Who can tell me which is the best Antivirus right now?

By elibarikikilewo ·
I had a heating argument with my client today about which is the leading antivirus today? She insisted that Kaspersky is the best Antivirus out there right now coz its selling which is a good point that's why i gave her what she wants.. But was she correct?.. cus frankly i got other products at top of my lists besides Kasper based on my little observation on various issues

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avast pro 6

by eazypos1 In reply to Who can tell me which is ...

i use avast pro 6. it is fast and reliable.
DONT forget firewall. i use sunbelt personal firewall (free version).
window xp firewall is suck.

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There is no real "BEST".

by leo8888 In reply to Who can tell me which is ...

Too many variables with AV software to single one out as being the absolute best, although there are definitely some that are absolute dogs. For the past year or so we have been using Vipre on our network which so far has been excellent. The management console itself makes it more than worth the money. And it seems to be very light on resources except of course when a scheduled scan kicks in.

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by ITOdeed In reply to Who can tell me which is ...

Best combo I've used so far is Avast and MSE. Both have detected malware and clickjacking attempts. I did a total scan with Avast after I installed it and it detected a suspect file and dealt with it.

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by ddanell In reply to Who can tell me which is ...

I have switched to Vipre for all computers on my network. Have been using if for over a year now, and am rather impressed. I use the deluxe version which includes an integral firewall and spy blocker bundled together. I employ the "learning mode" so have good control on what get blocked and what I will let thru. It is not a memory hog like 2 other big name AV products out there. The site licensing and renewals is very seamless and easy to work with.. I run other utilities as a backup check, and nothing comes up, so I tend to believe that Vipre is doing its job fairly well. My favorite feature is the lack of background glut.

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