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Who will be the next President of the USA?

By Jaqui ·
Now that Georgie is reaching the end of how long he can destroy the citizen's rights will the American people elect his party or will the elect the other party?
[ since I'm not in the us, I couldn't tell you which collection of corruption is currently in office, huh, I'm not even really sure which collection of traitors are in office in Canada, and that's where I live. ]
Have the American people had enough of their once great nation being turned into a facist state?
[ the result of the homeland security act's destruction of their rights ]

wait and see, there is an election coming, and the american people will get their chance to tell the world they have had enough.
[ of course, then the Secret Service would all be un-employed, since everyone they are paid to guard would be dead ]

editing to add:

have fun, TR is "Hotlink" allowed site. ]:)

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Talk about a dangerous subject

by Fregeus In reply to Who will be the next Pres ...

What did you eat this morning for you to want to swim in such shark infested waters this morning?


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a good question, and the answer is:

by Jaqui In reply to Talk about a dangerous su ...

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Face it

by Genera-nation In reply to a good question, and the ...

the thread failed - no amount of link back(s) will resurrect the cause.

Why not create a new one instead!

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This is going to be an interesting election

by faradhi In reply to Who will be the next Pres ...

According to some polling data I heard, and this is coming straight from memory so I cannot give exact numbers, when people are asked about Democrats v. Republicans in general the results show the Democrats with a sizable lead, 10+ or there abouts.

However, when asked about Hillary v. Rudy, the two front runners, the lead drops to something like less than 4.

I think it comes down to the general population wants someone different but not Hillary.

Rudy would likely win if he can pull out the primary. However, he is way to socially liberal for the conservatives particularly the Evangelicals. However, a lot of centrists who lean towards Democrats like myself like Rudy over Hillary. This is why you are seeing the numbers like they are.

That said, I think you are going to see Fred leapfrog over the competition once the field starts to thin. Fred will take the nomination. This will leave centrists out of the race all together. Fred is far too conservative for my tastes and Hillary is way to liberal. If that happens, I don't know who will win. I would lean towards voting for Fred but it would be with apprehension.

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by Jaqui In reply to This is going to be an in ...

you mean you won't vote with a gun to actually make the government do what they are supposed to do?

or did the shrub take that right away from the american people also?
[ the right to bare arms ]

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I think that was a misprint...

by faradhi In reply to what?!?!

It should have said, you have the right to arm bears.

That and the whole bit about leaving out the whole this only applies to Christian religions. See it should have read...

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion except Christian in general, or prohibiting the free exercise of any Christian thereof;

Oh well, it is not like the scribe was going to go through the trouble of rewriting the entire constitution just for those two small mistakes. After all the scribe was a government employee.

There that should stir the pot a little.

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I demand an edit!!!

by Tig2 In reply to I think that was a mispri ...

That should read "Fundamentalist Christian". Your basic, every day, normal, Christian isn't rabid!

Sheesh! All this time, can't I teach y'all anything?!?

And I DO keep and bear arms. But if I want to, I should be able to keep and arm bears. So there!

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I know, You buy my books, send me to school..

by faradhi In reply to I demand an edit!!!

and I eat the desk.

I just can't learn nothin'.

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Easy answer A Politician!!!!

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Who will be the next Pres ...

Doesn't matter which side that they come from as they are all Corrupt!


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true, but

by Jaqui In reply to Easy answer A Politician! ...

at least the us has a history of their people revolting against bad government ]:)
[ 1776 springs to mind ]

danged typo in true

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