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Which is better McAfee or Symantec(Norton) Antivirus

By name holdout ·
We were having a discussion the other day on which virus software is better Symantec (Norton) which signed an agreement with IBM to create virus definitions so you have the two best in the business or McAfee which just so happen to fail on my desktop today.

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Finally someone with sense!

by marketingtutor. In reply to three fixes

Apotheon is right, and with that here is my short list of recommendations to bypass both of those pieces of garbage (symantec or McAPieceOShit or whatever its name is):

#1: Move to Linux
#2: Move to Linux
#3: Move to Linux
#4: Move to Linux

If stuck in windows...
#5: AVG
#6: Avast
#7: F-Prot
#8: Panda
#9: PC-cillin

If ignorant, stupid, or have boss that is ignorant, stupid, or has arm twisting contracts from the mafia...
#10: Symantec

Never: McAShit

And for you fools that call Norton resource heavy compared to McAfee, you are ignorant fools, I have done a very exhaustive performance reviews for a number of AV products and McAfee came out with half again more resources consumed during latent monitoring mode, than even the worst in the list. Active scan mode resource usage is stupid to compare, because those are nearly always run at inconsequential hours. If not, the user is fully aware of not farting around with thier machine while its scanning.

And for the fool, I forget the name, who said that the users were having trouble connecting to the internet...blah blah blah. You're a retard, this thread is for AV products, not internet security, firewalls, or such. And in any case, I have ALWAYS had complaints from peolpe after they installed Norton Internet Security, or that other load of rubbish from McAfee. Just use a seperate AV, and a seperate firewall, or again, move over to Linux. Still need an AV scanner at times, but much less, and the exploits are lesser known and lesser in general, and can be minimized to zero if you go download the NSA's Secure Linux.
Thats about it...

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Customer-focused, much?

by Understaffed In reply to Finally someone with sens ...

Not to go slinging around personal stuff in here (but I am, and you started it...) but I bet you are real popular with your end users. Tell ya what- how about you keep it civil and contribute something useful, or stfu.

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Shame you're so shy...

by dennis_london In reply to Finally someone with sens ...

You really ought to cut back on the coffee.

Oh yeah, moving to Linux won't solve all the problems. Linux may be the hacker's playground but it is also a target. There are plenty of vulnerabilities and exploits to be wary of. Why else do you think there are so many kernel updates released so frequently?

The way I see it, Linux is releasing updates about as frequently as Microsoft. Granted there aren't as many but ain't perfect.

As for resource utilization, fine tuning any AV solution to work in any environment is always an option. Just remember the goal is protection. If your goal is performance than you truly need to do your own evaluations and not listen to the rantings of everyone here. You will only get differing opinions and some with attitude.

Best of luck to you.

And by the way...I use McAfee without performance issues and I haven't had an outbreak in my networks (yes multiple networks at different companies) for many years.

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A Load Of Crap

by Aaron A Baker In reply to Finally someone with sens ...

Where did you get your information?.On what do you base the vitriolic name calling that you have just accomplished. OR is it just that you're that arrogant and ignorant.
If I bought a system and you put in AVG or anything Else that I didn't want,you find out real quick just how fast it can be Pulled.
You must be one **** of salesman "At least to yourself"
And for your information;
This post in NOT repeat NOT about AVG , it's about which Anti Virus is prefer, and that Includes all of them.
So before I showing off just how much I don't know and flame the **** out of everybody, I'd go back to the drawing board and have another look.
This type of garbage is not needed in what is supposed to be an intelligent conversation.
So hit the books, or hit the road, either way, get over yourself and then maybe,just maybe you'll see things a little differently.
Or maybe the other man was right.
If you can't be Civil, Please S_T_F_U.

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different OS

by gryphonphyre In reply to three fixes

If you write your own OS then you can be in control
of every thing that goes in computer.


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by eswearengin In reply to There are fixes to the No ...

This is true, I'm glad I seen this post becouse I've experienced a computer that had the same problem with Windows update notifications that are already were updated.

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when xp is put onto computer with 2000

by reciter In reply to There are fixes to the No ...

You sound very knowledgeable. My husband had 2000 pro and his buddy put xp onto the same machine without removing the 2000.
I get to do the maintenance but am getting lots of nis errors, unable to update and some parts missing.........I am unsuccessful trying to reload the symantec systemworks. on settings, add remove it says there are no programs on the comuter (weird),is there any way to correct this or should he just be running one system (he is not very informed and usually looks for quick fixes which cause more problems instead of solutions.

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by jackie40d In reply to when xp is put onto compu ...

The Nortons stuff is screwing it up, remove it completley ! ! ! ! ! And go get a anti virus which works right like AVG a ga zillion times better than Nortons ! ( go to a search engine and type AVG it will take you to their site )
( Symantec - A Thorn by any other name is still a thorn in the side ) I am suprised you have not gotten lots of worms or virus's as they update weeks later than normal and your subject to getting them

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by russellw3 In reply to REMOVE the SYMANTEC !

Has no one heard of KasperSky what do you think of kaspersky what is its place aginst the odds

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Anti-Virus Updating

by Bouy? In reply to REMOVE the SYMANTEC !

I thought Symantec updated daily...You can access those updates by using their "Intelligent Updater"...I am happy there are alternatives to Norton/Symantec..."I love tha smell of a good AVP in the morning"...

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