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Which Database Programming is demanding ?

By jamesnkk ·
I want to learn database prog, but don;t know where to start ? which one is right,or which is the most popular or demanding in the market.

I want a database programming that can be interact with web form, or I could creating Sales Inventory system and sell to some retail shop.
Please advise.

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Start with Basics

by dogknees In reply to You need to narrow it dow ...

My best recommendation is that you make sure you understand the basic concepts well before you dive into any specific product. The principles of relational databases are (pretty much) common to all the major tools that have been mentioned here.

If you don't have a firm grasp of what a relation is, how a query is put together, and other basic information, you'll get lost very quickly in the complexities of realworld databases. It's challenging enough without trying to learn both the concepts and the details of the system you're working on at the same time.

One thing, I'm guessing you mean "what is most in demand" rather than "most demanding" given the context. If so, SQL and Oracle are probably high on the list, but open source/public domain tools like MySQL are rapidly penetrating the market, particularly in the Web hosting area.

Hope that helps.


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