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Which school is better?

By Maw4Angels ·
I'm pretty much a newbie (so to speak) meaning I've never gone to school to get certified. I'm thinking of two schools to attend they are both boot camp schools. Unitek and CED solutions. Which of the two is the best one to attend? Basically which of the two gives you your money's worth.
I'm going for Net+, A+ and Security+

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Eh...maybe some

by jck In reply to Yeah, but you were alread ...

I've known people who actually went to the bootcamp to learn.

It's if you go there to just get the paper, or in the case you think that anyone can plug years of experience in your head in 2-3 weeks...well...then you're there for the wrong reasons.

I still balk when I hear the term ".NET". I still think that W3C and ARIC and others should have sued Microsoft...just like the World Wildlife Foundation did World Wrestling Federation back in the 1990s.

.NET was an internet standard before it was a Microsoft keyword.

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He knows

by jdclyde In reply to Yeah, but you were alread ...

but likes to try to argue about what time it is....

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You knew that before I told you

by jdclyde In reply to nice blanket assumption t ...

the loser part.....

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A bit harsh but some truth

by TheProfessorDan In reply to Bootcamps are for losers

I think using the statement "Bootcamps are for losers" is a bit harsh, I do agree that I see little value in them. The problem is that people leave these boot camps with the idea that they will make X amount of dollars when really they aren't qualified. I agree with JDCLyde's idea of getting some good technical training like at a New Horizons or and ITT-Tech and getting an entry level job to help you reinforce what you are learning.

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by Maw4Angels In reply to Which school is better?

Are bootcamps that bad?!?!?!
But if I were to choose which school is the best of the two?!

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I wouldn't hire you based strictly on a boot camp

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Huh?!

or certification from one. Boot camps may be great if you have plenty of experience and just need to refresh your knowledge or find out what you don't already know before taking a cert test. They're no way to start your career.

Look for a local technical college that offers a two-year Associate's degree. After the first year, check with the school's career center to see if you can get an internship, mentor, or temporary position.

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So which is better?

by Maw4Angels In reply to I wouldn't hire you based ...

I live in a small town and the closest college is to far away, so basically boot camp is the only way to go.
I can't do online learning because I'm more a hands on person. . . I need to actually SEE what's going on!!!

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Aye, there's the rub

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to So which is better?

"I can't do online learning because I'm more a hands on person. . . I need to actually SEE what's going on!"

My experiences with boot camps have been that you don't see much of anything, asides from a lot of questions that vary from the actual exam by just enough as not to get the training facilities in trouble with the vendors.

With the money you'd spend on a boot camp, you'd be better off going online, procuring the equipment to make yourself a testing lab, buying books/e-learning courses, and then paying for the exam fees. That way, at least you could say you had some hands-on experience.

If you're still dead set on the boot camp route, choose the place that gives you a 100% guarantee. If you fail the test the first (or second, or third) time, they'll let you retake it.

Doesn't say anything to what you'll learn, but learning isn't the point with these places; the paper is.

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by CharlieSpencer In reply to Aye, there's the rub

Also, go for the one that will allow you to retake or resit the class for free within a year of the first attendance.

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But you have TWO bootcamps close?

by jdclyde In reply to So which is better?

As Palmy said, bootcamps are for brushup.

If you need to LEARN the subject matter, it will be too much, too fast, and a waste of time/money no matter which you go to.

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