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Who to Hire???

By ___.__ ·
Experience aside....

Who do I hire?

The self taught IT guy, this being his first IT gig???


The guy with the certification, this being his first IT gig???

Is the paper worth anything or not?

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by ___.__ In reply to Sorry didn't mean to feed ...

Call that food. Not worth the bits that created it. CO more like BO.

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Hey CrashO,

by Old Guy In reply to Sorry didn't mean to feed ...

I thought some of your posts in one discussion bordered on the ridiculous (my opinion) and we may cross swords over some things in the future but you are definitely not a troll.

Maybe if we can hang a sign Don't Feed The Trolls when they're about that might help... :^0

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A big diference

by jdclyde In reply to Sorry didn't mean to feed ...

between your posts Crash and troll posts.

A troll just posts inflamatory posts to get people wound up. Expressing your opintion, even if it is wrong, is not being a troll. (not saying your posts are wrong, just covering worst case scenerios).

don't you know some people are too stupid to care for themselves and NEED government intervention to take their homes to make a higher tax base? Where have you been?

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There is a big difference between having an opinion

by Tig2 In reply to Sorry didn't mean to feed ...

And being a troll. I have read your posts. I have found them to be thought out and concise. I have never seen you flame someone. I have never seen you intentionally troll.

This idiot- a whole different story.

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Gee, and I was going to say ...

by Too Old For IT In reply to Crash- a quick note

hire the self taught guy because you can always buy him the certs later.

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Be a hard one.

by Jim_P In reply to Who to Hire???

You would have to look at their resume, or in the interview try and put to them situations and let them explain how they will deal with it, see which ones have the best experience and solutions. Because you might just get some one who has the hands on experience with the certifications, but I usually have to agree, it's the people who have learnt for themselves, and mostly it's the experience you are after not the paper.

Kind Regards,

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Just ask a few questions

by zlitocook In reply to Who to Hire???

What have you been doing, what do you like doing, what do you want to do?
What is your current computer spec's, tell me about what is going on with Microsoft and the new patches. Can you update a computer in the field with out any help?

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by NOW LEFT TR In reply to Who to Hire???

You are the this suddy_m! What is with the ___.__?

As for your question, well to be honest neither would be good enough. IF I had to decide then some kind of test would be needed. It would be the only fair way to tell them apart.

Paper ? depends if it is small and has a denomination on it (or not)

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A bit of historical trivia

by Tig2 In reply to So

You came into the discussion WAY at the end. I believe that you observed that it looked like a battlefield after a war.

Thus my response that this question has been exhaustively answered.

Kicking back waiting for the flames to start...

This yoda is the reason that you were not welcomed as warmly as you might have wished. Unfortunately, timing was against you.

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Actually, Tig2

by Old Guy In reply to A bit of historical trivi ...

TechMail brought that on his own by some of his childish actions and comments. However, with that said he is still not even close to the id10t Spuddy_M. TechMail would probably still be welcomed to stay around if he wants to but I would suggest he matures just a little bit. Just my opinion for what it's worth.

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