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Which OS: Windows 10, macOS, or "Other"?

By nhoctycute1234 ·
The Mac vs. PC debate is one of the oldest in modern technology, and we're not going to pick a side here. But if you're of an open mind, not wedded to one or the other by years of habit, and are considering a switch, here's a quick rundown of your choices.

Windows 10 is the latest iteration of Microsoft's operating system. Desktops that use it and previous versions of the OS are what most people typically rely on, so you'll be assured of the best compatibility and widest selection of third-party software. This also applies to browser plug-ins, since some only work with Windows.

The current version of Apple's operating system is macOS Mojave. It's an excellent choice if you're already in an Apple-centric household, since it interfaces seamlessly with devices like iPads and iPhones, with all your iTunes purchases and subscriptions, and lets you receive iMessages on any device connected to your iCloud account.
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So what are you attempting to say?

by OH Smeg In reply to Which OS: Windows 10, mac ...

Windows is Windows a nasty product that has always been nasty though the current version is slightly more secure than previous versions but it still leaks like a seive.

OSX is BSD with a Pretty User Interface it's from Berkley always was good though personally I think that the Apple Interface lessens it's security and makes it much more like Windows than BSD. "Less Secure"

Apple doesn't really do much with this OS as they rely on others to do the heavy lifting and only do work on the User Interface as BSD is released under Free Situation/License and the Apple Interface is just an add on to it.

Many years ago Berkley dropped BSD and when push came to shove they started supporting it again and it was sometime after that that Apple jumped onto it and built their entire ecosystem around it with their User Interface and made all of their products use BSD with their own interface so that they appeared the same across the entire range of Apple Products.

The one big drawback with the Berkley Offering is that it was never designed as a Mass Use System so it has very limited Applications that run on it and while they did have the best Graphic Programs once upon a time there are now similar offerings for Windows which if not just as good are possibly better for most users other than the ones who Professionally use the Apple Ecosystem.

The major Drawback with the Apple System is that you are locked to Apple which is great for Apple but leaves users at the mercy of a Monopoly who can do as they please and can if it suits their current business model dump the entire thing and attempt to sell their current users whatever they like.

What we really need is a Truely Inderpendant Operating System that is Universial can run any software that the user wants to use is not tied to a Single Maker and is Secure By Design so that you are less likely to loose anything that you do.

Personaly I don't see that happening however as the current Big 2 are making too much money off what they flog to their users and SAAS only makes a Big Juicy place for the Bad Guys to Attack and take everything that they want. Tieing your Software and Data up on the Internet through a Big Player is just an Attack Vector that you can not plug and what makes things worse is that the Bad Guys now are not the Criminals that they once where but Governments of all Countries who want an Advantage and are willing to break these On Line Services to get their way.

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