Who can tell me which is the best Antivirus right now?

By elibarikikilewo ·
I had a heating argument with my client today about which is the leading antivirus today? She insisted that Kaspersky is the best Antivirus out there right now coz its selling which is a good point that's why i gave her what she wants.. But was she correct?.. cus frankly i got other products at top of my lists besides Kasper based on my little observation on various issues

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by drwain In reply to Install the damn thing

Ditto on the Mc & Sym.
I am forced at work (government contracts in place) to use Symantec and the number of infections I have to deal with on clients machines is mind numbing.
I also uninstall Sym, install AVG, scan, clean, uninstall AVG and re-install Sym. Job done.
Sym can't even clean a Trojan. It cleans the infectioins but they just keep coming back.

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What Do You Need or Want?

by GTELLC1 In reply to Who can tell me which is ...

Currently, AVG has performed extremely well. Especially, with the suite of other offerings. They have a solid support team when issues arise that need greater expertise. They do have a free version that will suffice for the home user.

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by tommyraynet In reply to What Do You Need or Want?

AVG is now owned by an entirely different company which has seen fit to laden the product with a 'suite' of feature that burden a PCs resources. After having been a loyal user for more than a few years, I was forced to switch after my dismay with the 2011 version upgrade.

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Even Others . . .

by yasser_khan In reply to Who can tell me which is ...

There are even other Anti-virus softwares than the ones mentioned so far (Like Panda, Trend-Micro). I guess it comes down to taking the initiative to do "something". If you don't have ANY virus-protection, at least get something on the machine quickly. Any protection is better than none. It will also give you time to research.

Usually it is a combination of AV Software on the machine, good firewall rules, Spam / Malware detection and general Internet Use principles that will help keep you safe.

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by bigpygme In reply to Even Others . . .

thx for bringing up Panda. i like it for home use. no updating all the time (or forgetting to) - it's a cloud process, always up to date.
have used AVG, Avria (better) and Norton a loooong time ago.
cuurently use multiple anti-malware programs. after a good AV set-up, anti-malware is where the emphasis needs to be, IMHO. dropped spybot after years of use because it just wasn't keeping up. now use Ad-Aware, SpySweeper and paid MBAM. maybe overkill, but on the other hand i have no worries about infection - one will catch what another might miss.

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Anti Virus

by TyDavis22 In reply to Who can tell me which is ...

I am currently running Security Essentials and Malwarebytes (free ware) Malwarebytes takes care of the files that I cannot find and Security Essentials does pretty well at catching some threats.

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by louishelps In reply to Who can tell me which is ...

On my XP machines I use Microsoft Security essentials, Zonealarm free as wall, and SuperAntiSpyware to clean up. MSE is slow but uses little in way of resources, and has been efficient. Zfree has always done a good job for me, and SAS is the most agressive malware detection and removal tool of all I've tried. They pick up what Malwarebytes misses.
On my win7 machine I found zfree and mse to be incompatible, and caused w7 to shut down about every 20 mins. I broke down and spent 29.95 for Vipre's Suite and it's OK for low priced all around protection. But I still sweep with SAS on win 7 after a prolonged browsing session, or at the end of a day. The free version requires manual updates and has no realtime protection, but my Vipre suite takes care of that, and two real time protection applications is very likely to cause problems.

I've used avg in the past, before switching to MSE, and found it to be slow, buggy, and a resource hog..

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by Madsmaddad In reply to Combos

I agree here. I use Vipre on one XP machine, and it does a good job - hint- buy a licence on black friday- they usually have a sale.

Looking for a change for my other XP box running AVG 9 or 10, that effectively locks me out while scanning. HAve used Comodo in the apst, might go back to that.

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Best for what?

by rogeremmens In reply to Who can tell me which is ...

It depends what you consider 'best' should be. Do you mean best technical solution? The most secure against viruses? The best value for money? I suspect the answers to these three are all different. And it will depend on the needs of the client - someone managing sensitive or financial information will want high security, but the average home user will want something that covers the obvious risks and preferably for free.

I've never found that one size fits all!

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The Best Anti Virus

by thankaraj In reply to Who can tell me which is ...

First of all, I want you to know that no Anti Virus can give your computer 100% protection.
I'm saying this 'cause I've worked as a Norton Support Associate. From the training class I got the info that "No Anti Virus can give your computer 100% protection".
However, Kaspersky is the best one, 'cause it works well with good config. Bit Defender is also good, however it slows down the PCs performance.

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