if im wrong) farms out service/support to India or some other 3rd world country. Now the caveat... IBM equipment sucks.... so... how well do you speak Indian?

Microsoft is also farming out alot of lower level support issues to Canada, India etc.

As far as Microsoft goes..awhile back I had a cluster server problem and was routed to Canada talking to a nice guy.. but hard to understand...apparently he had moved from Bombay a few months before. I finally said I think its working...called back and asked NOT to be routed OUT OF THE US....Did they listen? NO... I ended up with someone else I couldnt hardly understand. After a few grueling hours and new disk signatures I was back online. Although my brain was scrambled., dont EVEN go there
Sun - Have no idea
Apple - youre crazy

Jim Speed
Clinton, SC

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It's called corporate greed.

by seckel109 In reply to Best Service? Here you go ...

You will only get domestic support if you are an enterprise customer. The rest of us are on our own. And, with the possible exception of SUN, all the computer vendors are doing it. At least the ones that make the fortune 500 greed list.

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Gateway - Hands down best tech support.

by GNX In reply to Which computer hardware v ...

They aren't the biggest PC manufacturer, but in my opinion they have the best tech support and customer service. 99.9 times out of 100 I get my problem solved without being put on hold or being disconnected. I also have a sales rep that will also take care of any issues that may come up. With Dell I'm lucky if I talk to them in the same day I call.

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that hasn't been my experience with gateway

by reality.bytes In reply to Gateway - Hands down best ...

when i first took my current job as the it manager for our company, one of the first issues i had to deal with was the sales department's notebook computer that was used for roadtrips. they had purchased the notebook twelve months earlier, and it had been used exactly ten times. several of the keys on the keyboard no longer worked. first i tried to get tech support online, but nobody ever responded. then i attempted to get telephone support, and after spending an hour on hold, i finally got someone to talk to. they said that the notebook was no longer under warranty, and that it would cost a minimum of $150 to have them look at it. i told them that i was an experienced technician and i could replace the keyboard myself if they would just sell one to me but they refused. we decided that it was time to buy a more reliable product.

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Gateway sets the standard

by albin.moroz In reply to Which computer hardware v ...

Competent, fast, and pleasant. Always able to get a live body on the other end. Customer support is the tie breaker between Dell and Gateway.

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Investment is the key

by Jcritch In reply to Which computer hardware v ...

When purchasing a computer system you need to make a choice, do I buy dirt cheap and with that comes the hassle of dirt cheap support, or do I ?invest? in business class hardware for mission critical initiatives? When purchasing from Dell, I use only the Optiplex and latitude line of systems and stay away from the consumer class dimension and inspirion. I also invest in the Gold level support when purchasing the extended warranty. I have not had any issues with service in the few instances I have needed support. If I do encounter any problem, my sales rep will help me out.
I have the advantage of working in a medium to large company, and I have a assigned person I can call for quotes and customer service issues.

On the small to medium business I consult with on the side, for those who have taken my advice, and purchased the business class line of systems, the level of support is dramatically different then those who bought the consumer grade systems.

Where I live, support for HP/Compaq is still marginal at best.

Apple- I only have 2 vendors who support that line, both are marginal, and the techs have no idea a world outside of MAC exists, so integration is still a pain in the arse.

I have been impressed with IBM, they seemed to have gotten their act together.

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Spot on!!

by rasilon In reply to Investment is the key

I agree 1000% with everything you say. Any corporation/company (small/medium/large) buying a 24/7 critical server who doesn't get the extended/Gold warrantee deserves everything that happens to them.

As to workstation type hardware, I'm a lot more flexible. I agree about the business/Optiplex hardware. More expandability and options as well as better corporate discounts. As to the warrantee, though, I can easily support the 1-year standard warantee as long as the company has decent internal tech support and/or you can do without the machine for a day or so. Having a spare machine available to replace a failed workstation can easily be justified by the savings on 30-40 workstations with standard vs extended/gold support as well as not losing productivity.....

Hank Arnold

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Hot Swaps-

by Jcritch In reply to Spot on!!

Hank you bring up a great point, with the cost of desktop systems and even laptops, you could save a bundle by purchasing a few hot swaps to be used in case you have a problem.

As far as servers go, I lean towards IBM and Dell as a defacto standard.

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by tjonas In reply to Which computer hardware v ...

We have around 180 pcs, majority Dell machines.
Dell used to be one of the best in support but now everything if farmed out to India, because when I need help I cannot understand the person on the other side of the phone.
Recently I swithed buying from HP and so far I have nothing but praise for their support people.
It is not easy to have problem on your hands and at the same time not understanding what the other person is saying.
I experienced bad Gateway hardware, expensive Apple hardware and IBM sold their pc business to Chinese company.

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