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Who is making the list of dumb users 2003? Got a hot one.

By finmedmgr ·
Respond and I'll give the short story. Two of us laughed so hard for about 15 minutes and almost split our guts on it. This lady is classic, but this one takes it all.

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well I watched this one..

by Jaqui In reply to The Tale of a Mouse

sitting in reception area of an office.
the receptionist had a typewriter return bar attached to the top of her monitor.
( velcro strips, with a 360 degree swivel in the return bar )

she was typing away at something, glancing up and to the right regularly.

reached up and smacked the return bar then right back to typing.

I fell out of the chair I was laughing so hard.... blonde receptionist.

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Sharp little bits of data in the wall

by Rock Lobster In reply to Who is making the list of ...

A customer of mine had just installed a new high speed CD R/W, and had made his first CD with it. After making the CD he decided that he needed to label it, but he had no proper CD labels on hand. He therefore decided to use a standard Avery address label, and placed it near the outer edge of the CD. This is not good. I recieved a call from him later - he was freaking out saying that his computer had exploded. I went to his office, and sure enough, most of the front bezel of his computer was destroyed. The amazing thing is that he had a whiteboard on the wall behind his desk, and there were very small sharp shards of CD rom sticking out of it. My customer also had a few small cuts on his face and arms that were caused by the CD when it flew in to a million pieces at high RPM. I dont think this guy would understand why tires need balanced either........ Sheesh.

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by rbarnett09 In reply to Who is making the list of ...

I had a user call me one day right after she returned from vacation. She stated that there was a "random buzzing noise" comming from the back of the computer under the desk. So I'm thinking it's probably just a fan. I go to check it out. While at her desk I too noticed it. It would occur about every 2 minutes and last for 30 seconds. buzzz, buzz....2 buzz. You get the point. Well I stuck my head under the desk to listen closer. At that point I realized that the sound was now comming from above my head. I looked in her desk drawer and found her pager set on vibrate. When she returned to her office I told her that she missed a few pages and that the problem was solved.

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Floppy drive not working...

by cglrcng In reply to

A middle aged to senior (usually a "with it" type), female home user customer asked me to look at her floppy drive as it wasn't working on 1 of my usual maint./update, AV check, & spyware clean-up trips. I inserted a floppy disk known good. Sure enough after multiple tries (though it showed up in "My Computer" as a recognizable installed and working drive...It simply wouldn't work/spin the foppy disk up.

A quick flip of the drive door and a flashlight showed the simple but very strange problem...A Visa ATM/Check card had been inserted as though it was an ATM.

Upon her return (she had run out to grab some groceries),...I casually asked her if she had ever attempted to make an online ATM/Credit Card purchase using the computer. Her sheepish look & quick exit from the room told me everything I needed to know....She returned & fessed up a few minutes later (It was an attempt to re-subscribe for her annual Norton AV subscription months earlier), and stated she wondered where that credit/ATM/Check card went. I couldn't help but break out laughing. At least she tried!

I laughed all the way back to the shop and often snicker about that one every time I think about it. The floppy drive was fine...But I thought about calling her credit card company to tell them about the found card. I didn't, but I sure was tempted.

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Broken CD drive?

by AlanGeek In reply to Who is making the list of ...

A few years ago I was working in my upstairs office at home when my wife called up to me that she was trying to install a program for the kids on her PC and it wouldn't read the CD. I told her to eject it and make sure that it was right-side-up and that it wasn't scratched or dirty.

She responded that now it wouldn't eject the CD, either. I asked how she was trying to eject it; she was right-clicking on it and selecting "eject". I told her to just push the button on the front of the drive and it should eject.

After several minutes, I asked if everything was OK now. "It still won't eject," came the response. I asked, "Did it do anything when you pushed the button?" She replied, "No, it doesn't have a button. I turned the lever, but it won't come out."

Lever? I've never seen a CD drive with a lever, so I decide I'd better go down there and see what's going on. Bear in mind that this is the PC she's been using for over a year, and she has installed packages from CD by herself in the past.

It turns out that she had inserted the CD in the 5-1/4" floppy drive and turned the lever to close the drive on the disk, though the drive is no longer connected, it's just sitting in the bay. She turned the lever to open it again, but since it's a CD, not a square floppy, the drive doesn't eject it.

Once I've seen what's happened, I can barely keep from falling on the floor with laughter. I had to shut the machine down and disconnect all the cables to pull it out from under the desk, lay it over on its side and tip it forward to roll the CD out, fortunately without damage.

By the way, did I mention that my wife has a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering, holds a Professional Engineer's license, and is an automotive engineer?

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She's and Engineer

by jbaker In reply to Broken CD drive?

There's the problem!

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