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Which Linux is the best for business?

By jasonhiner Moderator ·
A new TechRepublic poll asks, "Which Linux distribution do think is best suited for business use?

Red Hat/Fedora

What do you think and why?

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Closed OS

by wdewey In reply to Hurry up and wait... Linu ...

Your question was answered. Gentoo. You install only what you want installed.


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Selecting an OS

by swdswan In reply to Hurry up and wait... Linu ...

Some of the advice you have been given is right on the money. You MUST know how compatible your hardware is, before you try the install. What I recommend to is to download a copy of the FREE version of the distribution that you like best from the information you have. Next, take a non-critical computer and try and install the distribution. You will not have blown up anything critical and you can "see for yourself" what various people are crowing about. We run Mandriva. It does not get a lot of advertising in North America as it originates in Europe (France). I have been working with it for 6 years. For my money it has the easiest install process, great compatibility with other distros and is doing a 1st class job for our firm. One of the reasons I use it is to provide a robust backend for Windows users and clients who are mired in the MS world. I love replacing Windows servers with this product. If you want more info I am happy to talk to you and take our discussion off-line.

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Don't suppose a Mandriva HCL exists?

by Gill In reply to Selecting an OS

Thanks. That sounded like the way a good consultant should respond. ;-) We (I) have been the only degree'd person in this company for 20 yrs. (I have 2 sheepskins, 1 in I.S.) I have steered clear of the client/server world for 2 reasons:

1. Long ago, an accounting system went down and EVERYONE was screwed because they all looked at the same app that blew up.

2. We've always been a small shop (< 10 seats).

However, we may need to look more toward realigning our topology to provide centralized email, virus protection, etc.

I'm still researching Linux. Any reading you might suggest would be greatly appreciated.

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Yup it does

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Don't suppose a Mandriva ...
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by Gill In reply to Yup it does
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Reading on Linux

by swdswan In reply to Don't suppose a Mandriva ...


I come from the other side of the tracks. No Degee. Started in user groups, worked my way into cstomer service and ulimatey NW Engineering. Got where I am because of an ability to repair other peoples disasters.

Reading on Linux. To be blunt most of the reading has been crap. I don't mean low quality I mean a waste of time. Few good technical writers have tried to document or write manuals for Linux. Some material that is well written is too generic to be very useful. I have NO Linux reference books on my shelf that I recommend.

Worse, most documentation written in North America ignores Mandriva because it was "Not Built Here" ...

I always put the bad news before the good news, and that was the bad news.

I have been ruuning the free version of Mandriva for 6 years. I have run SUSE and Red Hat on various conracts and job sites. Both have a lot to offer.

You said you were looking at consolidating mail and security services. As you read this I am upgrading my home server from Free Version to Power Plus (Cost around 190 USD) because it combines the easy to use bits I love, with commercial secuity and anti-virus tools. Best of all worlds at a great price. My home server will pass anyone's security inspection.

Monday I will establish the VPN to the Head Office which runs Mandriva Corporate Server 4. Again commercial quality tools at a great price. Why not stick to Red Hat or SUSE? I need the development tools in Mandriva for a project.

In other words Mandriva meets our business requirements.

Download the Free version of Mandriva and give it a test drive on a non-critical system. Make sure you install all of the "Drak" wizards. Take a hard look at the "Samba" support for Windows environmets. You should be able to migrate mail and security servics to a Linux server without exciting users by changing their desktops.

One final comment: In 2001 my company was working with Corel when Microsft bough a piece of them. The Linux program was destroyed. Corel Word Perferfect had already won awards for their Linux Office Suite. The OS was an easy conversion from windows.

Although my networking background is Novell based, I will NOT purchase an OS from a company making deals with Microsoft. Experience has taught me that Microsoft will reshape both the company and the software.

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I tryed SuSE and it solved my problems

by stefan In reply to Hurry up and wait... Linu ...

I have been running a collage networ as well as an smallbuisness network on SuSE Linux Enterprice Sever with mixed client OS for few years. I've really not found any need to try other distros, SuSE works fine. They have only gotten beter throug the years and instead of active directory in MS you can buy Novell directory versin thah integrates into SLES for added contol. And Novell enterprice Desktop is brilliant the Novell Office (tweaked verion of Open Office) even runs VB macros etc. and probably the two together are in the latest versions about as easy to install and maintain as Microsoft OSes. Only easyer to figure out the logic in things. You rarely need to do install stuff that isn't either in the distro or available for it, and patches and updates are as easy as in Windows .

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SUSE and CentOS

by TechniquePhreak In reply to Which Linux is the best f ...

SUSE has been very good to me. I've worked with Fedora, Mandriva, Mepis, Knoppix, Ubuntu, Kubuntu, and the list goes on... SUSE just works for me. I don't think there is really a right or wrong answer here, as I've never found a dsitro I couldn't get to work for me.. but I generally prefer SUSE.

I usually use CentOS (the non-branded version of RH) on servers though.

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On the server

by Dumphrey In reply to SUSE and CentOS

end NuOnce BlueQuartz and CentOS combo is very sweet. A 15 min install, free download, based on open source, and has a nice web console to config the server.

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It's a toolbox

by Roger99a In reply to Which Linux is the best f ...

There are many distributions designed for specific purposes. You should just pick the one that best does the job you need done. Where I work we have FreeBSD, CentOS, Fedora, Debian and Ubuntu all doing different jobs.

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