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Which file-sharing software is spyware free?

By Blackcurrant ·
Hi everyone

I have never used P2P file sharing software and would like a little advice from other members...

I have seen many articles which condemn various P2P programs because they are supposed to be infested with spyware and/or adware.

I realised that I really don't know very much about this beyond the hype...

So, do any of you use P2P software which is free of known pests, and what would you recommend? I would like to know if there is a 'safe group' of programs. And, are the majority of P2P programs OK?

Thanking you all in advance...

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Bit Torrent safer due to nature of desgin.

by deepsand In reply to Not condoning P2P softwar ...

Whereas other P2P platforms transfer a given file in its entirety from a single host, BT tranfers individual segments of a file from multiple hosts & reassembles them at the destination.

Given that the various packets have different sources, it is required that all sources be identically corrupted in order for the result to be a file that contains a viable contaminant.

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by Blackcurrant In reply to Bit Torrent safer due to ...

That is a great incentive to use Bit Torrent. I never realised that.

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it isn't really new

by Jaqui In reply to Not condoning P2P softwar ...

it's jigdo under another name.
jigdo = jigsaw download
debian concept to ease data transfer oads from mirrors.

bit torrent is the same thing, a torrent file is a script that lists all websites that have the desired file available.

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Emule and Sharaza

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Which file-sharing softwa ...

are both open source. Stay away from the chat side of it though. And if you are curious enough to download an executable make sure you av is well up to date.
Emule has a nice feature where you can see the names of all the files that would be used as sources. It works by some arcane hash/checksum. Low quality / iffy files generally have names that you wouldn't choose to download.
Sort your fire wall out so the ports are only accessible to the p2p executable as well.
Note P2p softare generally is 'aimed' at people who want to break copyright rules and therefore have little legal redress against being spoofed spammed, virused .. , you see where I'm going.
I learnt nore about how my firewall works from attempting to secure P2P than any other exercise.

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icq - true p2p

by Jaqui In reply to Which file-sharing softwa ...

while it has adds in it ( since aol bought it )
it is both a chat client and a peer to peer file sharing client, with a hook.
only people you know and have on your icq list can access your files, and only those who choose to share files have any to view. there is no typical p2p shearch for files.

this makes any you do download more trustworthy.
also, icq uses a vpn connection for the file transfer.

the open source p2p clients, found on sourceforge, like shareaza and emule, are spyware free.
there are a few available that can be found through a google search that are free, but generally they are all infected with spyware / adware.

the majority of content on a p2p network is copyrighted material, or pornographic material.

something like icq's method means content that is of interest, and may not be copyright violation.

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by Blackcurrant In reply to icq - true p2p

Yes, I have been using ICQ to chat for a few weeks now, though I had not authorised the file-sharing aspect of it. My system has not detected anything dodgy since I installed it, and MS-Antispyware was happy with it.

And, as you said above - I did a search for game videos (using Limewire) - I specified the name of the game, and specified videos as the file type. Most of the results were pornographic and none of them actually had the game's name in the name of the file. Still, it was my first search, so I am a nOOb at the moment. However, I was not impressed by these results.

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'Free' software, music and video

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to ICQ

and possibly porn is the hook that drives P2P. The greed that it profits from is P2Ps biggest weakness.

One of the most useful aspects I discovered though was my search for books and docukents, in fact I treat it as a good library now.

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Win MX

by john.m1 In reply to Which file-sharing softwa ...

i am only intending to respond to the original question so dont lynch me here.
i agree with geekchic regarding file content and i do not condone illegal activity.
i have used WinMX for a long time now (more than 2 years 24/7 on broadband) i have helped friends get setup and use it, i have NEVER had a problem my friends have never had a problem, i believe it is spy/ad shite free.
no i dont download copyrite music or porn both of which are available in abundance, even to the extent that files are maliciously renamed to fool the innocent, but that is a user problem.
Spyware etc?
well it seems a lot safer than kazaa, et al, which my other friends use and then 'call me' to clean up their computers.

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My friends too...

by Blackcurrant In reply to Win MX

would also call me after installing programs like Kazaa, which is why I have tended to stay away from P2P software.

I suppose that because I have not used it myself, have only ever seen the poorer programs, and have only ever seen the hype concerning P2P software, I have come away with a biased view.

It is now clear to me that there are a couple of spyware-free file-sharing utilities available, but that a lot of the responsibility must lie with the computer user.

However, the average Joe Bloggs is unlikely to research P2P software, and sadly will end up with an infested computer more often than not.

So far, we seem to have three contenders for spyware-free P2P software - Bit Torrent, ICQ and, to a lesser extent, Limewire.

Does anyone know of examples that definately do contain spyware? I was under the impression that Limewire did (though there is a privacy issue with 'bearshare'), but have not discovered anything nasty. Mind you - I have not scanned my computer with a paid-up professional anti-spyware program.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far.

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you must have missed it

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to My friends too...

Shareaza and emule. They are both open source so putting spyware or adware in would be mad wouldn't it.
I've used both under xp. Shareaza tended to be a bit flaky, though they may have got round to solving that. Latest version of emule I've had no problems with. Content is a different matter entirely. There are some very strange people out there in cyberworld.
Try spybot S&amp by the way it, updates regular. Free for personal use.
Needless to say you should have a firewall up and running, Sygate personal (again free) is my tool of choice for a software firewall. Grisofts AVG (another free one) also regularly updated is a good anti-virus (for checking out any exes you download out of curiosity). and it doesn't take your pc hostage unlike some popular payed for solution I could norton I mean mention.

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