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Who to Hire???

By ___.__ ·
Experience aside....

Who do I hire?

The self taught IT guy, this being his first IT gig???


The guy with the certification, this being his first IT gig???

Is the paper worth anything or not?

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by maecuff In reply to Exactly!

I agree about the salt..except when it comes to corn on the cob. It has to have butter and the grainy feel of salt just sprinkled. Of course, that is what I ate LAST time when I got so sick, so it might be awhile before I can think about corn on the cob. urgh..

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Your Recipe sounds

by w2ktechman In reply to Experience makes a differ ...

a bit like my lazy recipe, except I omit mushrooms and go with grilled onions on top of the steak (after cooked).

Also, I add Lee&Perrins sauce to the mix (and freshly (crushed and wet) Garlic.

Another recipe is to use the Grill Mates as a base and go from there (personally I choose the Mesquite Marinade).
other than those, it gets complicated and takes a lot longer.

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by WingedMonkey In reply to This is a hard decision, ...

It does a body good

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Half our meals are steak

by jdclyde In reply to Steak!!!!!!

on the weeks I have my boys. Steak stir-fry, steak fajitas, steak wraps, steak chili. mmmmmm.

It is twice as apreciated by the boys, because they were getting hamburger helper, but now they are getting off-brand hamburger helper. ewwwww!

The funny thing is, most people don't realize a sirloin is about about $2 more for a meal than ground chuck is. Round steak is even less. When your cooking it in something, both of those cuts work just fine!

On the weeks I am alone, I don't because it usually is too much effort for one person. Make a batch of chili or something, and then reheat in the microwave for a few daze.

How do you do your steak? You didn't add in your method! Share with the class!

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by Jaqui In reply to Half our meals are steak

blade steak.
with rough-cut bbbbbbbbbll pepers, tomatos, steak spice and butter.

cut the steak into bite sized [ or smaller ] cubes, toss it all into a baking pan, cover in foil and toss onto the grill, not a really hot grill.
let it cook for about 1/2 hour.

the acid in the tomato, and the slow cooking style, makes the cheap blade steak very tender. :)
[spuds in foil with butter, salt ndpepper, slice the spuds into thick slabs and they take about 45 minutes on the grill. ]

though the pepper steak mix actually goes great on rice or pasta.

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Blade Steak?

by jdclyde In reply to hey!!

I have never heard of that cut, so I of course had to look it up.

Almost a roast. Not sure if the local meat market would have this or not, as I would have just assumed it was a roast by looking at it.

"steak spice", you simply MUST explain this a little better.

Would the tomato be placed OVER the meat or just thrown in the pan?

That looks like just the ticket for another change of pace without lowering the quality of the meal! Wunderbar!

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by Jaqui In reply to Blade Steak?

it's the cheapest steak possible cost wise.
if not done right then it's also the toughest.

the green, red, yellow peppers and tomatos and steak pieces are all mixed up together.

steak spice = Montreal Style Steak Spice, coarse ground black pepper, salt, course chopped garlic, lemon pepper.... a mix of spices that are great on steaks.

essentially, you are stewing the meat in the tomato juice.

change the blade to say sirloin, and saute it in a skillet and you get the same thing, a pepper steak saute.

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Paper vs self taught

by CrashOverider In reply to Who to Hire???

I would have to say you have to decide who would fit better in to the department. The self taught guy sounds like he would be good for a job where he would be on his own and the certification guy sounds like he would be good for like a help desk answering position.

Remember with IT there is usually a lot of face to face or phone to phone contact so the type of personality would go a long way.

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Crash- a quick note

by Tig2 In reply to Paper vs self taught

The poster is a troll who opened this discussion about two months ago for the sole purpose of flaming respondants.

I KNOW that he has mended his ways and will not do such a thing any more.

After he was banned, all he could do was recreate himself. Pity.

Your points are excellent. I know that you are responding in good faith.

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Sorry didn't mean to feed the trolls

by CrashOverider In reply to Crash- a quick note

I did not know he was banned.

Some of my posts may anger people (specifically the ones related to government intervention) and I am sure some people may call me a troll but I post what I believe is the truth.

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