Why can't I view an embeded Youtube link in powerpoint?

By MrLoganyc ·
This is driving me crazy. I have a powerpoint presentation (Office 2010) and I embedded a youtube video into it. I am following all of the steps, and it takes the embedded link. Except that when I try to run the slideshow I get an error telling me "Windows Media Player cannot play the file. If the file is locate on the internet, connect to the internet. If the file is located on a removable storage card insert the storage card" Thing is, I AM connected to the internet. I have looked at security settings, nothing seems out of wack. This WORKS on another user's PC without any discernable add-ons. Just not on mine, or the person who needs it to work on theirs.

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by Sandra Byrne In reply to You Tube Video

And THAT doesn't work either. I am tearing my hair out!! Tried other geek remedies as well and STILL it will not play - uninstalled Flash Player and reinstalled it. Rebooted + + +_ I am desperate - presentation in a few days!! HELP please! I think it is my operating system - Windows XP Professional 32 bit.

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Insert YouTube video clip in PowerPoint 2013

by Drover1000 In reply to Why can't I view an embed ...

Copy the YouTube code as per usual. Paste the code in a text editor. Delete both instances of version=3 Copy the remaining code and paste it into PowerPoint as per usual.

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Why can't I embed a YouTube Video into PowerPoint 2010

by Dr. Campbell In reply to Why can't I view an embed ...

AN EASY FIX: The problem appears to by that Microsoft's attempt to make things easier to embed YouTube videos backfired. After searching for the answer I found a number of answers and videos that (with good intentions) worked for the author but not for me or my students at the University. Here is a method that works for all of us at the University---note: that doesn't mean it will work in EVERY situation, but it sure worked for us. The process involves a minor edit to the OLD Embed code. I've found several answers on the Net that also suggest doing a minor edit but, be forewarned, they didn't work consistently--and mostly they don't work at all. However my method does consistently work and I hope it will for you too. HERE'S THE ANSWER: Run a little video that I prepared for my MS Office 2010 class. After posting the video EVERY student in the class (using their own various computers at home) was able to insert a working YouTube Video. Please copy the following link, then go to your Browser and paste it in. Once at the YouTube Website run the video. I hope it works as well for you as it did for us.
Good Luck: Dr. Campbell

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Reponse To Answer

by pazkuf In reply to Why can't I embed a YouTu ...

Worked for me. Thanks!!

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