Why are my Microsoft Outlook 2010 folders and contacts gone?

By bnolan4u ·
One day my Microsoft Outlook 2010 email is fine (I use it everyday in my office) and the next day I come in and all of my named/created storage folders are missing, all my contacts are missing, and it was receiving 3,000 some new unread emails. Emails I had already read and stored in the appropriate file. The only thing I had done the night before was to move all of my document files onto my server folder, and delete them from my computer. (I had files in different places and wanted to have it easier to find everything.) When I noticed the problem I restored the files back from the trash. I then did a System Restore from a few days earlier. Still no good news. Where did all my folders go, and where is all my contacts?

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What exactly did you move?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Why are my Microsoft Outl ...

But more importantly are you sure that no one touched the computer after you left for the day.

I've seen what you are describing once before where the Owners Children where walking in at night and using the Computer Network as a Large Game System. They created new User Accounts and deleted the existing ones which took out all of the Users Data.


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the outlook 2010 data folder

by Sue T In reply to Why are my Microsoft Outl ...

is usually located in the Documents, Outlook Files folder so if you moved everything from your documents folder to the server then Outlook can't find your data folder. If that is what you did then try copying the Outlook Files folder back to the Documents folder on your computer. First check in the Documents folder and make sure if there is an Outlook folder that you do not copy back a file with the same name. Rename one of them. Good luck.

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In your .pst file

by Kenone In reply to Why are my Microsoft Outl ...

You apparently moved your .pst file folder. Go find it. then tell Outlook where it is and make it the default folder.

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