Who can tell me which is the best Antivirus right now?

By elibarikikilewo ·
I had a heating argument with my client today about which is the leading antivirus today? She insisted that Kaspersky is the best Antivirus out there right now coz its selling which is a good point that's why i gave her what she wants.. But was she correct?.. cus frankly i got other products at top of my lists besides Kasper based on my little observation on various issues

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great comments and experience, but why not panda?

by bigpygme In reply to Who can tell me which is ...

started using Panda CLoud AV at home a few months ago. clients often are not good at keeping theeir AV up to date. Panda does that for them - a big plus in my mind. and it's effective. i'm not running MSE despite good press because you get to pick ONE AV - not two.
i have lots of anti-malware options at home: SAS, MBAM, Spy Sweeper ... what one misses the others pick up. for a tough infection i find i turn people on to MBAM first ... also have been recommending MS's new (?) System Sweeper, firguring if MSE is good, they probably haven't dropped the ball on their new sweeper.

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Whatever is free!

I use Microsoft's security essentials because its free and uses very little CPU power and resources. I used to use AVG free but its become bloated as of late. If your into porn sites and file sharing illegal stuff. Then a really good purchased Suite is probably better. But in the end a lot of malware never gets caught or defined until it gets on a bunch of computers. Then it depends on how fast the Anti virus program gets updated. I have cleaned several computers of malware which had a properly running and updated Anti virus suite running. Sometimes being careful is better then any program. Its like having more air bags in your car. That's great, but maybe driving more defensively is even better.

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Well for awhile I was using AVG, then I started noticing that it was a major resource hog, not only in my systems but my clients whose PCs I've worked on or rebuilt for them. I then started using MS Security Essentials, and noticed a major improvement, and a lot fewer issues.
NORTON/Symantec or McAfee, OMG come on will you.
Just like one user posted earlier. You'd be better off just dealing with the virus
as opposed to using any of the 3-stooges AV.

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Best AV

by serenitywizard In reply to Who can tell me which is ...

Have had good luck with Avast, although I also use ClamWin. I know that they say you should not use more than one, but it works for me! May be overkill, but no viruses.

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Restore corrupted harddrive

by serenitywizard In reply to Who can tell me which is ...

I have a bad habit of trying different programs now and then. This sometimes screws up my computer big time. Acronis True Image has saved my sanity more than once! Great program...could not survive without it. Install on external or USB drive, and you are good to go...also, don't forget to make bootable disk for same.

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Best antivirus. . . .

by avinashreddy1090 In reply to Who can tell me which is ...

According to me few of the best antivirus are
1.Bit Defender Total security
2.Eset Nod32
I tried many antiviruses to safeguard my pc with malware, torjans, etc.,. to test which antivirus is good. I found the above mentioned two are good and also Nortron which consumes a lot of memory(drawback).

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Keep Changing AVs

by jbcnet In reply to Who can tell me which is ...

Well I would say that Keep Chaging and whichever works best is the longest to keep AV's differ so do viruses

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AVG All the way

by drwain In reply to Who can tell me which is ...

AVG Internet Security 2011 (2012 is in Beta)
I use it myself with zero infections and also use it in the field to remove infections from systems that are 'supposedly' protected by other AG products....regularly.
Support here in Australia is second to none.
There is a AVG Free version but does not have as many features. Still better than many paid products.
I once had a user of Norton say how pleased he was with Norton because when his computer got a virus they only charged him $200 to remote into his computer and remove the virus.....WT?

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by drwain In reply to Who can tell me which is ...

As an IT consultant I and finding that the 30 day trial periods that are pre-loaded on machines now and worse than having nothing.
At least if the machine has no AV pre-installed then action can be taken.
With pre-installed AV the user sees the familiar icon on the desktop and...30 days later...they think they are still protected.
I am seeing so many of these cases, and the ones who have 3 or 4 different 30 day trials installed - together - all expired!
Keeps me in business though.

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by Matthew Lawson In reply to Who can tell me which is ...

I have been using the Endpoint Security and Control suite for over five years. I have it deployed at many different client sites. Set it up and forget it about it. It allows you to focus on security at the edge.

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