Which UPS to buy?

By Johnny9183 ·
I have a Dell XPS 8300 and 2 LED monitors. The power specs for the XPS8300 are as follows:

DC Power Supply

Wattage: 460 W
Input Voltage: 115/230 VAC
Input frequency: 50/60 Hz
Output current: 8A/4A

Now I am planning to buy a UPS for battery backup and surge protection. But despite hours of web research and chat with dell support, I am still not sure which UPS to buy. The Dell tech recommended this:

But still I am curious to know what to look for while selecting a UPS. Is more wattage better? Won't it fry the system?

I am confused. Please help!

Thanks in advance.

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Dont buy Cheap UPS!

by JRez In reply to Which UPS to buy?

Make sure you buy an online UPS not offline. When power cuts and you have an offline UPS there is a small break in the power being sent to devices and servers do not like this. Online UPS the power is directed through the batteries. I recently took over a new position at a company and they had a cheap crappy UPS so I put in a EATON 9130, it cost around 5K but I know my servers (x4) are safe and if there is any power problems they will run for around an hour and half. Oh and some of the EATON UPS's have a network management card add-on, pretty cool.

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Surge protection and backup

by mjd420nova In reply to Which UPS to buy?

Most all UPS units state their ratings as VAH (volt-amp-hours) This rating is mostly one for one to the wattage rating of the devices you connect to them. Example: A unit rated at 1,000 VAH will power a unit with a 1,000 watt rating for one hour. So for your case, with a 450 watt load, and a 1,000 VAH unit will run for about two hours. There are some very good units made by APC and Tripp-lite and are a bit expensive but are a commerical rating and used in small offices. All units need to be exercised on a monthly basis. The major failure will be in the batteries, most commonly the gel-cell type but easily replaced.

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As mjd420nova said

by NickNielsen In reply to Which UPS to buy?

The units need to be exercised on a monthly basis and the major failure will be in the batteries.

Most modern UPSs will automatically exercise themselves, particularly the enterprise-level units. They will also let you know when the batteries need replacing. A good battery (or set, in the larger units) should last three to five years. You can save money on the replacements by going to Batteries Plus or Interstate Battery. Both businesses will build the battery combination you need for your UPS at not much more than the cost of the batteries.

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Beware of generator support

by JPElectron In reply to Which UPS to buy?

Note that if you have a generator, or might in the future, don't get a cheap UPS. Because a generator won't output a steady 60GHz in the same way your electric company does, cheap UPS's are prone to cycling between battery and line (generator) which will wear out the relay and/or burn out the UPS.

Unfortunately, the newer APC units with the LCD screen's all suffer from this problem, either because they were taken over by Schneider Electric who has an engineer with a screw loose, or simply cause they want you to buy the the more expensive "On-Line" series.

For this reason and other's I've switched from liking APC to Tripp Lite and suggest the "double-conversion" or "online" type of UPS.

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Reponse To Answer

by NickNielsen In reply to Beware of generator suppo ...

The problem with generators is not the frequency, but the output voltage. Generators do not react well to changes in load at higher (>75%) load levels., and tend to voltage surges or drops. This is what causes your UPS to boost orattenuate the voltage, not the changes in frequency.

If your generator doesn't maintain 60 Hz, it's time to look at the maintenance contract and find somebody who can set it up and maintain it properly.

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