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Which Database Programming is demanding ?

By jamesnkk ·
I want to learn database prog, but don;t know where to start ? which one is right,or which is the most popular or demanding in the market.

I want a database programming that can be interact with web form, or I could creating Sales Inventory system and sell to some retail shop.
Please advise.

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~buzz~ wrong

by Jaqui In reply to Cart before the horse

you don't need to win the lottery for oracle, they are giving away oracle for personal use / development.

you only need to buy licenses for taking your oracle based app live.
here's the page from thier site:

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That's because

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to ~buzz~ wrong

by the time you've paid for all the training, you can't afford the product.

Still wouldn't recommend it as a start for learning, that would be like learning programing basics with occam or lisp, or taking your first driving lesson in a rolls-royce

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I'm not

by Jaqui In reply to That's because

saying it's a good starting point.

only that if you know sql, and dba, then you can learn oracle by yourself simply by getting the free personal edition.

I wouldn't even recommend postgresql for learning the basics with. I would go with a simpler interface db like mysql. once the language has been learned then move into a more comple( x / ete ) dbms. using oracle / sybase / postgresql / interbase to learn on would be comparable to learning to fly a jet..on a jumbo jet with half the engines out.

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by Tony Hopkinson In reply to I'm not

I learnt SQL from a DOS command line utility and a book on the basics, in a computing course

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Personal Use/Development

by LewisC1 In reply to ~buzz~ wrong


That's not quite right. Personal Edition, or PE, like Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition are all free to download, try and learn from. PE is a personal edition for production use that requires a paid license.

However, Oracle has recently introduced Oracle eXpress Edition, XE, that is completely free. You can play with it, develop on it, include it in your app, etc. It is free to use and distribute as you see fit.

You can read about it here:

I've written a few entries about it on my blog.



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Oracle my goodness

by Oz_Media In reply to Cart before the horse

Yeah you can get a free copy for yourself. The company I'm contracting for is just deploying a new Oracle DB (which I despise) but oh well at least it's not my responsibility to manage and repair it.

Yes, Oracle costs an arm and a leg (or two) but it works, sometimes.

I still prefer building a customized CRM from common apps (Act, GoldMine etc.) as a salesman, but for the number crunchers a DB is a must, yet limited/ugly as far as CRM abilities (library management, unified messaging, sales funnels etc.) are concerned.

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Not mad keen on oracle myself

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Oracle my goodness

It does have one of, if not the best query optimisers ever, but unless you've got something huge like major telecomms or banking, it's far from good value for money, even then it's debatable. Course if you want to be a highly paid DBA, it's the best thing since alcohol, drugs and loose women.

There are plans at my current job to have a look at OracleLite, we'll have to see but Lite and Oracle aren't concpts that normally go together in my head.

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oracle light..

by Jaqui In reply to Not mad keen on oracle my ...

is the same as oracle, but no support for multiple core / cpu systems.

so it's use would be limited to internal backend for a small to medium sized business. If you need to have a dbms for a large business or for website then I wouldn't recommend the single cpu / core oracle light. the performance would suck. :)

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Essentially the app

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to oracle light..

is a samll business client server suite. Just converting from paradox to mssql/msde. So it sound like it will do the job. Certainly getting the app to the point where it could work with muliple backends would improve the code enormously as it's heavily optimised for a desktop database at the moment.

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You need to narrow it down

by pueblonative In reply to Which Database Programmin ...

First off, what type of database programming are
you talking about? Are you talking about the end
language (i.e. C++, Java, PHP), or are you
talking about developing a database (Oracle, SQL
Server, MySQL)?
In the end, all database programming is demanding
in its own way.

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