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Why do IT people really bash Windows?

I wrote about this in another thread in response to a comparison of windows question.

Anyway, it's a hot topic in my opinion so let me recap. Comment away. :)

Why does everyone "bash" Windows? I could sit here and bash linux, windows, mac os and anything else, but that is just pointless and pedantic.

The point is every operating system has it uses. You just need to choose what best suits your needs.

Anyone who claims to hate Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS or any other operating system is not a true techie or network guru. You don't ever bash the OS, in fact if the OS crashes then it's your fault not the OS; Why didn't you make sure that it was using the right drivers, or the hardware is compatible or blah this and blah that, and so the list goes. Any OS crashes for a reason, not because it just feels like it. Compatability is there for a very good reason, why support something that is old when you need to keep moving forwards. Example, all leaded petrol car owners here in Australia can no longer purchase leaded petrol, they are forced now to use unleaded and an additive. Why? Because those cars are so old and they are few and far between now because unleaded cars are cheap enough to buy second hand as your first car. Get my point there?

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by jmschattke In reply to Lot of talk but no substa ...

The points I have made are obvious to anyone who's read the source code.

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Now be fair

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Lot of talk but no substa ...

Just how many of todays IT people would even know the Source Code if it bit them on the ASS? Most have come through the IT Schools and are taught how to keep a system running where as Old Farts like Me and most likely you as well had to know how to program and read code the kids today don't have the luxury of this so if you where to push MS Windows Source code under their noses they most likely would think that it was nothing more than a document that stuffed up when sent to the printer and as a result you got a bunch of rubbish on the pages. They most likely would telly you to shred then and go and reprint them and if it came out that way again they would come and fix the system so it printed right. :)

Col ]:)

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new cars and parts?

by I.T.Services In reply to software vendors to blame

when was the last time that you bought a new car? Can you say recall? why do you think the warranties are there? My house is 100 years old and cost about 165k my car is 2 years old and cost about 40k, which do you think will last longer in terms of money spent? Your OS cost how much? or was included with your machine, again for about how much?
Tech = change! or do any of your OS's still support a 14.4 modem? how about a 9.6?
Kind of hard to write for foward compatability on those new graphic cards eveyone will want in four years, and the new drivers that go with them. If you can guess what those needs (tech) will be ahead of time, have I got a job opening for you!...

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by avid In reply to new cars and parts?

excellent point

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Right on.

by blarman In reply to software vendors to blame

As accurate and thoughtful a response as you will ever see which mimics my views perfectly.

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...You must be kidding!

by Don-Bans In reply to software vendors to blame

Most system admins usually bash the OS for their lack of knowledge; period! I once worked in a midsize company which used Novell Netware (this was back in the days) for File and Print Services. Before my arrival, and during my few days at this company, when these Novell based Sys Admins were asked to install a Windows NT or Windows 2K system, they will look for the install disk, insert in the CDROM drive of the server, run winnt.exe or winnt32.exe and install service packs. Then they were done!!! No additional configuration... sometimes, they would not even get the latest drivers!
The outcome usually was a sloppy Win based server! Not secure, not tuned, not optimized. I usually called these admins "Default Admins" and their installations "default installations".

There are a lot of Windows Systems out there in the world today like the one I describe above. If these systems crash, or are not secure, etc... CIOs please blame it on your admins. Send them to take an MCSE certification or Linux certification course... and actually try to make sure they apply most of the knowledge they get from the classes! Learning these technologies without applying them is no use to anybody!

Anyway... my reply to you regarding the various OS is this:
Today, unlike 5 years ago, you have a choice of choosing an OS. Linux, Windows, MacOS. Make that choice and stick to it. If it serves you good, be happy.
It is almost stupid to go bashing the other OS. Most of us IT experts are not experts in everything... we could be security experts but at the same time not network or systems admin... etc.
Cisco Systems' network was once (or twice) broken into. Cisco runs a "dedicated" OS for their firewalls and network appliance. The last time I checked, it was not a Windows OS that runs in Cisco PIX firewalls and their IDS appliances. My conclusion is that a non-dedicated or multi-purpose machine running Windows, MacOS or Linux should not even be thought of as being secure! You will be dreaming thinking that these boxes are secure! Hackers are good at what they do... especially the good ones! The fact that they don't break into your feeble Linux box does not mean that they are not able to! It probably does not contain anything which they need.

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It's not the software vendors.

by maldain In reply to software vendors to blame

The reason MS gets pounded on is they are the big dog on the block. Also, MS has made some really silly errors that have made it into the market stream. You can't do that as a manufacturer of an item that people rely on very often because sooner or later people lose confidence in your product. That's where MS is now the IT professionals are starting to lose confidence in MS's operating systems. The IT professionals spend their days cleaning up messes left by MS's errors. It's really easy for an IT professional to take a look at their LINUX web server/mail server/database server and say gee I don't have these problems with those systems. The fallacy there is if you put the ordinary user on a Linux system they'll come up with similar problems. The difference is that with linux it doesn't screw everybody else up too.

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by pkr In reply to software vendors to blame

Remember how Microsoft treated OEM's ? Do you think that f.inst a game company wil get the same terms with Microsoft if they agree to write MS-only games or agree to write multiplatform games ?

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Microsft OS is the OS everyone Knows

by cmartin In reply to Then there are those that ...

Microsft Bashing is so common place becuase they hold 80 - 90% of the market in desktop OS. Since more user are regulalry exposed to Microsft then the issue they have will tend to be with a Microsoft OS.

However, I chalk up OS failures usully due to improper installation/Configuration and maintenace to the Desktops.

A typical user has no idea on what to do if an error happens, so they jsut reboot and hope it will go away. Then things only get worse.

It takes training of endusers on what to do if an issue arises. We tell our users to stop what they are doing and contact Tech support right away. We all so have a very extensive maintenace plan. We also follow procedures for installing new software and apps in a test environment that replicates the actually environment it will run in after. This may take more time up fromt to get things done but in the end you will save time on troubleshooting and repiring the desktops in your organization.

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MY OS dont work anymore

by Neil Higgins In reply to Microsft OS is the OS eve ...

Tend to agree about Redmond bashing.Now before anyone accuses me of groveling,and yes I use Windows,I also think that incorrect installs,being too eager to see uncle Joe on the web-cam,and not installing the correct protective software (yes it's true),can only lead to calamity.I remember the who-ha about activation in XP.Surelly they dont mean me?Well,er,yes they do.Your copy is filed,stamped,logged,and tagged on a server somewhere in the depths of server city.But think for one minute,it's yours,noone can take it off you.Well,yes they can.It's only the licence you've bought,not the code for Windows on your brand new,once clean cd-rom disc.Of course,being the largest OS exporter in the world also puts 'them' in the fireing line.Shut up,follow all instructions,install the correct updates,tell-em it's really you,and stop whining.Have a nice day.

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