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Who do you think is the better boss?

By zlitocook ·
One who leads by example or one who walks through the area and tells you to work smarter? By leads by example I mean he will ask who needs help ( this Presupposes he is good at what he is helping with) and stops to help where he can. The other is a type of boss that when he passes through a work area and see's that some one needs help. He will tell them to read up on the subject and work smarter.

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by Jessie In reply to Another option

Sounds like a wonderful boss, and still sounds like one who led by example. Having "several hundred people working under him to take care of that" his example had to be somewhat more "hands-off" but still, the simple fact that you learned so much BY his example, means he was definitely leading by it.

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The first type of boss who asks is better.

by pjparikh In reply to Who do you think is the b ...

The boss has to be aware of the activities carried by his teammates and visualise the problems they will be facing and be ready with proper guidance.

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Guidance ?

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to The first type of boss wh ...

Depends on the composition of the team. I don't think I've ever had a boss who was more capable than I in all my areas of technical expertise, may be I'm just a bighead though LOL.
I'd much rather have a boss who trusts me from technical point of view and manages me from a business one. A boss who can't facilitate isn't worth the desk space they take up in my opinion. Course you've got to help them, sitting at your desk waiting for your boss to realise you have a problem, means he has a problem, you.

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Well said...

by System Sitter In reply to Guidance ?

I wish all of my team members have this kinda attitude. Most of them stop at thinking they know better technically. I'm not even debating that cause most of the time it's true. It's why I hire them int he first place !
But they somehow seems to have this idea that when you know things technically you know it all. And they start justifying the compromize they make on everything including the company policy.

As a leader I respect them... as a manager unless the company change the policy, I got zero tolerance.

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Better Boss ? Train one...

by Tigerbright In reply to Who do you think is the b ...

Of the two types of bosses that you cite, I would say the the lead by example one. I haven't gotten the "work smarter" ones for very long because I've "trained" my bosses to realize that I do work smarter. One way is to send (and keep sending him) e-mails with hyperlinks on the latest hot topics (some hot topics are his, some are mine) from TechRepublic, Gartner, and other experts along with suggestions on reading the article. Worker smarter? "Oh, you're right. By the way, did you read that article I sent you last week on wireless lockdown ?" Do that enough and you put the burden of proof on him to work smarter. That's one strategy. I'm sure others have their favorites...

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Cruel that is

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Better Boss ? Train one. ...

You have to break them in gently. My usual tack with a bad boss, is if you can't help me do my job, f'off and stop hindering me then. Only works in certain areas though, south of england you have to be a bit more tactful.
Probably why most of my work has been in the North.

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by System Sitter In reply to Cruel that is

"... if you can't help me do my job..."
There's no I in a team means no "my" or "mine" either...

To me, when team member starts to define what is and is not his job, is a sign of problem. That's why we have meetings. If a team member decide to do something out of what the meeting has decided he better has a great reason or I will "communicate" with him.

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The best boss

by house In reply to Who do you think is the b ...

1) leads by example
2) is open to positive and negative views
3) consults with those underneath him on various issues
4) humbles himself, yet retains the image of authority - a difficult task indeed
5) holds weekly meetings in order to keep everyone in-tune with the corporate flow

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Cruel to be Kind

by Joe.Canuck@beer .ca In reply to The best boss

Ine of the hardest things for a boss to do is let their employees fail. As a Parent I know this feeling. My children often struggle with things I can do for them readily, but it is by struggling that they learn and grow. Most Managers have been there, done that. But they left the techy stuff behind to focus on strategy and budgets. Most people learn though experience so it's best if the boss offer direction but leave it to the tech to research and implement.

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by house In reply to Cruel to be Kind

Give those underneath you tasks that will promote their self regard.

Quote the Sopranos - "Sometimes, it is better to give them the illusion that they are in control"


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