Why can't my Vista machine see my XP shares?

By BryanMohr ·
I've read so many posts about this and tried so many different things but none has solved my issue. I have 7 computers all networked together. My "Main" computer is named "C210" and is running Windows XP. Four others are also running XP, 1 running Ubuntu, and then the last one is running Vista 64. They all have shared folders. C210 has the largest share and all of the printers attached. All computers can read/write files with each other and all can access the C210 printers without a problem ... except when it comes to the Vista machine. Vista can read and write to all of the other machines except for C210. It can see C210 on the network but trying to view it's shares always asks for a login. None of the other computers ask for a login, only C210. And of course, the login is never correct. The same usernames and passwords exist, simple file sharing enabled or disabled doesn't make difference, guest account enabled/disabled makes no difference, it is the same workgroup name across all computers. I've uninstalled Norton on C210 to see if that was the problem, no difference. I can ping C210 from Vista with no problem so it is being seen. Trying to do "net view \\C210" returns "System error 5 has occured. Access is denied." but trying a different machine name works just fine and shows all of the shares on that machine.

What is stopping only the Vista machine from accessing only the C210 XP computer? After I removed and subsequently reinstalled Norton, I made sure to give "Full Trust" to all of the computers again, including Vista.

Please help!

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by BryanMohr In reply to I think you have reached ...

Ok, it does say 10. So I shut down all computers except for C210 and Vista. Still won't connect. Same exact error.

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by freginold In reply to Why can't my Vista machin ...

You've definitely got yourself a good problem here. Not sure why you can't access the XP shares, but as far as the printers are concerned, have you tried adding them as local printers to the Vista machine? It sounds weird but it works when Vista won't connect to an XP-shared printer. You can find full instructions here:

Also, I'm sure you've tried this, but have to ask, have you tried removing the password completely from the XP computer and connecting through the Vista PC?

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by BryanMohr In reply to Wow...

I have made sure that one of the printers can be accessed from Vista by connecting directly to it. That works fine. And yeah, I have removed the passwords and tried without.

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was it ever able to connect?

by Who Am I Really In reply to Why can't my Vista machin ...

does this help?

also the winders firewall can be bothersome with workgroups, and domain setups,
- you can see the system in network places but the firewall blocks you from accessing any shares

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by BryanMohr In reply to was it ever able to conne ...

I'll play around with the firewall settings a bit more. But first want to give you guys all a little more info. I installed WireShark on both of the machines. When connecting to any other XP machine, Vista goes through the normal sequence of requesting the tree, giving authorization, etc... Quite a bit of network traffic. When trying to connect to C210, not a single byte of traffic is exchanged before the login dialog pops up! But when retrieving the network name list of attached computers and devices, it shows everything.

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Hello BryanMohr, a time for more testing...

Ok, my brain is hot on this issue :).
Do you have a router for your network or just a switch?
If you have just a router and have this locked down with a Username and Password then you could just use (try to use) the Username from the XP machine and password from the router.
Another way is to delete ALL shares from the XP machine, reboot BOTH machines and try again with a new share and then try and connect with your Vista machine. Do not worry about your other machines because if this works between these two machines then the others will connect with no problem though you would have to add a new share to others.
Post back if all goes well or not.
I am going to have another cup of tea and see if i can come up with anything else to help you with your issue.

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by BryanMohr In reply to Hello BryanMohr, a time f ...
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Same situation with Win7

by guardone In reply to Why can't my Vista machin ...

I have always had what seems like the same problem, using a printer on Win7 from the xp machine. It will only work if the Win7 machine is switched on/rebooted after the Xp system. (OR vice versa, I forget which). Also had the same situation from the xp to a vista machine with the printer... it depends on the boot order. The printer was attached to a vista home premium and is now attached to a 64bit win7 homepremium. Usually when on the xp machine, there is never even a chance to input the login or password. If they are booted in the correct order. no probs at all. Other win7 (32bit ultimate) machine has no problems with the win7 printer HP machine ever, and all are fully up together as describedby original poster. Usually all are permanently on, so I live with the problem until there is a good reason to reboot. Usually I share the xp file with win7 ultimate pc, then print to the shared printer on 64bit HP from the win7Ultimate. If this boot order helps anyone to find a correct method so any order works, do tell.

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by BryanMohr In reply to Same situation with Win7

Yeah, I thought about that too. But the C210 shares are always ready before any of the other machines are even turned on usually. But I did do a full shutdown on all of them again just to make sure. No change.

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Hello guardone...

It has nothing to do with the BOOT order, except that the machine for which others access the share from must be up and running for the share to work. As to which machine boots first does not matter.

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