Which consistent laptop is worth the money?

By AnsuGisalas ·
There's been blogs about which vendors make the best and worst laptops... and sometimes they're the same.
Which leads to this question: Which specific laptops have worked well for you? Especially the high-end kinds that are likely to be relatively consistent in makeup globally (and not, say, thrown together with random-brand parts, varying by the build-month). I figure that cheap machines are often crap, so let's focus on the specific models that have worked well. Especially with the not overheating, and having parts with good drivers.

Every truthful answer will get a thumb (eventually); I have a truthometer online.
I'll then do a weighted assessment of all answers for future reference.

EDIT:Scrapped the high-end from the title, can be any kind, as long as they can be trusted to be consistent within a series, at least for a while (as in 6 months).

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I like Dell Mini 9 and Mini 10

by robo_dev In reply to Give me some numbers...

I've owned dozens of HP/Compaq laptops, a couple of Thinkpads, and now two Dell Inspiron Minis.

Never had any real bad issues that were the fault of the laptop...hard drives do not last forever in any laptop.

My Dell Mini9 is about a year old and works great.

I just bought a Dell Mini 10. Cost $220 USD delivered from the Dell Outlet Store (open box).

These are Netbooks, so they are light, yet not super-fast. Running Ubuntu Netbook Remix on the Mini9 and plain old XP on the Mini10.

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Samsung makes good HDs

by AnsuGisalas In reply to I like Dell Mini 9 and Mi ...
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I believe the Acer

by NexS In reply to Give me some numbers...

Was the Acer P.O.S.
Toshy was in satellite A200 series.

At that point, the Thinkpads were the T43's being upgraded (I think).

The dell is a latitude D620.

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I have been happy with

by .Martin. In reply to Which consistent laptop i ...

my latest HP (dm3-1011tu), so far it has been good, apart from the normal windows issues.

before that that, I had some really good experiences with a Toshiba A350, then an A30 before it.

only laptop I have had troubles with, are a couple of Dells, which I had problems with overheating.

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by AnsuGisalas In reply to I have been happy with

Which Dells had this problem, do you recall?

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Actually with every NB they should have their own Cooling Pad

by OH Smeg In reply to Overheating...

under them like the one here

These plug into a USB Port and provide power for 2 fans under the NB.

This sucks air between the NB and Cooling Pad to cut back on heat. But in reality this doesn't matter anywhere near as much as the Cool Pad draws air through it faster than the Fan sucking air into the NB so any Air Borne Dust and Crud gets sucked into the Cooling Pad and doesn't end up in the NB's Internal Cooling Ducts and Heat Sinks.

From my experience it's the crud sucked into NB that does the most damage after rough handling by the users.


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Oh that's nice...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Actually with every NB th ...

Salesman:"Yes, we scale down the machines to increase portability... Now you just have to place one of these Huge Iron Lungs(tm) at each usage site, so you can use the sized down machines there!"

Me:"Oh, that's nifty!"

Seriously though, I guess this is the kind of modulization that adds ruggedness to a system. So I guess I have to look into that too.

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More and more

by santeewelding In reply to Oh that's nice...

It's looking like a binary abacus and you getting real good with machine language.

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Binary abacus...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to More and more

That's a dime.


Sounds about right.

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they were

by .Martin. In reply to Overheating...

Inspiron 15's, from the start of 2009.

if they were left on (connected to AC power, not no programs open) I would frequently find them with black screen (like the safe mode selection screen) informing me the laptop had overheated, and had been shutdown to protect it.

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