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Which school is better?

By Maw4Angels ·
I'm pretty much a newbie (so to speak) meaning I've never gone to school to get certified. I'm thinking of two schools to attend they are both boot camp schools. Unitek and CED solutions. Which of the two is the best one to attend? Basically which of the two gives you your money's worth.
I'm going for Net+, A+ and Security+

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by Maw4Angels In reply to But you have TWO bootcamp ...

The airfare is included in both bootcamps. I did, however, find out that CED does give you 2 extra vouchers should u fail a test. . . maybe that's the route to go. . .if I even decide to go to a bootcamp. After reading up on all this feedback, it might not be a good idea to attend. . .especially since I'm such a noob. I thought they actually TAUGHT you and helped you better understand things.

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Too much, too fast

by jdclyde In reply to Bootcamps

They will throw in a week what it takes people YEARS to master.

Getting started out, I would strongly recommend AGAINST this for you, in your case.

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I agree...

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to Too much, too fast

those places are NOT the place to actually learn something....stick to the Technical/Community Colleges where you get hands on experience.

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I agree

by jdclyde In reply to Too much, too fast

that you should agree....

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You seem to be quite agreeable today. (nt)

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to Too much, too fast
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Doing it the hard way

by Oz_Media In reply to Huh?!

"Like standing up in a row boat" - David Feherty TWPGA2008

Seriously though,

We get people all the time here saying how much time they spent in school, how many certs they acquired and now they can't seem to find work.

Certs should be a plan of attack once you have started a career and know what will benefit you, they don't get you work on their own.

You are not seeking a high paying security job yet, you aren't proposing to walk in and turn a company's IT depertment around, you are just looking to cut your teeth. Don't become another statistic, go get an entry level IT job, support desk/network admin for a small, local business. Work for a while and then take your experience and evenings and get THEM to pay for your school. You can EASILY find an entry level IT job, with entry level pay of course as a place to gain a wealth of real world experience that far supercedes anything they'll teach you in school at this level.

Seriously, getting certs then looking for work is just doing it backwards, not to mention the harder and more expensive way.

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Who knows

by The 'G-Man.' In reply to Which school is better?

Who cares....

They are only after your cash. I've heard that at night they sneak into your room and

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Yes the con game

by Oz_Media In reply to Who knows

"Get our certs and join all these other people who are now millionaires with their own IT companies."

Whatever happend to finding work and then furthering yout experience? So many poeple go out and spend half their adult life in school, afraid to go and really work at finding work. Thye have some feling that if they get enough certs, just one more, then one more, that work will literally jump into their laps.

They are also the computer science majors we see here complaining that they have a million certs, invested tens of thousands in school and can't get mroe than a help desk job.

What a waste of life and career.

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Just like the adverts say....

by The 'G-Man.' In reply to Yes the con game

do this course and you can earn up to $50,000 with a career IT.

Guy does course and cannot get a $50,000 job. Meantime the course supplier rakes it in and laughs!

Oldest trick in the book - was even in the [insert your religious book of choice] I think!

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Remind sme of a poor informercial

by Oz_Media In reply to Just like the adverts say ...

Last night I was watching the commercial for 'The Perfect Brownie' a super duper brownie pan with the 12 brownie auto slicer system.


Well not really, the product can be seen here:

Note the pitch, "If you can make ice cubes, you can use the Perfect Brownie pan!"

As it is so fats and hyper, it makes people subconciously, and thus conciously, believe taht makign brownies is as easy as makign ice cubes!

However, USING THE PAN is as easy as making ice cubes, not making the damn brownies.

The human race is not as smart as many like to dream it is, our sight is inadequate and easily fooled. Our reactions, sense of smell, touch, taste etc. are also inferior to many animals we consider stupid too.

As a result, people don't realize hwo easily they are fooled and they buy into marketing hype. It's SO easy to sell to people on ideas and concepts without telling lies, you just have to have them believe one thing which is true and, if carefully presented, they think it means what it really doesn't.

Some knob said Vista was horrific and listed several reasons why, each reason flawed and incorrect in most ways of ocurse, then others just start repeating the same lies over and over again until they believe it.

Face it we are all consumers but so many are so easily fooled. I think we all get screwed eventually, I know I've been market dazzled made some dumb choics in my time too, but you start getting wiser and more aware of the tricks of marekting, which still drag in others in droves.

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