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Who still supports 98?

By master3bs ·
I am slowly beginning the process of bringing my company (a government facility) up to date. About 90% of the workstations here are Windows 98. I'm trying to find the resources to bring in new pc's but that's going to take a while.

In the meantime, believe it or not, I'm updating a bunch of computers from 98 to 98SE. Fortunately I'm very comfortable with 98; but it is becoming a mess to administer particular when needing to add to the systems as little today is compatible with the OS.

A non Windows OS isn't a viable option because of training and compatibility with our systems. And most of the current machines simply won't handle XP.

Do many of the other techs here have to support 98 like this?

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Same here

by CharlieSpencer In reply to I do

I'm down to 25 (appx 17%) W95 machines but plan to eliminate or upgrade all of them by the end of the year. That will leave me appx 30% NT 4 and the balance 2K or XP.

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Win98s because of budgets

by Vandy-SJ In reply to I do

I support several small businesses that are still running Win98SE on over half of their desktops - for budget reasons. Servers and domain have been upgraded to 2000 or 2003, but as long as it is still running - the Win98s are paid for and only get replaced if the systems completely die and need replacing.

I've suggested spreading out replacements with new XP systems over time (one or two replacement systems every quarter - more budget friendly method), and the suggestion is well received, but not always used.

I end up repairing a lot of the older Win98s (P2-266 CPUs) - failing hard drives, fading/failing monitors, worn out keyboards & mice, failed NICs, etc. Adding memory, running a permanent pagefile, and just performing regular PC maintenance (physical cleaning, hard drive maintenance and defrag, deleting temp files/disk cleanup, etc.) keep them alive to work another day.

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by master3bs In reply to Win98s because of budgets

Budget is the exact reason.

And I've been working on your solution since I got here. I've already managed to get two new computers (including my notebook) with xp Pro on them which frees up another pc and gets us that much closer to where we need to be.

I hope to get about 2-5 new pcs each quarter.

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Right here.......

by CarlitosWay In reply to Who still supports 98?

20% of my machines here are still windows 98se.

I have upgraded alot of the equipment since the past year since alot of our machines use software that are resource hogs.

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by master3bs In reply to Right here.......

That's what I'm looking at; a long term goal of upgrading over time.

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I do

by Choppit In reply to Who still supports 98?

At present I'm supporting something like;

50% Win 98SE
25% Win 95
20% Win XP
The remainder is a mix of Win NT4, Win 2K, Mac 8/9 and Win 3.1.

All being well, by the end of 2006 it'll be more like this;

65% Win XP
25% Linux (thin client)
4% Win 98SE
The remainder will be Mac and Windows 3.1

The reason for legacy OS support in the plan is that we often support customers hardware well beyond driver support cessation and into obsolescence.

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A mixed environment

by jdclyde In reply to Who still supports 98?

All I can say is, at least all of the Win95 systems are gone!

As computers die, they get replaced with new ones that run XP. Manufacturing, so very dusty which limits the life of the computers. Unfortunately, the OLDER a system is, the better it can hold up to the dirt and dust as it doesn't have as many fans to go bad!

Still about 40 systems running win98SE though. I don't THINK that we have any non-SE systems anymore! (I hope).

As the older systems can't run XP, we will continure to use win98 as long as the old ones are up. Just throwing a computer away is NOT an option as we are not government based and have to earn the money we spend rather than be part of a grant somewhere.

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Just into the bulleye!

by r_irigoyen In reply to A mixed environment

"Just throwing a computer away is NOT an option as we are not government based and have to earn the money we spend rather than be part of a grant somewhere."
Applauses, please!

As jdclyde says, sometimes it?s not an option.
I am working for an insurance company, here in Argentina, which has almost 180 W98se based PCs, along with a few ones running W2000Pro, or XP, and a pair running SuSe 9.3 (mine and another one).
I?ve been fiddling with the TS idea for a while but....I said once "everything into the Data Center MUST be running some taste of *nix or Linux".....and I hadn?t had the time to even search for an TS server which can do Linux
Anybody goes that way? I?ll be glad to hear comments..


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Why so new?

by TheChas In reply to Who still supports 98?

We have systems running software that predates Microsoft that we need to keep running to support older products.

We are running Micro-VAXes, HP 80 series, and PCs with DOS 3.1, 5 and 6.22 along with Windows 95.

In many instances, we must keep the 486 and older PCs running as the code won't run on a faster system.

Now, these are all dedicated test systems, with custom application software that would cost multiple thousands of dollars to rewrite.

Still, it takes a lot of effort to keep 286 systems running, and to find or repair ISA I/O cards. Let alone finding ISA backplanes and AT style power supplies.

In your situation, the big issue is who allowed setting up a business network with W98 PCs in the first place?

I hope that you have a good firewall in place at the server, and run fully updated anti-virus and firewall software on each work station.


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by Jshee42 In reply to Why so new?

I find it incredible that there are so many out there still running 95, 98, 3.1 (!?!?), DOS. We have 4 systems in our company (of approximately 500-550) running 98. That's because IT was not involved with the purchase of these systems. The rest of the company is a blend of XP and 2000, but mostly XP at this point. I never touch the 98 systems, mostly because they just run and continue to do so (if it ain't broke....) and one because we have a maintenence contract on it. Let someone else deal with it. I would like to make it mine, but seeing as how I'm the only PC tech, I'd rather not. I definately find that it's easier to maintain 2000 and XP b/c I can remotely administer them.

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