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Who still supports 98?

By master3bs ·
I am slowly beginning the process of bringing my company (a government facility) up to date. About 90% of the workstations here are Windows 98. I'm trying to find the resources to bring in new pc's but that's going to take a while.

In the meantime, believe it or not, I'm updating a bunch of computers from 98 to 98SE. Fortunately I'm very comfortable with 98; but it is becoming a mess to administer particular when needing to add to the systems as little today is compatible with the OS.

A non Windows OS isn't a viable option because of training and compatibility with our systems. And most of the current machines simply won't handle XP.

Do many of the other techs here have to support 98 like this?

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by master3bs In reply to Amazing...

I'm surprised too.

I expected to find only a handfull of people using many 98 machines. I was a bit surprised to hear how many 95 pc's were out there and shocked to hear about the other legacy platforms.

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by wdewey In reply to Why so new?

It's interesting that you place such emphases on anti-virus software since 98 doesn't have a tenth of the risks that XP has. 98 doesn't have the remote access/shareing capability and it can't natively spoof packets. I would be more worried about the XP machines myself.

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Why Not ME ??

by Aaron A Baker In reply to Who still supports 98?

A shot in the dark maybe, but I would consider going step by step. Windows ME is still widely supported and a lot less trouble than 98 ever was. You can still find all kinds of support for WinME, this is the basis on which I would make my decision. I don't have to tell you that doing a complete makeover requires some very serious money, perhaps ME might serve as a buffer.
It's up to you, but if it were me, I would elevate to ME and then eventually and very gradually merge to XP.
Good luck, this is going to be a tough one.

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Why ME?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Why Not ME ??

I would stay at 98 before I went to ME. You may have had success with it but I've found it to have multiple issues, especially on a domain.

If the hardware will support it and the apps will work, there's no reason to go to ME instead of XP. You've got to do the same compatibility testing up front. Why do it twice?

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Matter o perspective

by Aaron A Baker In reply to Why ME?

If you look at it from this perspective than you definitely have a point, I was speaking in terms on finances. ME doesn't cost any where nearly as much as XP and has all the bell and whistles "for ME". As for it's comportment in a Domain environment, I can't answer that I as I have always used it primarily as a personal home computer, not for networking. But when one considers that amounts of moneys involved, it can be a very difficult choice to make. If your willing to bite the bullet, then by all mean, go with the XP, " A System they claim is about to be rendered obsolete by Vista". But if the finances are tight, what is the alternative? Slowly but surely,we are being squeezed out by MicroBucks and forced to buy more expensive and far more elaborate systems than we really need. Now to keep up with Vista, you almost have to buy and entirely new system, starting with a 3Gb CPU, which means, new everything, just to satisfy Bill.
We're stuck with it and Gates pockets the change.
So naturally I will do whatever I can not to have to give him anymore that I absolutely have to. I'm doing to him, what he does to us.The bottom line is the Money, If it's there, great, but if it isn't surely there must be another form of recourse.
Aaron ]:)

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ME availabililty

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Matter o perspective

Where are you going to buy ME? Can you still get it? You can buy an XP license and be legally covered to install ME, but in that case...

Yes, XP is soon to be replaced by Vista, but MS will continue to support XP longer than ME. Is ME still supported?

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Kind of

by wdewey In reply to ME availabililty

I believe it is still supported, but good luck finding anything for it. Most IT people that I have run into refuse to support it. They would rather downgrade to 98. It does NOT play well in a domain environment from what I have heard and what I have done in labs.


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MS's support of ME

by JamesRL In reply to Kind of

is limited, see

Basically they will do security hotfixes, and paid support for a little while longer.


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Not ME, NT

by wdewey In reply to Why Not ME ??

If you had licenses (very unlikely) or could get them cheap the I would switch to NT. It has the domain capabilities and doesn't have the hardware requirements that XP has. 2000 is also a good platform and I am running a number of machines with similar specs without issues. I would stay away from ME though. It will just cause you headaches that you don't need.


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by master3bs In reply to Not ME, NT

I'd never consider a ME solution.

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