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Which is better McAfee or Symantec(Norton) Antivirus

By name holdout ·
We were having a discussion the other day on which virus software is better Symantec (Norton) which signed an agreement with IBM to create virus definitions so you have the two best in the business or McAfee which just so happen to fail on my desktop today.

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are you referring to Symantec Antivirus client or Norton Antivirus

by UncleRob In reply to McAffee

same company but different apps,
I've never seen Symantec Antivirus client software succumb to the problems your mentioning concerning Norton Antivirus, I can assume they're similar but at work we only use the Symantec Antivirus client software, we don't use Norton Antivirus. Please be specific in which software you're referring to.

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by computab In reply to McAffee

This frequently happens because of a virus present.

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All are good: The essential is ....

by wanjahaloys In reply to McAffee

NO anti virus software would be efficient, meaning that, it really guards and secure our data from virus attacks if it is not updated on a regular schedule. If the virus definition files among others, are not up to date, it would be the same as no anti virus at all on the machine.Yes, I agree that Norton is very resource intensive to the pc and that is why any one who enjoys working on a fast pc might prefer McAfee.
To me, what matters first is the security of my data. I am presently facing a situation in which a home user had anti virus software installed on the pc but had never cared to download the updates. Her pc was caught by the so call Blackmal.e (I-Worm/, WORM_GREW.A,, W32/Nyxem-D, Kama Sutra, Blackworm, Nyxem and MyWife), infecting more than 30GB of valuable business data, that no backup exist anywhere. How do I recover this data? Which data recovery software is more effecient in recoverying the deleted files?

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by wellsd In reply to Based on my experience...

I would have to agree that McAfee would have to be the better of the Two. We use Symantec on our network at work and I have never had more viruses in my life! I use McAfee @ home and I think in the 4 Years that I have been using their products that I have had maybe a total of 3 Viruses. That compared to the 9 that I got last week Using Symantec @ work. Both Software?s have current updates applied with in a day of being released.

Mind you the only piece of software that McAfee made that works it their anti-Virus products, the rest of their utilities are better left uninstalled.

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is the problem with pc viruses at work...

by UncleRob In reply to McAfee

...more an issue with your users not being informed enough to know not to open emails from unfamiliar sources, surfing questionable websites, downloading & installing software or using P2P filesharing apps?

- Just thought I would ask the question. We have strict policies regarding pc hardware, internet & email usage and don't allow any of the above mentioned and we tend to operate virus free and we do use Symantec's Antivirus server & client software. I can't remember the last time we had a virus problem, and very little spyware either.

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I hear

by DemonX In reply to McAfee

everyone relating different experiences. Mine with mcafee was bad. Their tech support was of no help. Every machine I put mcafee on went in to super slow motion. All this going on at the time their license was up for renewal. I gave mcafee the boot and never looked back. Been using norton corp edition and then symantec corp edition. Never had a perfomance problem. I did have a problem with users turning off auto protect but now the newer version turns itself back on after 30 min.

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Symantec Corporate Edition note

by reconlabtech In reply to I hear

If you are using the Corporate Edition, you should be using the Management Console and an Antivirus Server as well - its included with the package. The Antivirus Primary server will keep all the clients up-to-date and the console will allow you to lockdown whether anyone can disable the client at all. You can also set the client to re-enable in any number of minutes, not just 30.

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McAfee Corporate (AVD or better)

by Understaffed In reply to I hear

If you have the enterprise editions of McAfee, you get ePolicy Orchestrator, which allows central config of all details, updates, rights, actions, etc... I have it set so regular users can't disable on-access scanning at all, or change any scan settings.

That said, the ePO interface does leave alot to be desired- maybe it's just me, but there seem to be many places to make the same setting adjustments, and sometimes I get a little lost. It also wants to keep trying to install the ePO client on our copier, even though I have excluded the IP addy from the range (probably missed it somewhere else though) :)

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by Blackcurrant In reply to Based on my experience...

I have been using Norton's products for years. Lately, they have, IMO, gone down the pan. I got fed up with the uninstalling/reinstalling merry-go-round, I got fed up with viruses getting through, I got fed up with the firewall repeatedly preventing Outlook from connecting to the Internet, I got fed up with the programs inability to remove spyware - even in Safe Mode, I got fed up with having to download dedicated program uninstall tools because the upgrade did not remove all traces of earlier (and, therefore, incompatible), files. Finally, I was astonished after uninstalling these programs - because my PC's performance improved dramatically, and has remained so even after installing McAfee.

It is a shame because Symantec used to be industry leaders - now their products are quite simply not cutting the mustard. Not only have switched my home PC from Symantec to McAfee - I will also be moving my entire company network over to McAfee mainly because I can no longer tolerate to crippling effect Symantec Client Security 3 has on those systems that meet the system requirements. Note: If anyone installs SCS3 the clients require 512MB to run with little performance impact, and not the 256MB quoted.

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by Claudette In reply to Based on my experience...

Stinger is a McAfee product, not a Symantec product.

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