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Who still has to do their taxes yet?

By jimmy-jam ·
Who's with me?

I was waiting for someone to post something about it. Here in the great US of A it is somewhat of a nation folli-day. When millions of procrastinators (myself included) rush to file their taxes before the mid-night deadline. So who will be doing their takes with me this evening?

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Very true

by JamesRL In reply to Not only does almost ever ...

Friend of mine is an economist, quite bright guy. He is a real conservative policy wonk, and he used to complain about how taxes were cheaper in the US amd Canada was uncompetitive.

Then he went to Harvard for his PHD and discovered city taxes. He recalculated and discovered that he was more heavily taxed in Boston than Toronto.

In most places in Canada the only income the city gets is from property taxes, parking tickets, development levies (new construction) and transfers from the provinces.

Toronto has decided it isn't enough and is levying its own land transfer taxes (which the province already does), its own automobile taxes and other measures.

And in Ontario, the provincial tax form comes with the federal one, and they explain how to transfer the data from one to another. I think Quebec is the most difficult one.


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One up on ya...

by cupcake In reply to Not only does almost ever ...

Not only do I have federal, state and city, but I have to do TWO states... I live in one state, work in another!

But I am with Palmetto... I filed the first week of Feb and the refund(s) were uber-quick! When the money belongs to me, I want it back from Uncle Sam as fast as they will give it!

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2 states also

by KSoniat In reply to One up on ya...

It's a pain - but it was done a while ago. :)

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I don't see a dime

by Oz_Media In reply to One up on ya...

MY taxes are calculated (we just do one form/online tax submission in BC, personal income tax takes 10-15 minutes, more complicated taxes take longer of course) submitted, reimbursed and invested for me, I don't see a penny. Which sucks when all my friends are out spending tax returns on goodies and mine just disappear into some investment oblivion. But I buy my toys when I want them anyway, I don't do the annual spending binge.

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by CharlieSpencer In reply to I don't see a dime

I want as small a refund as possible. Big refunds mean I'm getting a smaller paycheck and letting Uncle Sam suck up the interest.

Screw that and 'Rapid Refund' along with it. People who would never dream of taking out a 'payday loan' don't realize that's what Rapid Refund is - paying someone else a huge interest rate for the privilege of not being able to wait two weeks.

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I once worked for a major tax prep firm...

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to Ditto.

...I won't name the name, but you can say I was a block head for being there!

Anyway, I was into my second night, and a young woman and her mother came in to have the young woman's taxes done. They were somewhat limited capacity-wise, but were genuinely as nice of people as you'd ever meet.

In any event, the refund was fairly small ($300ish) due to not enough money withheld on the W-2. She wanted a rapid refund, but I talked her out of it; stating that the terms weren't conducive to her particular situation, and that she'd have the money fairly quickly, anyway.

As soon as they left, I got chewed out by the 'office manager' in front of everyone else. Stats this, financials that, sales this, objectives that. I just got up and walked out.

That plate glass window will never know how close it came to having someone thrown through it!

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Other than a slight delay

by Maevinn In reply to Gods of us all, I spent t ...

California refunds were delayed a smidge, but otherwise, my taxes also are done and filed well before the middle of February.

There's no benefit to waiting...

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Sure there is

by IC-IT In reply to Other than a slight delay

I paid my $2499 owed yesterday. ;-)
Why would I want to pay early, no advantage there?

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Agreed completely if you're talking about sending the check.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Sure there is

But I still would have had the paperwork done in early Feb.

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by Maevinn In reply to Agreed completely if you' ...

Putting in the mail with a check is one thing, completing the paperwork another one entirely. I know several people who waited until last weekend, only to discover they're missing a piece of information and now have to frantically dig to find it, or worse, file an extension, but still pay now!

Ugh. Why create that headache?

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