Who's At Fault Vista - Or PhotoImpact? Can You Figure It Out?

By bobf117 ·
I Know There's Alot Of Smart Individuals -Interacting With This Site-. Figure This One Out.
Windows (Problem Report):

Stopped working

12/30/2009 2:57 PM

Not Reported

Problem signature
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: Iedit_.exe
Application Version:
Application Timestamp: 480ef236
Fault Module Name: ulibtif.dll
Fault Module Version:
Fault Module Timestamp: 46987ae5
Exception Code: c0000005
Exception Offset: 0000b270
OS Version: 6.0.6000.
Locale I 1033
Additional Information 1: 7774
Additional Information 2: f9a618707f369a6ff32117dd4b30dc37
Additional Information 3: 02ae
Additional Information 4: 0e558874b899a751cf6d7f88ae908532

Files that help describe the problem
My Story (How It Occurred):
You're Not Going To Believe This,
But It (Actually) Occurred Because I Tried To Open A Picture File (Within Windows Explorer) From The "Recent" Folder...So It Was Actually (A Short Cut) That I Was Clicking On.
Here's The Story:
I Was In Window's Explorer - In The "Recent" Folder/Directory, And I Double-Clicked One Of The Files There (So This Was A Short-Cut To That File), I Wanted To See What This File Looked Like - This Was (Also) An File Associated With Photo-Impact (A .UFO File), So I Understood/And Expected Photo-Impact To Launch - And Then Open Up The File,...But Immediately The "Message" Pops Up (A Problem With PhotoImpact Has Occurred And It Will Be Closed / Windows Will Notify You If A Solution...). I Closed That, And Double-Clicked That Same File Again,...Immediately The "Message" Pops Up (A Problem With PhotoImpact Has Occurred And Windows Will Close It...). I Then (Closed) Windows Explorer, And Tried Launching Photo Impact (From The Desk Top). I Double-Clicked On The Desk Top Icon - The Photo Impact Splash Screen Comes Up - It Gets To Certain Stages Of "Initialization" (Specifically - u32Tif.fio...), And Then The "Message" Pops Up (Behide The Splash Screen / But You Can See The Title Bar Of The Error Message / And Drad It Out Of There) - The "Message" Is (A Problem With Photoimpact And It Will Be Closed).
A Long Story "Long" - I Have Never Had Any Trouble With Photo Impact (Not) Opening Before,..Now (It's) Consistently Broke.
Things I Tried:
I Did A (Un-Install) Of Photo Impact 13 Pro,...And Re-Installed It...
Same Problem Persists.
I Did "A System Restore" To An Earlier Time - When Things Were Fine - And On Top Of That I (Un-Installed) Photo Impact 13 Pro, And Re-Installed It Again.
Same Problem Persists.
The Windows "Report" Reports Something About (Memory) - So I Ran A Memory Diognostic. Windows Reports That There Were No Memory Problems Found.
All My Other Programs Are Fine, And
(Deleting) Startup Programs - Like PhotoImpact's Help Topics Suggest - Is Not The Answer - This Has All Been Fine Before.
Nothing Else Has Been Added - And The System Restore Has Taken Us Back To When This Program Was Fine Before.
What The Crap Could (Trying To Open A File/Short-Cut/Launching Photoimpact) From Within Windows Explorer (From The Recent Folder) Done To Screw Things Up?
I Told You - You Wouldn't Believe It.
Any Ideas?

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Can you distinguish between LEFT and RIGHT ? Yes? ..

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Who's At Fault Vista - Or ...

Have a gander at the thread that appears below this post (the 'directory tree'-sort of thing with all the other posts in it). Do you notice how answers tend to follow below each other if they are also following the same thread of discussion?

Now - here's the difficult bit! - can you SEE that for each post to follow the one immediately preceding (above) it, it has to be indented to the right?

Well, and this might just come as a bit of a shock to you, you're NOT getting locked out - you've just run out of available right-hand space!!! There is no further accommodation for your post to be further indented to the right.

