Who can tell me which is the best Antivirus right now?

By elibarikikilewo ·
I had a heating argument with my client today about which is the leading antivirus today? She insisted that Kaspersky is the best Antivirus out there right now coz its selling which is a good point that's why i gave her what she wants.. But was she correct?.. cus frankly i got other products at top of my lists besides Kasper based on my little observation on various issues

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Yes - Sophos a real winner

by itboss In reply to Who can tell me which is ...

in a Network or Corporate environment Sophos is the best

been using it for years

Central Consol great interface & their Support is 5 Star Plus
( it's the Support that counts at the end of the day )

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best anti-virus?

by keithm2576 In reply to Who can tell me which is ...

Agree with others, define best!
I have had experience will all major and some lesser a-v programs and have yet to find one that is anywhere near 100%. I have had clients with infections that got through all major brands (e.g. Norton, McAfee, CA, Trend, AVG). Vigilance is the only defense, constant monitoring. You can also check sites such as for comparison tests. Interesting that some of the lesser and free ones are often near the top (e.g. Avast, Avira, AVG Free).
And I would be lost without malwarebytes!

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Which continent develop "Virus" most?

by joelajamu In reply to Who can tell me which is ...

If you can answer the question above, you will probably get the best answer for question on which antivirus is the best. Check the McAfee's research "Operation Shady RAT". The research suspected an intrusion from a part of the world.
To hit the nail on the head, I think you need to go to china ask of rising, etc

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Linux or OSX...

by rmycroft2000 In reply to Who can tell me which is ...

Seriously, it is as if MS decided to create a whole new industry that works at trying to keep viruses off of their largely poorly secured systems. At home about every 18 months with Windows I wind up reinstalling the OS on my daughter's machines WITH an anti-virus product installed. On the two shared machines, Windows and a Mac no problems and no av software installed.

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Reponse To Answer

by rmycroft2000 In reply to Linux or OSX...

Sorry, shared machines are a Mac and a PC running Linux, not Windows. I'll also note that when I am doing remote work for a client I much prefer to be able to use my Linux machine to connect as then I am very sure I will not accidentally transfer some problem to their machine via remote desktop.

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ESET Nod 32 Antivirus

by Deusofnull In reply to Who can tell me which is ...

About a year back my company conducted a massive search for an antivirus program we could support fully on our client computers. We looked through dozens. The best program we found is an Antivirus from ESET called Nod 32. We dont have any issues with it on any of our client computers. I personally haven't seen a computer get infected whilst running Nod32. Not to say that its impossible to get a virus with this program active, it just seems to be the most secure option we have found.
However, its not free. I believe its $40 a year for the full package.
Good luck with this!

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Ford? Chevy? Toyota? Honda?

by oldbaritone In reply to Who can tell me which is ...

Q: What's the "best" Anti-virus?
A: The one that does what you need it to do, effectively, with the least impact on system resources, performance and throughput.

After that, it's just brand preference.

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The best anti-virus

by kaugustine505 In reply to Who can tell me which is ...

In my experience there isn't any one stand alone antivirus that is the best. Now, if your looking for free- I like to use the combination of Microsoft security essentials with either Panda Cloud Antivirus or Immunet 3.0... If looking for a calmer peice of mind Use NOD32 with either Panda Cloud Antivirus or Immunet 3.0. and scan weekly with spybot search & destroy. I understand that many IT professionals will have negative comment on my approach on virus security but this method has worked very very well for me.

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Best Antivirus

by wangwe In reply to Who can tell me which is ...

The best antivirus is Kaspersky as it is relatively light and works fine. It detects a lot of different malwares without interference to your system files. In a corrupted machine, an additional of a smart virus remover (free) works very fine.
I suggest you go for Kaspersky!

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best anti virus

by broy26 In reply to Who can tell me which is ...

I have used Avast free anti virus for a number of years, and it never lets me down,using avast web rep, helps keep you safe online

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