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Why antispam laws may make things worse

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Do you agree with Jonathan Yarden that antispam laws will be mostly ineffective? What do you think is the best method to stop junk e-mail? Share your comments about the potential of antispam laws, as discussed in the Nov. 10 Internet Security Focus e-newsletter.

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What aboiut

by Oz_Media In reply to More than one way to skin ...

What about the countries whee SPAM is a completely legal advertising medium?
1) Why should these ISP's be shut down for not breaking their country's laws?
a)) Will this not impact some country's economy?
b)) Is this not a form of repression on another coubtry's freedom of communication?
c)) What would happen if SPAM was legal in America and France wanted to fine and shut down Amwerican ISP's for not adhereing to French laws?

3)SPAM can originate from the USA but use offseas servers for transmission. How and WHO should be shut down?

4) RBL lists are inaccurate and poorly managed at best, how will they benefit us if there are so many false positives already from RBL lists?

5) How is an ISP to determine if someone is breakinh US laws or sending SPAM to a user in Germany if they use common URL's such as .com or .org?

Any screening used would degrade internet mail performance and unjustly slow down developers software.

Really, I think if it was THAT easy, it would've been done. What's wrong with investing in EFFECTIVE Spam protection and stopping it before you see it?

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Should you make the US and other mail delivery systems

by JimHM In reply to More than one way to skin ...

In the same vain - should there than also be laws fo r the US and other mail delivery systems "morally (and financially) responsible". As well for delivery of all that paper junk mail that comes to my door.

You will never get the world community to accept laws for anti-spam... **** you can't get the world internet community to have a common law on CHILD PORN - if you can't stop something as nasty as Kiddy Porn world wide - do you really think that Anti-Spam laws will be written and enforced...

It just will not happen, do you want to pay $60 a month to access the internet - because of the software and fines that an ISP would have to cover ? How about your employer (they are considered an ISP if they give you Internet Email)? Where does the Liberal ideals end - Laws will not change what is occuring with Spam mail - anti-spam filters will have to be developed just as Anti-Viruse and Pop-Up blocking ...

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same effect as gun laws

by davidnix71 In reply to Why antispam laws may mak ...

Spammers are mostly criminals to begin with, so why should they care if it's "illegal?" My ISP's (BellSouth) spam filter works well and so does MSN's Hotmail if you use it correctly. The only thing that will actually stop spam is a change in e-mail protocol(such as requiring a "white list" on every e-mail account) or taxing the senders upfront before accepting the message.

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Antispam Laws, up hill battle

by server-natzi In reply to Why antispam laws may mak ...

In my opinion there is going to have to be a change in email routing for this to come to an end. There is always going to be issues that will be technically challenging. For instance the SMTP email gateway can be dropped in over the internet on almost any network and allow for email spam to flood the net. In saying that, we have the answer to the problem. Email systems shouldn't be as easy to create and activate as real time email systems should. The process requires change with Tier 1 ISP's along with some Federal Management adoption that would police the email community.
This may seem heavy handed but if you are going to stop the abuse you have to set higher standards.
Point in case: I can register a domain name, get a third part hosting service to create a DNS zone and create a mail record(mx)and within 72 hours I can have a real world Email system tossing email anywhere. I can also use dynamic services from Cable vendors or any DSL provider to obtain an IP address that will be used for this email system then disappear at my own discretion when I feel it necessary.
If you ask me, this is the root of the problem. The email systems today do not have enough history or legitimate existence. There needs to be a means of registering what I would call an International Secure Email Delivery System (ISEDS). If you tighten up the policies that allow for email delivery then you have just threatened the vehicle in which the current problem exists. In the long term, this maybe the future to which secure communications could now be considered for legitimate businesses that are hesitant in using email for this that comes at a current cost for securing. In a nut shell, the design requires change, or we except what we have and leave the Internet as it was created. Free Space.

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Nuke Boca Raton,spam capital of the US

by pgm554 In reply to Why antispam laws may mak ...

I caught an NPR discussion on the new spam
legislation in San Francisco a few weeks ago.

A few of the problems were related to state laws
and their inability to cross state borders.
Washington state and Ca have some nice spam bills, but unless the spammers are coming from the same state and you claim residency in that same state, the laws are ineffective.

Florida has very lax laws on spam and one of the
commentators said that if they got rid of Boca
Raton, a great deal of the spam would go away(about 40 of the top 200 reside there).
According to the Gardian,these 200 are resonsible for about 90% of the spam in the US and Europe.

These folks referred to them as "chicken and
biscuit" spammers. Low rent, living in trailer park types.Maybe jail for these folks would be a step up?

Look,for the most part,you need a brick and morter shop to sell product.Going after the manufactuers of the products is a good idea.
They want to sell there products legitamatly,go to a registered and above board marketing company.
Otherwise ,see you in court.

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Would Love To Prosecute

by bis In reply to Why antispam laws may mak ...

Youo may be right in the long haul but I'm still rooting for the spam laws. Many of these business that spam sell a product or service that require a point of contact which means there's a possibility of tracing them. I'd give my left nut to be able to prosecute just one of these jerks.

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