What you then need to do, is have a look at the 'directory tree'-sort of thingy, and find a previous post that is further non-indented (a post that is closer to the left than to the right) and append your answer by replying to that post instead of the one that you were so cruelLy 'locked out ' of.

In the immortal words of Jack Nicholson:

*Oh, almost forgot:



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Wasting (Your) Time -And Now I Am Too.

by bobf117 In reply to Can you distinguish betwe ...

You (Did Not) Address The Situation Correctly "What This Question Was About": Apparently You Did Not Know The Answers To That. But This Is Not "A Contest" On How Much You Know But Rather On -If- You Are Willing To Help Another Out. I Would Pull You "Up" (Where You Belong To Be) From The Side Of A Cliff, And I Would Tell You Something (To Help You Out) If You Needed To Know. So This Is About Helping Others Out (Everyone Around You) - When They're Stronger You're Stronger.
As Far As Typing: Capitalizing Is For Emphasis -Every Word Though- Yes, Every-Word Is Important,..So Emphasize Them All. {It's Catching On.} If You Think (I) Started It - Nope - I Did Not. Everything We Do Is Learned Behavior,...The Way You're Typing Now, You Learned From Whoever Started That. You Might Learn That Typing Another Way Is Better. Some Of You Have Already (Copied) Me - Even If Was "Out Of" Mockery. They Say "Mockery" Is The Highest Form Of Flattery - Ha(Just Teasing).
Usually New Things To Us "Are Mocked", "Made Fun Of", And Then Finally "Picked-Up On" (Cause We Know They're Cool).
Seeing The (First) Letter Of Every Sentence Must Bug You -No- Because You're Used To It.
The Reason Something Bugs You Is Because It's Something New. {If For No Other Reason, Putting A Capital Letter In Front Of Every Word - Will Be Very Skill-Full.}
The Little Joke About "To The Right Or To The Left",...Yeah I Understand That - But If You Do It That Way (Respond "Higher Up" Or "Lower Down") Then You "Are" Not In The Proper Position(Tree Structure) For What Your Reply Is About. And If You Keep Going To The Right - You Will Get Locked Out - So "We" Agree On That.
Honestly , I Did Do A Question Quite A While Back -And I Found The Other Members Very Helpful / And I Appreciate Their Help-,...And Not That You Guys Are Not Helpful (Cause I Know You Can Be),...I Know You're Just Joking Around. Well Anyways, (That Earlier Question) Reached A Point Where The Web-Site Reported To Me: This Discussion Is Locked, You Can Not Post Any More Replies. So I Took That As -I Guess That's It,...Discussion Closed-. That Is Not A Short Coming On My Part (I Pay Attention To The Information I'm Presented With). That's TechRepublic Not Explaining/Presenting That Information Clearly Enough.
Thanks For (Clearing) That Up.
I Appreciate All Of Your Help (I Mean All Of You) - Everyone Matters - Even Your Jokes.
Someone Said Something About This Going On, And On: I Like The Idea Of This Going On For Ever.
Thanks OldER Mycroft For Your Time.

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For your education ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Wasting (Your) Time -And ...

I'm slightly disturbed that you find it necessary to pull me up short for not having addressed your question. That was never my intent - I was trying to stop you whingeing about getting stopped from posting any further, by illustrating to you simply why that was happening.

Secondly:- the average typing speed for professionals faced with a computer keyboard is between 30 to 40 words per minute. On a good day (they're not all good days for varying reasons) I can top 50 wpm. At 50 wpm I don't have time to waste farting around with the SHIFT key for every initial CAPITAL LETTER. If I were to adopt your ridiculous typing style I would accomplish very little each day.

Despite your ardour for this ridiculous style of typing, you seem to have forgotten the basic premise for the typed word - ease of reading it. In this respect you are failing miserably and run the most probable risk of the majority of TR peers ignoring your pleas for help, simply because they can't be bothered trying to wade through your innocuous and difficult typing style.

I for one can tell you forthwith - if you continue to adopt this silly unreadable form of typing, I'll ignore your posts from this point forward.

It might be a long cold winter for you, standing by the edge of your cliff, with no-one listening to your cries for help.

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