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By DanLM ·

The most important quote in this article to me is:
Driven by revenge
Last year, a noted Russian spammer nicknamed PharmaMaster ? he usually advertises pharmaceuticals ? felt his business was endangered by a Silicon Valley anti-spam startup named Blue Security.

PharmaMaster initiated an attack that crippled Blue Security?s Web site. The firm countered by placing information about the attack on its corporate blog, hosted by popular blog site TypePad, owned by Six Apart Ltd. PharmaMaster then hired a bot herder to conduct a denial-of-service attack that shut down all of Six Apart?s blogs, including those hosted on its service.

Eventually, Blue Security surrendered and got out of the business of anti-spam software.

?PharmaMaster paid $1 million to take out Blue Security,? or about $2,000 an hour for the attack, said Schiller, the Portland State professor. ?But (PharmaMaster) was making $3 million a month, so it was worth it.?

At the time, security experts said the Blue Security attack was so severe that only a few of the world?s largest corporations would have been able to withstand it.

Given the power that the bot herders wield, questions inevitably arise about whether terrorists are behind such crimes. There is no clear answer, and security experts are divided on the issue.

They took out a security company. And the quote that only a few of the largest corporations could have withstood that attack just scares me.

The fact that they were willing to pay 1 million to take out a company shows how much money, how much influence, and how dangerous this criminals really are.


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OH, I don't disagre Tech

by DanLM In reply to US still tops for botnets ...

I seen an article where the most drone computers or what ever you want to call them are in the United States. I also don't doubt that there are a number of compromised servers here in the U.S. either. Guess I made that statement by the number of ip's that try to brute force my home PC are from China, Korea, Indonesia.

But, your absolutely right. The U.S. is right up there on the lists that I have seen also.


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Ohhhhh sensationalist ********... = drumming up biznez

by 2Shane In reply to WHO'S BEHIND CRIMINAL BOT ...

Ohhhhh sensationalist ********... = drumming up biznez

Your atrical smacks of the media contraversy and speculative crap designed to wind people up and to generate web traffic.

I think your a ******* idiot.

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I Hear the Death March.....

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to Ohhhhh sensationalist bul ...
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what ever, you sound like the idiots on msnbc talk back

by DanLM In reply to Ohhhhh sensationalist bul ...

Just and idiot that would let the world crash around him before he opened his eyes.

Go on sheep, just keep dreaming there are not hundred's of thousands infected home pc's that are used in bot nets for spam and ddos attacks. Ignore the fact that root servers(6) were attacked by bot nets in February and went off line. yup, its sensationalism. You must not consider the deluge of email you get as spam, and not take the time to read that they are sent from infected computers which also could be/are used for bot nets.

Who's the idiot. Actually, your not an idiot. Your just stupid.

Have you checked your security logs lately stupid? Ever seen the number of ip's that probe it? Do you know how to read a security log? Do you know what an ip looks like? Do you have a clue?


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by Ken-LM In reply to what ever, you sound like ...

Agreed Dan,
what complete ignorance....

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What rock have you been sleeping under?

by Marty R. Milette In reply to Ohhhhh sensationalist bul ...

Your posting is really amazing!

What rock have you been sleeping under to not have the slightest clue as to what is going on in the world?

Take a break from project management and do some reading on Internet security and the problems the world faces today.

Please do it BEFORE your next posting.


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Let's not forget WGA

by pgm554 In reply to WHO'S BEHIND CRIMINAL BOT ...

It's bad enough that a lot of users don't keep up with patches and virus updates,but when you have great number of M$ machines that are unpatched because of WGA piracy (about 36%)issues,it adds fuel to the BOT issues .

So what we have are 36% of the desktops that are becoming unpatchable ,which means there will all ways be new bots available to cause havoc.

M$,like it or not,contributes heavily to this problem by enforcing WGA.

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Interesting Spin.

by w2ktechman In reply to Let's not forget WGA

But if the WGA is keeping 36% of systems getting updates, then it is surely that 36% of the Windows systems in use are pirated.

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Do the math

by pgm554 In reply to Interesting Spin.

Let's say there are 100 million XP systems worldwide and according to M$,they are about 36% piracy rate.
36 million unpatched to semi patched systems.
Even at 1%,that is 360k machines that can be used to do the bot thing.
Not a small number.
M$ is damned if they don't do WGA and we are damned if they do.

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No WGA doesn't mean no patches

by Pringles86 In reply to Do the math

It isn't hard to bypass M$'s WGA, you can have a fully patched system without WGA

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