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why am i restricted from threads?

By Shellbot ·
is this to do with you lot and your "elite" TR group?? Huh?? Go on, tell me, I can take it...
( *sob* no i can't. I can't bear to not have access to all the gossip and inappropriate carry on)

Now, if i try to access a post from a contact, it brings me to a page saying:
"You have reached a restricted page, click here to continue"
and clicking it takes me back to main discussion page.

Is this a big conspiracy? Is the Da Vinci Code true? Is Atlantis under the Antartic ice? And most of all..Why DID the chicken cross the road.

Please, anybody, I need answers to these questions.


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Note to self

by jdclyde In reply to Note to self...

..."let Jay know there is a list of working emoicons for TR." :^0

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You're Goooooood!

by Tig2 In reply to Shellbot, TiggerTwo, chec ...

"Brace for impact" isn't just kidding!

This will be fun. Another place to wreak chaos and stuff!

Thanks, Trivia Geek. I owe you one... :)

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T2, don't say that.....

by gadgetgirl In reply to You're Goooooood!

If you owe him one, he'll take at least five....

(sorry, Jay, couldn't resist! )


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So I'll make a dozen...

by Tig2 In reply to T2, don't say that.....

Chocolate chip cookies!

I do have to work on my email abilities. Just the other day I failed miserably in my effort to email Dawg a second cup of coffee. I have a horrid feeling that the cookie effort will be just as miserable.

I just haven't perfected the art of translating matter to binary...

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That's easy..

by dawgit In reply to So I'll make a dozen...

**** it to bits, and than just zip it.

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Thank You

by Shellbot In reply to Shellbot, TiggerTwo, chec ...

I am deeply touched by your kind offer. Its fine gentlemen like yourself which elevates the standard of this site to the high levels we both expect and emulate.

We will try to be gentle, wont we Tig2?

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I don't know that gentle...

by Tig2 In reply to Thank You

was quite what I was thinking.

"I will strive to deserve this fine honour bestowed upon me."

Uhhh Right. But I promise not to inflict LASTING damage! ]:)

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by Jaqui In reply to I don't know that gentle. ...

whip number 27, with the metal beads in the falls. ]:)
dawg and neil really like that one.

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Good Information!

by Tig2 In reply to Tig2,

Thanks Jaqui. I shall have to keep that tidbit handy.

I wonder if I take number 27 as a model and just increase the leather weight...

Alwasy be careful of what you tell a leatherworker. We might just do it for the heck of it! ]:)

Edited because there is no spell check and my keyboard needs to take up permanent residence in a LANDFILL!

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