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Which Operating System?

By operatorX ·
Here is the question. I'm building another computer. I really want to use Windows 2000 Pro as my O/S. But, I play alot of games, all relatively graphic intense. The last time I built a computer I installed 2000 pro but when I went to install directxI got an error saying that directx was not compatiable with 2000 pro. But when I go to the directx website, they have a download for 2000 pro O/S. Is anyone a gamer/multimedia type using windbloze 2000 pro?

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I just use the standbye mode

by James R Linn In reply to

Hit the shutdown button in the start menu and chose standby - it will hibernate the machine ad require a valid ID and password to access.


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by mrafrohead In reply to I just use the standbye m ...

But if your box is in standby, servers access times drop severely...

And if it's out of standby anyone within arms reach can also access the computer. Windoze generic screensaver password is far from secure... When the computer is also coming out of standby or hibernate it can be forced into bypassing the pw also...


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Your in the same boat as me Operator

by TomSal In reply to Which Operating System?

I'm also a big time gamer, in fact I've been a die hard gamer for some 20 years now.

I'm not able to build a complete system right now - totally a money issue for me, but I'm researching and budgeting so I can buy components a little at a time and I'm hoping in 4 months I'll have a complete system to assemble (all this just to play Unreal 2 - lol).

Anyway, the problem is Win 98 is officially dropped now (ie. Major PC companies are no longer shipping it and you can no longer buy 98 licenses), which means there goes compatibility for some of the games in my over 100 title PC game library.

The dilemma is what OS for my new system. Most gamers I've talked to say XP ratherly confidently.

But like the points raised here, I'm weary of Microsoft spying on what I'm doing on my PC or what hardware I have. The registration thingy on XP bothers me, I'm told from my MS rep (for work) that as long as I'm legitimately buying proper licenses for all software I don't need to worry, if the XP registration prohibits me during an upgrade I can call MS and they'll approve me a new code. But that is a pain! If any of you ever call MS, you know what I mean. I've better things to do than wait on hold for 45 minutes because I upgraded the motherboard and HD in MY COMPUTER that *I* paid for with *MY* money.

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by mrafrohead In reply to Your in the same boat as ...

Remember the Windoze 98 License...

Allows you to use it on one machine at a time, and I think that it was still transferrable.

So if you scrap the other computer you can use it on your new box. Or if you keep the old box, just turn it off while using it on your new box...

And my opinion on games is to use ME... I know that it sounds cheezy, but think of it like this.

It has the same amount of bugs as 98. Different ones, but the same amount. But it does run faster... Thereforeyou do get a little more performance out of it.

At least that is what works for me:)

Hope that this helps a little bit...

And one other thing. Circuit City seems to still sell Windoze 98SE...


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XP is way ahead

by ArthurP In reply to Which Operating System?

Win 2000 was supposed to be the first OS that ventured into both the Home & Office, however due to delays in release MS failed to achieve the harmonisation & the move away from the 95 kernel; hence the reason they revamped Win98 & released ME.

Whilst XP has many critics, and is still not perfect, it is a step in the right direction. One feature is the compatability module that has been provided, allowing operation of "SOME" software that works on the 95/98/me/2000/ & NT4 platforms.
I've been using XP since it was first launched, & have experienced few problems with software that operated upon another platform.

The only problem that I have found annoying with XP is that it will not allow direct access to the com ports when running in "compatability mode" - although this is a general indication that I need to upgrade the package that I am using at the time.


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