Why does my laptop freeze in the middle of something

By mahmoodr46 ·
I have a Fujitsu Siemens Laptop with Vista Home premium OS and intel core duo processor (T2450- 2 GHz) and 2.5GB ram my problem is that my laptop just freezes in the middle of something either when surfing or trying to open an email ar any other file. The screen that I am on remains displayed but the computer does not respond to either mouse clicks or any other function keys the screen just remains frozen. I have to switch off and then turn it on again after some time and the windows option to start normally is displayed that I accept and computer reboots into windows. Can anyone help/ advise what could be the problem

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You didnt get it done under the warranty?

by bluntpencil In reply to Why does my laptop freeze ...

To be honest it really does sound exactly like a problem I had with an Apple Laptop I bought for ??30 about 5 months ago.
It was perfect for 3 to ten minutes and then would freeze but never actualy got hot. Desktop illuminated as normal but cursor frozen and no response from any button.
Anyway it was only after trying the normal suspects that I decided to try the GPU heatsink.
Works perfectly now. Really great little machine.
Sorry Mahmood I am new to this place and I only looked at your profile as you had not bothered to reply to most of the answers so I tried to work out
if you were still around.
As you say the laptop started doing it when it was new then it could be a really nasty reason, that is a loose connection on the motherboard which is just IMPOSSIBLE to locate unless you have the patience of Job.
I would have not bothered doing anything with the thing but got a refund, which as a financial consultant you would arrange much better than I could.
They make great paper weights if you got a really big corporate desk in front of you.

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Reponse To Answer

by mahmoodr46 In reply to You didnt get it done und ...

friend I did reply to your posts and also accepted your advise as the best solution. As regards under warranty I took the machine to the agents and left it with them for checkup but after few days they called to inform that they found no problems and to increase the rams to improve performance, so got it back. thanks again for your help, time and efforts.

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Determine if it's a Hardware or Software problem

by bdoors In reply to Why does my laptop freeze ...

Step (0) is to determine if it's a Hardware or a Software issue. Just boot a Linux Live CD and run that for a while. If the freezes continue, it's a hardware issue. If they go away, it's a software problem.

Hardware Issue -- Most likely overheating, as several here have pointed out. In this case, ensure you use with vents unobstructed, open and clean system with compressed air, if all this doesn't fix it, then reseat the sinks.

But you could have even other problems.... for example, transient memory errors. Test memory with memtest86+ or other exhaustive tester.

Try Hiren's Boot CD to test out other hardware issue possibilities.

Software issue -- Rather random shutdowns within Windows are most likely caused by malware. Download and scan one at a time with various anti-malware products like AVG, Avast, Spybot S&D, Ad-aware, etc, etc.

If the anti-malware route doesn't fix it, you could have registry damage or many other Windows issues. My quick rec is go back to System Restore and LKGM.

Good luck.

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Reponse To Answer

by mahmoodr46 In reply to Determine if it's a Hardw ...

thanks for your recommendations, I have already installed Spybot S & D and AVG will also try the others, thks again

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by mpcservice In reply to Why does my laptop freeze ...

I got puzzled by the "the agents/techs couldn't find the problem" ? Did they tell you what they exactly did to even find it ? Did they open the case? Did they re applied thermal paste or cleaned the laptop out for collected dust ? More importantly did you have to part with money for their "opinion".

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Reponse To Answer

by mahmoodr46 In reply to puzzled

Thanks for your help. No I did not pay them anything, dont know whether the case was opened or not.

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