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Why are vendors demanding WinXP?

By jdclyde ·
What could possibly be worse than buying a product and missing the fine print about requirements? That it isn't a speed requirement, but an OS requirement.

Bought my boys each an MP3 player. Chose not to go with an Ipod.

We get up Christmas morning, and they see they each have a 512M MP3 player and are geeked!

The problems start when we try to fire this pig up. Great, they system requirements are incompatable with my boys PC. Too slow? Not enough memory? Not enough free disk space? WRONG. It HAS to have WinXPsp1 or higher. What crap is this? And what in the world would have ever made me think for a second that this piece of crap would not run as a simple USB flash drive?

Will I EVER again purchace anything from ? You can bet your LIFE I will not, and I will strongly recommend against it to anyone I see.

Got the T30 model.

What are you thinking iRiver? Locking yourself to an operating system?

Now I get to look for a hack to get this friggen pig to work on win2k or setup a XP partition just so we can do mp3's.

I wonder if linux would work with this? Have been meaning to setup a linux desktop at home after the holidays, and if it will work for these devices then that would be all the kick in the a$$ I need!

Well, off to research what it will take to get these going. Anyone got any ideas?

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Reply to "obsolete":

by 3xp3rt In reply to The TRUE definition of "o ...

You?re right the problems are the replacement parts.
But I kept a lot of interesting things like 8? floppy, my first program in magnetic band,
My first program in punched tape?. And so on

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I have an old

by jdclyde In reply to Reply to "obsolete":

wyse 286 that RUNS! Top THAT!

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If is old not necessary bad

by 3xp3rt In reply to people that use computers ...

You?re right. I know company (little one) where all the IT works are done by a PI computer with Windows 95 and all the applications are mudded in Clipper for DOS.
So all the applications work in DOS mode, there are fast and stable and can do anything what this company need.

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Thanks for the info.

by nighthawk808 In reply to Why are vendors demanding ...

I was actually considering an iRiver product to replace my aging 256MB player, but if it won't work under Linux, then it's useless to me. Apparently some models do work, but they seem to have gone out of their way to design the T30 in as stupid a way as possible, so it _requires_ Windoesn't Media Player as of right now.

However, the nice thing about Linux is that there is always someone out there coding away to get more and more things to work, so this is likely to change in the future.

Microsoft is known to pay companies to develop products that only work with Windoesn't (or that only work with recent versions of it so users are given an "incentive" to upgrade). A slightly less monopolistic approach that they have also taken is to pay companies just to not develop drivers for alternative operating systems. It wouldn't surprise me at all to find out that the T30 is as brain-dead as it is thanks to a friendly "research partnership contribution" from M$.

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Is this a rhetorical question?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Why are vendors demanding ...

Manufacturers of products aimed at the home retail market specify Windows XP because that's the OS used by the majority of home users interested in multimedia.

By your own admission, you missed the OS requirement. Out of interest, what OS did you originally plan to use with these devices? And why don't you take them back and get something compatible with that OS?

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why why why

by jdclyde In reply to Is this a rhetorical ques ...

OS planned to use, win2k.

Why not take them back? Have you ever seen kids tear into packages with the sonic weld? Will they take it back after it has been torn into? Or will they say that isn't their problem? I would bet the second, that it is now my problem because we opened the package and the only defect was the thought process used by the manufacturer.

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I thought you were in a time crunch

by Chief Bottle Washer In reply to why why why

With you boys returning from their female parental units, you
mp3 players not working, you now need to take time away from
your work projects and concentrate on making the boys happy.

How much time have you spent trying to make this work?


Should've bought the iPod!

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Need before Sunday

by jdclyde In reply to I thought you were in a t ...

As long as I have a working solution by then, I am fine.

I have an iPod. Not impressed. Sorry.

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Does this recursive question refer to itself?

by nighthawk808 In reply to Is this a rhetorical ques ...

I think the biggest point of his that you missed was that there is no valid engineering reason for a device like this not to be OS-independent. It takes special effort to make a simple thing like an MP3 player to NOT be compatible with certain operating systems. If you buy a Ford car, you don't have to drive on a special, Ford-compatible road because the basic principles behind automobiles are universal. By the same token, the basic principles behind MP3 players are universal, yet this one requires Windoesn't XP SP2 for no good reason. That's active stupidity, not passive ignorance.

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I'm MP3 ignorant,

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Does this recursive quest ...

So I'm working from a lack of experience. Perhaps that's why I wouldn't buy anything to connect to my computer without checking the system requirements first. Being ignorant, I assume that I would have to buy a model with drivers compatible with my OS, an assumption I make with any peripheral.

I also don't blame the manufacturer for my failing to read the system requirements. If I buy a Ford (deities forbid), I make sure the accessories I buy will work with a Ford.

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