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Which is better McAfee or Symantec(Norton) Antivirus

By name holdout ·
We were having a discussion the other day on which virus software is better Symantec (Norton) which signed an agreement with IBM to create virus definitions so you have the two best in the business or McAfee which just so happen to fail on my desktop today.

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From an enterprise perspective

by ristephen In reply to Which is better McAfee or ...

I have evaluated both enterprise solutions and we have ended up implementing McAfee's ePO solution. Running ePO server with a backend SQL for the database, 4000 desktops and servers updating every day, it is so scalable and configurable even for VPN users.

I can't imagine any better solution out there. Comes with many preconfigured reports written in crystal. It takes care of itself. Imagine 4000 machines in 50 separate sites updating virus definitions in a 3 hour window with no network impact.

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Same here

by Ben "Iron" Damper In reply to From an enterprise perspe ...

We have been using EPO to manage McAfee on all of our desktops and servers and couldn't be more happy.
While none of the above mentioned products are a 100% guarantee I still say something is better than nothing!

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Mcafee by far

by wojnar In reply to Which is better McAfee or ...

I inherited an office where over 40 workstations were Symantec was in place. The users of most PC's were complaining how over the past 6 months, the applications were running slower. After investigating, I discovered 180 Search assistant was installed on all the 'problem' PC's.

Symantec had not detected the installation. I went with Mcafee's managed antivirus service and all infections were identified (some PC's had at least 4 virus infections.

My conclusion - Norton has some great utilities but for virus identification, you can't beat Mcafee. With the managed product, I can identify what the update level is on each pc, who is uotdated and which pc's have had infections stopped.

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It's a trick question!

by AlanGeek In reply to Which is better McAfee or ...

This is a trick question. The proper answer is NEITHER!

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Niether is also going to be my answer. Had too many problems.

by MWRadio In reply to It's a trick question!

I had a bad time with AOL's companion piece McAfee VirusScan8. It claims to be able to run on a 133Mhz. I would love to see that just for a laugh. I recently spent my spare time for a week figuring out that my friends 300Mhz AMD had come to a screeching halt because of the McAfee and there was nothing AOL or McAfee was willing/able to do about it. It is a HORRIBLE machine hog! I lucked out in that I got a 1.3 GHz Intel to work on at the same time that need to be reloaded anyway. When I tried it on there, THAT machine took THREE MINUTES LONGER to boot than usual and was noticebly slower than before! Since then I have met another person using it on a 1.8 GHz Intel laptop with the same complaint. After this experience, I don't care how good there definitions are I can't/won't use/recommend McAfee. If any has any info on thier other products I will listen, But will remain sceptical.

Recently I had to fix the Windows update on a local church's machine. Seems that Norton Internet Security 2005 broke it. When I went to find out what the problem was, I found out I was not the only one with this problem. It has been an on going problem since 2002. Many people have had the same experience, few had the answer. After three hours Googling every combination of symptoms I could think of tryng, I finally found the answer on Symantec's site under a different problem discription.
I am still using Norton AV2003, because I already have it, and a host of other spyware and adware detectors to make up for its omissions, but have been recommending AVG to most people.
Thank you for reading my long post.

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by vinay_sharma In reply to Which is better McAfee or ...

Did you heard about Antigen recentaly aquires by Microsoft and its using 5 worlds best anitvirus engine at in a one sonftware and all work together.i think its a world best antivirus solution for entherprise and for home/personal users AVG is best then other.i can prove Norton antivirus is usless cant handle the micro viruses.and TrandMicro has lots off bugs itself which will damage your etherpeise solution anytime.once happend with my exchange server.

Think for Antigen.

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Trend Micro's PC-cillin is tops!!!

by kim.hall10 In reply to Which is better McAfee or ...

PC-cillin bundles anti-virus, spyware/adware protection, personal data/privacy protection from phishing attacks, spam, fraud and web filters, and wireless network security all in one easy to use and rock solid product - Internet Security 2006 for $50. McAfee and Norton sell 3 to 4 products to cover all of this and it's a lot more than $50 when you're done. This was rated highest by Consumer Reports for ease of use and effectiveness and I personally agree.

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Right On

by Multimedia 1 In reply to Trend Micro's PC-cillin i ...

I have hands on experience with NAV where I work. I use Trend Micro's PC-cillin in my home office network and I think it is the best... hands down.

Better pricing and better performance.

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Here Here

by ffulton In reply to Trend Micro's PC-cillin i ...

I used to be a Nortonian, But Symantec has ruined Peters good name. After More then 20 Years of using and trusting Norton Product I no longer use or trust them

And Tech Support for failed installs is atrocious; they keep telling me to do the 20 minute uninstall and then the 20 Minute reinstall even when I told them I had already done that several times. I will Never Buy Another Symantec Product as Long as I Live.

I have been using Trend Micro for about 18 Months. I have two 5-user license packs all for about $90.

It uses less of my systems ram and less CPU Cycles.

I am a Very Happy Camper.

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Symantec v McAfee

by jmason55 In reply to Which is better McAfee or ...

I just had a problem with Symantec that you may want to hear. I had a problem with the integration of Norton Anti-Spam and Microsoft Outlook 2003. Every time I shut down Outlook, it would create an error message when I logged out of Windows. I tracked it down to the Norton Anti-Spam plugin. I went to Symantec tech support and they first told me I had problems with my live update. When that didn't work they had me un-install and re-install all my Norton products, I have Norton System Works and Internet Security also. That didn't work so they told me they couldn't help me and that the only fix was to upgrade to the latest Norton products. I only had Norton 2005 products for 6 months! They offered to upgrade my subscription once I updated my software to add an extra 6 months. I wasn't happy, but in my stupidity I did as they asked. Norton Anti-Spam was included in the bundle, but was the same version as I originally had. It still doesn't work! I was considering returning my Norton products for refund and switching to McAfee.

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