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Which is better McAfee or Symantec(Norton) Antivirus

By name holdout ·
We were having a discussion the other day on which virus software is better Symantec (Norton) which signed an agreement with IBM to create virus definitions so you have the two best in the business or McAfee which just so happen to fail on my desktop today.

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Never heard of it but ok

by jackie40d In reply to Kaspersky =)

Here is a program which is current and works as well
its called "AVG" I have found tons of stuff on lots of computers which ran Nortons stuff ( I fix them after people destroy them ) And try to talk them into a faster better computer starting at 2.7 gigahertz CPU and 1 gig of ram
So do a search at any search engine and type in AVG
and have to look for their free version but their pay for version is dam good too ! !

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I'll say either and neither...

They both have the ups and downs. Norton's big down is that it doesn't actually detect all known viruses and its heuristic scanning is rubbish.

McAfee is relatively good but can be a pain for novice users.

I have a selection of three I use for customers depending on their needs.

VET Antivirus, or the free version EZ Antivirus, is exceedingly good when kept up-to-date. It's drawback is that if the defs are out of date it won't autoprotect your system. It's pro is that is undoubtedly has the best heuristic scanning engine around.

AVG - Both Free and Paid For versions do an exceptional job at protecting your system from viruses and are easy for a novice computer users. I experienced it's capabilities after installing it when my Norton subscription ran out. The full system scan picked up stuff that Norton didn't even know was there. It's drawback is that if it's defs are out of date, it's heuristics are not good enough to pick up new threats.

Anti-Vir - Very good at picking up any and every virus. Even works exceedingly well when the defs are out of date. Haven't been using it long enough to see any drawbacks but mayhaps everyone else can say something more about it.

Thoughts? Comments? Am I out of my freaking mind? :)

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Sophos - built in spyware protection and the best response times, hands dow

by carlmorris3 In reply to Which is better McAfee or ...

Symantec or McAfee? Are you kidding me? I would have said Symantec 5 years ago.. but they haven't gotten any better.. and McAfee has just gotten worse.

Sophos protects my network.. has integrated spyware protection and responds the fastest to new threats and offers the most updates.. check this out..

My 2 cents anyway,

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Actually, neither is better

by Dr_Zinj In reply to Which is better McAfee or ...

From a security standpoint, it's better to be running BOTH of them together. Unfortunately, that means you have twice as many system resources tied up with that form of security.

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Sorry Dr_Zinj...I have to disagree

by dennis_london In reply to Actually, neither is bett ...

From a security standpoint, McAfee is better. Let us break the two antivirus applications down:
McAfee offers integrated buffer overflow protection - Symantec does not.
McAfee offers integrated firewall capabilities - Symantec does not.
McAfee offers integrated anti-spyware and anti-adware protection - Symantec does not.

Symantec offers add on modules and additional application to provide the basic level of protection which McAfee offers in just the AV product. Of course they both have their separate firewall apps and such but I don't think the original question was who offers the most add-on modules.

And from a security standpoint (yet again) McAfee's core focus and business is security. Symantec isn't focused on any one thing. They are (in my opinion) busy trying to be the next IBM. Perhaps they should borrow Sesame Street's Big Bird costume for their next event... we can just call them "Big Yellow" compared to IBM with "Big Blue".

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I think...

by noyoki In reply to Sorry Dr_Zinj...I have to ...

merging your two posts, you're actually not disagreeing with them.

Pretend McAfee is ADT (a company that protects everything dealing with the defense of a home - fire, intrusion, doors, windows, CCTV, anything and everything (I'm not sure how well known they are worldwide, or if they're just here in the US)), and Norton offers you to pick and choose.

If you choose to add a 28 complex locks and steel bars to the existing doors and windows configuration, ADT will still make sure that anyone opening the door has the password for the ADT system, but at least noone can just get in through said door because they found 1 of the 2 keys laying around. (Be they a vulnerability, definitions weren't updated, whatever.) They need the combinations for the second system too.

This analogy and thought of "more security is better" assumes, however, that McAfee and Symantec play and integrate well with each other. But the fact remains that Symantec really wants to be the absolute sole protector of the computer, gets offended when anyone else is brought in to help, and just doesn't play nice with McAfee in general. (Or so I understand at least. I've never been masochistic enough to install Symantec, nevermind Symantec AND anything else.) This may be because they are competitors, or because 2 people are in a small space, trying to watch the same door at the same time and getting in each other's way.

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I don't know that one is any better

by TonytheTiger In reply to Which is better McAfee or ...

but for God's sake, don't install them both! :)

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Why only talk about Norton & McAfee?

by pchsiu In reply to Which is better McAfee or ...

Hey, why is the field set for competition between Norton and McAfee only? Certainly there are other alternative anti virus softwares in the world. I think it is time for some reverent magazine editorials to make an objective comparison of most players in the field. Would PC World Magazine, etc., elect an "editors' choice" so to say?

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Neither one

by serginho In reply to Which is better McAfee or ...

McAfee ruled in the beggining. Norton relies more on marketing techniques than on effectiveness.
After years fixing customer computers, I'd use one of these only if I had no choice of a third.
AV software has been evolving as virus get smarter, so the best solution today, may not be the best one tomorrow.
So, I'd say today the best solution for small sites would be Kaspersky Labs AntVirus. Don't get me wrong, it's a good solution for large enterprises as well, but they still have to make their distribution (push) system a little more consistent
Regarding detection and update availability (every 3 hours, average), I wouldn't think twice.



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Antivirus Software...Which is better?

by thepan123 In reply to Which is better McAfee or ...

In the fourteen years + that I have been doing computer work, I have tried about a cazillion antivirus programs. I ALWAYS come back to Norton. Oh...there are many out there that are of notable mention. I used to really like Zone Alarm alot. But it's not a "complete" antivirus program, at least when I was using it. Norton is the by far, the BEST antivirus program with the least amount of problems encountered by this person, to date.

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